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Update: Samina Khokhar Reunited with Children

02 1 12




Jamaica, NEW YORK (February 1, 2012)- ICNA Relief is extremely pleased to report that Samina Khokhar and her children have been reunited. The children were recently taken from their mother’s care after allegations of neglect from the Administration of Child Services (ACS).


After complying with court mandated bereavement counseling and parenting classes, the court ruled Samina was capable of caring for her children. Mother and children were reunited on January 26, 2012 after weeks of separation.

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Samina's Family with ICNA Relief's case worker, Shahid Farooqi

Samina's Family with ICNA Relief's case worker, Shahid Farooqi

It was recognized by the court that the professional support that ICNA Relief provided for Samina was sufficient to allow for the return of her children. ICNA Relief was able to offer responsive services for the family that adhered to the standards of the court, and will continue to do so as the family heals.

While the children have been reunited with their mother, they will remain under the scrutiny of the child welfare system. ICNA Relief will continue to monitor the case and provide all necessary support to ensure the family remains together and gains some level of self-sufficiency after the passing of its sole provider. These services include an in-depth service plan, continued counseling services, medical care and financial support.

Please visit ICNA Relief to support such services.

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