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What do Soccer, Brazil, and WhyIslam Have in Common?

06 30 14



The 2014 FIFA World Cup!
People from all over the world are turning toward Sao Paulo, Brazil for the largest global sporting event of the year, and WhyIslam has front row seats.

With the theme, “WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?” the WhyIslam team seeks to convey, collaborate and inspire. Close to thirty individuals are currently on the streets at the World Cup with the goal to convey the message of Islam, collaborate with other organizations to foster understanding, and inspire others to do the same.

WhyIslam invites you to participate in this incredible da’wah opportunity and invite the world to learn about Islam. Help them spread the word through social media to ensure that this campaign reaches a large and diverse audience and leaves a memorable impact.

What can you do to help?

  • Change your profile picture to the “What’s Your Goal?” logo
  • Set up a da’wah booth at your local, street fair, university, or library
  • Share and upload event’s videos and pictures on social media
  • Use #WhyIslam #WhatIsYourGoal #Brazil2014 #worldcup #StreetDawah hashtags
  • Buy a campaign t-shirt or download artwork and print them locally
  • Request your local Imams to give khutbahs about this campaign
  • Make dua and donate generously!