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ICNA Atlanta

17th Southern Islamic Convention – Muslims for Humanity

December 24-26 (All Times are EST)

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Sunday, Dec 25th, 2011


From Darkness to Light: A Journey Back to Allah

Sr. Nafeesa Syed – Muslim Youth Standing for Justice, Dr. Altaf Husain – Identity Crisis, Sh. AbdulNasir Jangda – Qur’an is the Key, Sh. Omer Suleiman – Your Character Shines in the Dark




A Noble Muslim: Product of Conscience Parenthood

Dr. Daoud Nissimi – Using a Rational Approach to Develop Iman, Br. Habeeb Quadri – Parenting: Standards, Teachings & Methods, Dr. Altaf Hussain – Faith Inspired Parenting




Understanding Shari’ah: Defending Freedom

Sh. Abdool Rehman Khan – Shari’ah: Its Core Concepts and Definition, Br. Shaheer Raslan – “Arab Spring”: An Expression for Freedom



Muslims for Humanity

Sh. Omer Suleiman – Saviors of 313 Millions, Sh. Hafiz Inayatullah – Infaaq or Imsaak: Character of a True Muslim, Sh. Monzer Taleb – Nurture Piety through Developing Community, Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda – To be the Best: Learn & Teach, Sh. Mokhtar Maghraoui – Spiritual Essence of Islam, the Practical Consequence