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The Passing of Sr. Fauzia Naheed

03 15 08



Innalillahi wa inna ‘ilayhi raaji’oon
To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return
Sr. Fauzia Naheed, an integral member of ICNA Sisters’ Wing, passed away on Thursday, March 13, 2008, in Danville, KY.

Our beloved Sr. Fauzia was an asset to the Islamic movement. She became interested in Islamic work and became a member of the movement at the age of 16. During her studies in medical school, she became the president of the students’ movement for two years. After she graduated from medical school, she became part of the movement for doctors and served as president for four years.  She actively participated in humanitarian work in areas afflicted with floods and other natural disasters.

From 1998 – 2001, she served as President of ICNA Sisters’ Wing.   During her time, the work was expanded in various directions.  Some of the departments that were started during her time are:
* Muslim Children of North America
* Department of  Publications
* Multimedia (CDs/Cassettes were made for dawah purposes)
* Online Qur’an classes (two classes graduated with an average of 150 – 200 students each)
* Institutes of Islamic Sciences

She also stressed the need (for immigrant sisters) to start working and communicating in English, and this concept began to take form under her leadership.

During her last few years, she was very active in Why Islam work and held classes with reverted sisters.  She was a born leader and a great Daaiyah. Through the use of the Internet, she simplified and brought the message of Al-Qur’an close to hundreds of Muslim families living in this part of world. There are testimonials in communities everywhere today that attest to the fact that the sisters Qur’an classes have changed the lives of so many for better and brought them closer to Allah (SWT). May Allah (SWT) reward her tremendously and make all of this work sadaqa jaariah for her.

Her contributions to Islamic work are not only limited to the sisters’ side. Her focus on the development of family, youth and Dawah among non-Muslims makes her a role model for us all. Her eagerness to break cultural stereotypes and observance of Shariah rules provided an example of the best form of conduct while working for the cause of Allah (SWT) in this part of the world. Our sister, a role model for entire Muslim Ummah, braved through three years the long cruel disease of cancer with exemplary patience and perseverance, and until her last moments devoted all her productive time to ICNA.

May Allah (SWT) accept her tireless efforts throughout her life for His sake , forgive her of her sins, and enter her into Jannatul-Firdous. May He give her family and young children sabr and strength and allow us to follow in her footsteps as pillars of this beautiful Deen. Ameen. Please keep her and her family in your du’as.

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