In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
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Vision and Mission

This is a grass-root movement started in Southern California with the goal of uniting Muslims globally. Our vision is to be an effective change agent within Muslim communities to help unite and create peace.

Our Mission is to create awareness, enhance understanding and engender respect between Sunnis and Shias around the globe

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Our Goals

Promote Intra-faith harmony and mutual respect among Muslims through MEASURED collaborative actions and initiatives
Engage religious scholars, educators and other specialists to educate Muslims on various Islamic schools of thought to dialogue and deliberate upon ways and means of managing divisions within the Muslim Ummah
Combat radical and extreme ideologies through:
Spreading awareness about the true message of Islam.
Motivating religious scholars to tackle this issue.
Engaging with the leadership of Islamic Countries to create focus on communities education relating intrafaith relations.
Engaging and obtaining support from other countries as well as local and international NGOs
Enable creation of positive and inspiring content to be distributed through THE web and social media to enhance understanding between Shia and Sunni acknowledging commonality, and accepting an respecting differences