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ICNA condemns attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt, Libya

09 12 12




JAMAICA, New York (September 12, 2012) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) issued a press release today condemning the attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt and Libya, which came after the preview for an anti-Islamic film by an American filmmaker surfaced online.

“ICNA strongly condemns the violent attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya. Nothing is worth the cost of an innocent human life, and we firmly believe that there is no honor or faith in committing such violence.

We extend our deepest condolences to the families of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other three American personnel at this tragic time. Today we lost a diplomat and friend to the people of Libya; we commend him and U.S. envoys in Libya and elsewhere for their dedication to peace.

We are disturbed that the perpetrators of these attacks are claiming to defend the Prophet Muhammad’s peace be up on him, pbuh honor. The Prophet peace be up on him (pbuh) was a man of peace and mercy; to engage in such violence and senseless killing is to truly defile his legacy. We implore Muslims in the region and around the world to remember the Prophet’s peace be up on him (pbuh) teachings and honor his life by following his example of kindness and love in the face of hostility.

We appeal to Muslims in the Arab region and elsewhere to ignore cheap attempts for publicity by hateful bigots. By engaging in violence Muslims are not only harming innocent lives but also falling in the trap set up by bigots.

We also appeal to the larger American public to be wary of such attempts by individuals and groups, who, in most cases, have foreign ties and engage in such hateful projects that not only endanger Americans’ and others’ lives overseas, but incite hate attacks against minorities in America as well.”

The Islamic Circle of North America is a leading American Muslim organization dedicated to the betterment of society through the application of Islamic values. Since 1968, ICNA has worked to build relations between communities by devoting itself to education, outreach, social services and relief efforts.


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  • “ICNA condemns attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt, Libya” @icna

  • Habib

    It was good to condemn voilence. How come you didn’t condemnd film as well. Astagh Fer Allah. You shoudl be ashamed being American puppet.

  • humaira Ali

    Thank you for calling for peace. in response to hate. I hope the American government makes denigration of religion a crime. Just like Holocast deniers go to jail in Europe . the religious denigraters should go to jail here for inciting hatred against a religious group.

  • Faisal Hussain

    @Habib Astagh Fer Allah. You shoudl be ashamed of reading without your reading glasses. Here it is: We also appeal to the larger American public to be wary of such attempts by individuals and groups, who in most cases have foreign ties, engaging in such hateful projects that not only endanger American and others’ lives overseas, but also incite hate attacks against minorities in America as well.”

  • Makh izaali

    ICNA and other organizations such have lost credibility and they have been a main cause of harm to Muslims in the west and elsewhere.

  • SMRush

    I applaud ICNA for denouncing this sort of behavior which portrays Muslims in a negative light. I also commend them for speaking out against such bigotry that produced such a ridiculous film.

  • It is heartening to see Muslims distancing themselves from violence. Though the film might not please Muslims, it is not a reason for any kind of violence.

  • Mohammad

    Its not only sad but pathetic that ICNA first condemns the attacks instead of condemning the movie. I don’t agree with the attacks but I think we need to address the bigger issue here. People loose their jobs and get sued for making antisemitic statement, here we have a whole movie that is anti-Islamic and ICNA is not addressing this on their home page. I lost respect for ICNA.

  • Remember Rasululah salkaleis wasalam At TAIF they stoned HIM ,they Beated him ,he asked ALLAH to forgive him because it was his fault ,he blames himself before going to violence .



    There is absolutely no place for violence and all issues need to be handled with civility.The international norm for embassies and consulates must be respected.

  • True but Icna I think u should give out a fatwa against the Israeli American********who insulted our Beloved Prophet(saw)..Astaghfirullah u didn’t

  • ICNA condemns attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt, Libya; We also echo condemnation from #Bangladesh @usembassydhaka

  • Raghib

    As Salaamu Alaikum to all peace loving and God fearing people everywhere, No doubt the violence was senseless, however in my humble opinion the film was wrong as well, depicting Prophet Muhammad(SAW) while non muslims don’t know anything about the Man is totally incorrect, He was an extraordinary human being who was sent as a mercy to mankind, if non-muslims don’t have anything nice to say then therefore they should remain silent, Get to know the Man first, know his life and history.

  • Why didn’t u condamn the producers of the movie first ?



  • U.S missions XD ? what are they doing in our countries in the first place ? Spreading peace ? Liberating us ? Educating us ? Bringing civilization ? THEY ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS…

  • Mohamed Z. Rahaman

    I don’t understand why people are knocking ICNA for not condemning the movie 1st. Never mind that the movie is just junk. This stupid violence and protesting only serves as great advertisement for the film. And by the way, did any Christian or Christians protest, beat or kill any Muslim when a Muslim young man urinated on a Bible last year (in Australia)? This Hon. Ambassador was actually a supporter of those who were in opposition to the dictator Ghadaffi. Our Noble Prophet PBUH)always showed kindness even against those who placed thorns and threw rocks at him. That is his example that we should follow. I fully endorse ICNA’s statement. I agree that there is a different standard by the West when it comes to hateful speech against Jews and sometime Christians, but that is not and should not be our concern right now. Nuff said. May Allah (SWT) guide us to that which is right and protect us from the evil.

  • Why you did not condemn the producer of the movie first and the priest whom support it ?????????????????????????????

  • Orlando Rosario via Facebook

    This act of Violence by some very very ignorant Muslims is unacceptable…Muslims cannot violate treaties especially with ALLIES that help you get your freedom….where is the outrage from the Alims…Astaghfirullah I am glad ICNA stood out for truth by condemning these senseless acts. The Muslims take 2 steps forward and then we allow these fools take us 20 steps backward. Libyan and Egyptian forces have to do a better job protecting treaties and Allies…I do really think that is what the prophet (saws) would have done.

  • Orlando Rosario via Facebook

    Can you really equate a few word said by some ignorant christians with the taking of innocent lives and violating treaties…especially all the support America’s people is given to the Arab/Muslim spring. This is a violation of Quran and Sunnah. Do you really want the world to thing the the liberated Muslim countries cannot do better without a dictator? really!?

  • Orlando Rosario via Facebook

    I pray Allah give the Muslim leadership that will not isolate them from the rest of humanity.

  • Abdul

    Good ICNA.
    Stop the violence.
    Even in the face of ignorance and bigotry, violence is not the answer.

    Justice eventually prevails – not necessarily by emotions, or killings.

  • @AsmaaMahfouz
    RT @icna: New post on ICNA condemns attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt, Libya

  • Orlando Rosario via Facebook

    I am disgusted how we the Muslim “Majority” allow this ignorant few who may be led by the Shaytan nir Rajeem and his agents into senseless acts of violence. READ AND STUDY THE QURAN AND SUNNAH!!!!!!

  • Zak

    As a muslim this is just insult over injury, first these fascist, radical, right wing zionist christians invade are country’s plunder kill millions of innocent civilians, rape and kill are woman & children, prop up brutal oppressive dictators for generations, force there political ideology down are throats, steal and exploit are natural resources , occupying are lands with military bases and soldiers using weapons that have bible verses imprinted on them to desecrate are qurans either for target practice or burning, they blow up are mosques and to top it all off we have bunch of zionist right wing extremist with the help of radical Jewish donor organization funding propaganda and movies lying and insulting attacking are religion and then accuse us of being against freedom of speech after they abuse the LIMITED right of freedom of speech, & use it as a smokescreen to attack and insult are faith, we muslims can not hold are anger any longer are blood is boiling we need to get rid of all these US puppet leaders in the muslim world unite the uma as one under the khilafa and practice the suna and no one will ever dare to attack are religion again in either form of propaganda or physical violence………….
    Come out, come out where ever u are u coward spineless radical zionist jew and horrible film maker were not going to hurt u……..Its kind of sad that the same Nazi styled propaganda that was used by Hitler to demonize the jews and to get the german public opinion against judiasim, to the point where they were masecuring them, is now today being used by some radical extremist jews in the america paid by Israel extremist to incite christians against muslims and vice versa in order to divide and conquer and have american public opinion anti Islam and pro Israel

  • MM

    Thank you IcNA for your statement. We know it was a stupid you tube movie produced by an unknown person and should be IGNORED, that’s the Prophetic way to deal with completely ignorant people.

  • Wow ! I cant believe that people started defending the US now ! Did u think America ever cared about people’s lives ? The one and only reason behind its intervention in Libea is OIL … If libeans had no oil America wouldnt have moved a finger, so plz lets cut this bla bla bla about “humanitarism” and what treaties are u talking about? They are the INVADER, America has always been the dictator …open ur eyes people… Why arent u condemningthe lives of innocent civilians the US take every day in palestine, the lives it took in IRak ? Was it all forgotten ? U forget the massacres and condemn the death of a terrorist ?

  • Well I don’t agree with all the killing but then the movie producers are also WRONG…..THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE…. And I am so disappointed that ICNA didn’t address that…

  • Orlando Rosario

    Allah says:’ Let not a hatred of a people divert you from doing justice”. We do condemn the movie which ridicules the Prophet Muhammad (saws), however the Rasulullah would not have stood by quietly while his Allies and Ambassadors which aided him to be brutalized by some ignorant Muslims. This is simply not acceptable behavior and violates Qur’an and Sunnah.

  • From the Press Release: “We also appeal to the larger American public to be wary of such attempts by individuals and groups, who in most cases have foreign ties, engaging in such hateful projects that not only endanger American and others’ lives overseas, but also incite hate attacks against minorities in America as well.”