ICNA Observes Int'l Day to End Violence Against Women

ICNA Observes Int'l Day to End Violence Against Women

Nov 24, 2014

(NEW YORK, NY, Nov. 25, 2014) – Violence and discrimination against woman is a global pandemic, leaving no area or region untouched. More than 1/3 of women and girls around the world experience some form of physical and or sexual violence in their lifetime.

The Islamic Circle of North America joins the United Nations in calling for the elimination of all forms of violence against women. It is a severe violation of human rights and a consequence of entrenched discrimination against women.
Combating and preventing violence and discrimination is essential, as is providing support to the victims. It is necessary to engage with governments and communities to ensure legal and attitudinal change.
The Quran states, “Among His Signs is that He created spouses for you of your own kind, so that you might find tranquility in them. And He has placed affection and compassion between you.” [30:21] The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, peace be upon him, commanded people to treat women with honor, respect and dignity. He expressly forbade the ill treatment of women when he said, “Do not beat the female servants of God.
This years campaign is “Orange your Neighborhood,” to raise awareness of the issue, symbolize a brighter future without violence, and discuss solutions.
“We strongly condemn all forms of violence against women and girls,” said Naeem Baig, president of ICNA. “The consequences last for generations and imposes high health, social, and economic costs.”
To address this problem, ICNA Relief has established Muslim Family Services with the goal of preventing violence toward women, focusing particularly on issues of domestic violence. Additionally, it operates many women shelters across the nation to house abused and disadvantaged women and provide them with the support and assistance they require.
The worldwide 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign will commence from today, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, till December 10, Human Rights Day. It is time to galvanize action and end the global scourge of violence against women.

The Islamic Circle of North America is a leading American Muslim organization dedicated to the betterment of society through the application of Islamic values. Since 1968, ICNA has worked to build relations between communities by devoting itself to education, outreach, social services and relief efforts.


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