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San Gabriel VTribune: Mosque on the Move

09 4 07



To share its vision with the community, the center opened its doors to
the public on Aug. 19 in conjunction with mosques throughout the Los
Angeles area.

The young ladies were manning an information table for visitors. They offered a wealth of pamphlets on their religion.

"Islam Explained," "Status of Women in Islam," "Concept of God in
Islam," "Life After Death" were some of the concepts covered by Why
Islam, an informational project by the Islamic Circle of North America.

Visitors were also offered an English translation of the Quran, the Muslim holy book.

"We're not here to convert anyone, we're here to answer questions
anyone may have about Islam," said Why Islam's Kellie Huynh, 22, of

After such a friendly and enlightening visit, perhaps the question should be "Why not Islam?"

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