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ICNA Subway Ad Campaign Media Coverage

07 25 08



JAMAICA, New York (July 25, 2008) – The New York chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America and its 877-WHY-ISLAM project have launched a subway campaign which has garnered quite a bit of media attention. Visit to learn more about this information campaign and donate to this project today!

CNN Interview with ICNA Representative: Islam on Subway

Islam Subway Ads Cause Stir in New York

NY Islam Ads Cause Controversy

NYC Subway Ad Campaign to Promote Islam

Firestorm Over a Campaign to Understand Islam

NY Paper Blasts Muslim Ad Project Because of Supporter

Ads Promoting Islam To Appear In Subways Soon

Promotional Islam Subway Ads Stir Controversy

Radical Imam Promotes Pro-Islamic Ad Campaign to Run on New York Subways,2933,387701,00.html

Fox News Channel Video Coverage

Fox News: CAIR Rep Defends NY Subway Islam Ad Campaign

Ad Campaign Promoting Islam To Roll Out In New York Subways

Ad Campaign Rekindles September 11 Phobias

MTA’s Islam Ad Furor

Train-ing Day for Jihadists

Subway Imam: I’m a Mama’s Boy, Not a Terrorist

Islam Subway Ads… Free Speech or Inappropriate Message?

Know Islam in New York Subway

Reason Derailed: MTA’s Train for Jihad

Mmm…(In)tolerance! The Post’s “Jihad Train”

Pro-Muslim Subway Ads Linked to Controversial Imam

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