Dawah Experiences | Imam Jawad Ahmed | ICNA Dawah Conf 2020

Dawah Experiences | Imam Jawad Ahmed | ICNA Dawah Conf 2020

Oct 26, 2020

Dawah Experiences.

Da’wah is a duty, a responsibility, assigned on every Muslim. As Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Convey from me, even if it be an Ayah.” The goal of Da’wah to non-Muslims is not to convert them, but to inform and educate them about the ONE TRUE GOD. Alhamdulllah, ICNA has launched various dawah projects like WhyIslam, GainPeace and Embrace. Our main focus areas are to share Islam with every household in America especially in the rural areas via road trips, zip code mailing and social media campaigns. We also focus on reaching out to Educators like public school teachers, booths at book fairs, etc. We emphasize diversity in our Dawah by having special focus in inner cities among African American and Latino communities.

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