Walkathon in support of refugees on Family Day

Walkathon in support of refugees on Family Day

Feb 9, 2016

by Nouman Khalil, Mississauga News, Feb 15, 2016
Walking in support of refugees coming to Canada: ICNA Canada’s Peel Chapter hosted the Family Day Walkathon today at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.

The theme of the event was ‘strengthen the Canadian family and embrace the refugees.’
“As refugees arrive, communities across Canada have opened their hearts and welcomed them,” said Mohammad Irfan, one of the organizers. “We thought it is important to play our part to raise awareness to help refugees build a new life here for themselves and their family.”
The participants of the event walked a couple blocks to raise awareness about family values and supporting refugees coming to Canada.
Article Courtesy: Mississauga News

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