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Appointments are for two years unless there is any change. Most of the appointments were made in 2019 for the session 2019-20

Appointments and Elections

Central Shura for the session 2020-21
  1. Br. Javaid Siddiqi, KY (Ameer)
  2. Br. Hanif Ismail, TX (SG)
  3. Br. Abdul Rauf, FL
  4. Br. Adnan Tafsir, TX
  5. Br. Arif Mannan, MD
  6. Br. Farhan Pervez, NJ
  7. Br. Iftikhar Shahzad, MI
  8. Br. Hadi Hashmi, CO
  9. Br. Hamid Siddiqi, NY
  10. Br. Junaid Shaikh, CA
  11. Br. Khalid Griggs, NC
  12. Br. Mohammad Yunus, FL
  13. Br. Muhammad Arif, NY
  14. Br. Mustafa White, TX
  15. Br. Naeem Baig, VA
  16. Br. Rashid Siddiqi, TX
  17. Br. Saad Kazmi, TX
  18. Br. Sabeel Ahmed, IL
  19. Br. Salman Mujahid, IL
  20. Br. Shahid Rafiq, TX
  21. Br. Zahid Bukhari, MD
  22. Sr. Abeer Sher, IL (ICNA Sisters)
  23. Sr. Salma Malik, TX (ICNA Sisters)
  24. Sr. Rukhmah Ziamir, NY (YMs-NC)
  25. Br. Danial Farrukh, NJ (YMb-NC)
Executive Council for the session 2020-21
  • Br. Mohammad Yunus, FL
  • Br. Naeem Baig, VA
  • Br. Rashid Siddiqi, TX
  • Br. Saad Kazmi, TX
  • Br. Salman Yasir, IL
Vice Presidents
  • Br. Farhan Pervez, NJ             Dawah
  •  Br. Mohsin Ansari, MD         Government Relations
  • Br. Rashid Siddiqi, TX             Membership Development
  • Br. Saad Kazmi, TX                 Planning & Development
  • Br. Shahid Rafiq, TX               Tarbiyah
  • Imam Khalid Griggs, NC        Civic Engagement and Social Justice
Secretary General
  • Br. Hanif Ismail, TX
Assistant Secretary Generals
  • Br. Adnan Tafsir, TX           Finance
  • Br. Muhammed Arif, TX    HQ and Online managements
  • Br. Saghir Nizami, GA        Organization
  • Br. Salman Yasir, IL            Youth and Membership
  • ICNA Sisters         Sr. Abeer Sher (President), Sr. Salma (VP)
  • YM – Sisters         Sr. Rukhmah (National Coordinator)
  • YM – Brothers     Br. Albab Ali/ Br. Danial Farrukh (National Coordinator)


Civic Engagement
  • Imam Khalid Griggs, NC (VP)
  • Br. Asam Asad, FL Chair CSJ
  • Br. Zahid Bukhari, MD. Executive Director CSJ
  • Br. Naeem Baig, VA. Director of National Alliances & Interfaith.
  • Br. Rameez Abid, VA. Director of Communications, CSJ
  • Representatives from regions and chapters
  • Br. Shahid Rafiq, TX (VP)
  • Sh. Abdool Rahman Khan, NC. Director of Programs⦁ Sh. Abdool Rahman Khan, NC. Director of Programs
  • Br. Shahid Farooqi, NY. Director of ILF
  • Representatives from regions and chapters
Government Relations:
  • Br. Mohsin Ansari, MD (VP)
  • Team members from DC area
  • Br. Rashid Siddiqi, TX (VP)
  • Br. Salman Yasir, IL – ASG for Youth
  • Representatives from regions and chapters
  • Br. Farhan Pervez, NJ (VP)
  • Br. Sabeel Ahmad, IL      Br. Imam Jawad, NJ
  • Representatives from regions and chapters
Planning and Vision 2030
  • Br. Saad Kazmi, TX – (VP)
  • Br. Mahmood Aijazi, NC         Br. Salman Aqeel, NC
  • Br. Zahid Bukhari, MD            Br. Salman Mujahid, IL
  • Br. Javaid Siddiqi, KY               Br. Hanif Ismail, TX
Baitul Maal
  • Br. Adnan Tafsir, TX (Chair)
  • Br. Saad Ahmad Siddiqui, NY (Finance)
  • Br. Tariq Rahman, NY (Assets management)
  • National Coordinator –    Br. Haseeb Abdali, TX (Chair)
  • National Secretary –         Br. Kenneth Misurella, TX (National Secretary)


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