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US: Thousands of Muslims gather for convention

05 24 15



The ICNA annual convention is held in Baltimore. 
May 24, 2015, WASHINGTON – Thousands of Muslims from across the United States gathered for the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) convention on Saturday in Baltimore.

This marked the 40th anniversary of the annual convention, which this year was honoring the Prophet Muhammad, as nearly 140 speakers across the world gave lectures to provide a “better understanding” of the prophet.

When people in the United States mention the name of the prophet, “they actually do not know much about him,” said Waqas Syed, ICNA deputy secretary general to Anadolu Agency.

“When Muslims do something bad, people blame on prophet Muhammad and his thoughts,” he added, blaming U.S. right-wing discourse.

According to officials, over 20.000 people are registered to attend the three-day convention.

ICNA’s annual convention is one of the largest gatherings of American Muslims in the United States.

Article Courtesy: Video News


  • narob

    Islam has been at war with the non-islamic world for 1400 years
    islam has been conquering, murdering, and suppressing for 1400 years
    Islam teaches dishonesty, violence, murder, and sedition.
    Islam destroys all others religious symbols and statues.
    Islam is NOT a religion.
    Islam is a SEDITIOUS IDEOLOGY !!
    And remember the teachings of mohammed