ICNA Relief, A Ray of Hope for Devastated Louisiana

ICNA Relief, A Ray of Hope for Devastated Louisiana

Sep 16, 2020

United States of America has been within the cross hair of nature particularly in 2020. Most of the states of the country have been under severe natural disasters causing the locals extreme consequences often at the expense of their wealth and homes.

ICNA Relief, a Muslim organization active in New York, has been proficient in their social work and effective aid through every disaster that has hit the country. The organization has served day and night in the aid of people that have been affected by the recent storms of Louisiana. The volunteers took it to themselves and made their way all the way to the storm-stricken state.

ICNA Relief in their initial procedures, had set up a relief camp with well trained doctors to provide first aid for the affected people. ICNA Relief made sure to form an alliance with the locals, Muslims in particular, to help everyone that acquired attention in these desperate times.

The storm Laura, proved disastrous for the state as its harsh intensity ripped off many homes and churches, leaving the residents on the mercy of the streets. Members of ICNA relief, aware of the debris, began to move the rubble by themselves before setting tone for reconstruction.

ICNA Relief, in collaboration with local church authorities, distributed food and other essentials to the ones in destitute. The locals expressed joy and gratitude towards the workers of the organization for their exceptional, non-discriminative work.

ICNA Relief, over the years has been able to set a high threshold by their social work. They remain unmatched in their efforts, with the pioneers of the group promising to go higher and beyond.

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