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.@MikeBloomberg According to @nyclu NYPD prohibits false statements. Why are Ray Kelly & Paul Browne exempt? #abetterNYPD #icna #AskMike


.@MikeBloomberg “The Third Jihad” is a hateful film. I demand Ray Kelly & Paul Browne to resign for using it to train our NYPD #icna #AskMike


.@MikeBloomberg it’s a child’s dream to join the NYPD but not one run by liars. Ray Kelly & Paul Browne need to go #ThirdJihad #abetterNYPD


NYPD targets innocent group based on religious beliefs. This is no different than racial profiling. #icna #abetterNYPD http://huff.to/wZwetK

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