Dawah has always been the top priority of ICNA. This focus has kept ICNA at the forefront of dawah activites in North America for the past four decades. A few years ago ICNA initiated the WhyIslam Dawah Project. The project aims to organize the dawah work in North America in a professional and effective manner. Highlights of the project are Toll-Free number for non-Muslims; Distribution of Islamic literature; Dawah through Masajid; Dawah by Mail; Dawah through Media; Dawah in Prisons; Campus Dawah Support; Dawah Flyers Online; Dawah through Email etc.
Visit the project website at www.whyislam.org.

Recently the Chicago Chapter of ICNA also initiated an outreach effort called GainPeace through which several activites including bus advertisements, billboards, revert follow-up and presentations have been undertaken.
Visit the project website at www.gainpeace.org.

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