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Young Muslims (Brothers) Launches New Website

05 28 08



New York, May 28, 2008 – Young Muslims of North America, the youth division of ICNA, is proud to present its new, redesigned site: In design stages for nearly a year, the site is aesthetically cleaner than previous versions and features many new updates and features- most notably a YM National blog.

Features on the website include the following:

FORUM – A YM forum where you can learn more about YM, discuss various topics, and obtain help with regards to things such as schoolwork, khutbahs, halaqas, etc. It is highly encouraged that you register. Also, registration is necessary in order to be able to sign up for events.

YOUNG MUSLIMS BLOG – This is a new addition to YMsite. It is a blog where beneficial articles will be posted for the youth by the youth. InshAllah, you will be able gain insight, naseeha and understanding from the articles posted there. Beneficial articles from other blogs may also be posted on there. The YM blog will be an excellent place to learn about various Islamic topicsand also learn about various viewpoints.

MEDIA SECTION – The media page is divided into four sections. There is an AUDIO section where you can listen to high quality full-length audio files lectures, conferences and other events. There is also a VIDEO section where you can view various video clips relating to YM activities. There is a PUBLICATIONS section where you can check out YM’s publications. Also, there is a PICTURES section where you can view photos from various YM events.

BOOKS – This is a books section where you can read full-length electronic versions of many useful books. It is an excellent resource to expand your knowledge and gain a broader understanding of Islam – all for free! The ideas and viewpoints represented in those books as well as the ideas presented in other files on the site may not necessarily represent the views of Young Muslims or any of its affiliates, members, employees, or officers.

DONATE – This is a section where you can choose to support YM financially. Please note Young Muslims is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Aside from registration fees for events, YM depends upon donations to cover its expenses. Please donate as much as you can. May Allah (SWT) make us generous! Ameen!

EVENTS CALENDAR – On the home page, there is an events calendar where you can view details about upcoming YM events.

The YM web-team is working on another major update, InshaAllah. Please visit the site as often as you can to remain updated.

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