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International Hijab Day

09 4 10




Hijab, the veil, is an integral part of the everyday life of hundreds of millions of women across the globe; it is no wonder that the commandment of Hijab is found in so many religious scriptures including the Torah, Bible and the Quran, and Hijab is practiced in many cultures. For Muslim women, Hijab is not only a basic human right, but also a religious one.


As you are aware, our modesty, freedom of religion and the basic human right of Hijab are under attack in many parts of the world. We wish to make it clear to all that Hijab is not merely a religious symbol, but an integral part of our religion. It is not just a piece of cloth; it is our identity. We believe it to be a commandment from our Almighty Lord, Allah (SWT) and we comply with His Command. Our right to dress with modesty is also recognized in the U.N Declaration of Human Rights. To deny us this is to deny us our religious and human rights.


On September 4th, 2010 the world observes International Hijab Solidarity Day. ICNA Sisters’ Wing joins this celebration and requests people of conscience, male and female, Muslim and non-Muslim alike to stand up for this fundamental right of women. International Hijab Solidarity Day is important to us and cannot be ignored. We request people of all faiths and cultures to stand up for this critical women’s right.


Farah Siddiqui
President, ICNA Sisters’ Wing


  • Hakima Fisher

    AsallAamu alaikum,
    Ramhadan mubarak. Alhamidullah, may Allah, swt, reward you for your work. It may be helpful to cite the passage in Qur’an in surah Nisa that clearly states the obligation for sisters to wear hijab. This will reinforce your point that hijab is obligatory and not optional as sometimes as it is viewed. Its important as muslim sisters that we do not adopt the way of khafirs that includes the manner in which we dress. There is much beauty in a women who is covered modestly for the sake of Allah, swt. May allah, swt, accept your fasting during this month of Ramhadan.

  • Hakima Fisher

    Please see above.

  • Please note no body is contesting hijab. It is the Niqab that is the issue.

    If the idea of a women wearing a niqab in he West is not to attract undue attention, she miserable fails. Besides, in this day and age of terrorism, it is a BIG security risk.

    Muslims are not allowed to go beyond what Allah has prescribed for them and He says He has not put any hardship in religion.


  • Please stop calling Ahle Kitab. Kaafirs. Read the Qur’an and then decide.

    Kafir is one who knowingly rejects truth. Not one who sincerely believes in what his/her faith is.

    Kafir is from the root word which means to cover (truth with falsehood).

    There are plenty of Muslims who behave that way so let us worry more about them. If you want to refer to Non Muslims, call them NON MUSLIMS and not Kuffar.

  • Mohd.Rashaduddin,Secretary Jamat e Islami Hind,Hyderabad City

    Hijab and Niqab both are important in Islam.Those who tell themselves that they are for human rights(particularly west) should see how they are violating human rights.Hijab is the dignity of a woman.They permit a woman to come without cloth but not for hijab and niqab???????

  • Beegam Razia Sulthana

    Greatjob, Alhamdulillah….
    In a world of anti sentiments, HIJAB- the symbol of Islamic women and her dignity is alleged as a symbol of oppression and terrorism. It is hightime that we have to tell the world that Islam is the religion of peace which stands for freedom and HIJAB is not the symbol of oppression and terrorism. May Allah guide us in this mission..

  • Just wandering

    I really wonder if hijab is a symbol of religious tolerance and forgiveness and if Islam is the religion of peace why there is no peace in Islamic countries ,why that women who are oppressed are women wearing hijab in Islamic countries .why in Egypt little christian girls have to wear hijab obligatory in order to be accepted at some school,why in Egypt women who don’t wear hijab are persecuted and oppressed to the point that some women wearing niqab used to cut the Christian girls long hair with scissors in general transportation,in Egypt one day any women who is not wearing hijab was threatened to face violence and troubles after that you said is Islam is the religion of peace please tell me really where that peace is really found and set into action because we christian minorities in the Middle East have never experienced that peaceful Islam and we are persecuted because we were not wearing hijab even during the elections the motto that was used that if you elected someone rather than the Muslim brotherhood that means that your mom will not wear hijab no more ,and after the Muslim brotherhood took the upper hand in Egypt Christians women were attacked in the streets and was told you will be wearing hijab very soon and by the way hijab in Arabic means to obscure so I am sorry to tell you before you call for religious freedom in western countries you should call for it first in your Islamic countries

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  • hirqabian

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  • fashion2014

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  • rightwing

    Hijab Day for religious tolerance? Don’t forget all the women of the world murdered because they did not want to wear the hijab. Aqsa Parvez comes to mind also the young girls in Saudi Arabia who died in a school fire because the religious police would not let them flee a burning building without covering themselves with a hijab.