ICNA has three divisions: ICNA Sisters Wing, Young Muslims Sisters and Young Muslims Brothers.

ICNA Sisters
The ICNA Sisters’ Wing is a division of ICNA which strives to provide Islamic education and training to women of all race and backgrounds. This division of ICNA was established in July of 1978, The reason for the creation of the Sisters Wing was to mobilize and empower women of all ages and to enable sisters, to outline the framework of the Deen freely within their own circle by providing platforms through education, outreaching inducing organizational skills.

Departments and Projects:
Usratul Maria
Usratul Maria is a nationwide educational system for English speaking sisters. Purpose of Usratul maria is to assist each other in Tazkiyah of their souls, To facilitate the process by creating opportunities and forums for it. To establish the Tarbiyah System (Education and Self-Development) for Native Sisters who are associated with ICNA and to build the foundation of ICNA Sisters Wing from the mainstream society.

Completions of the Quran Tafseer classes were held at 14 cities (including online) with the attendance of more than 500 participants.

400 lectures were held; more than 2000 Sisters participated in the lectures.

14 cities conducted the Welcome Ramadan program

Usratul Maria team hosted 3 special lectures for the Muslimah population in North America via webinar focusing on Hijab, marriage and Women’s Rights.

Usratul Maria Tarbiyah Seminar was held in Dallas TX in Aril 2009

A Nationwide educational system for Urdu speaking sisters.
The main objective of Usratul Aisha Department is to provide necessary tools, skills and opportunities for the tarbiyah of its members. UA department makes use of the advanced tools, meetings and classes to achieve this purpose. There are three types of classes that were organized in 2009 for the tarbiyah of Usratul Aisha  members:

  • Fehm-ul-Quran Class: The purpose of these classes is to improve the understanding of Quran and put it into practice through activism.
  • Membership Classes: These classes are organized to give a better understanding of the vision of Islam to our members through discussion on selected books.
  • Literature Classes:  These classes provide a forum for learning through healthy discussion on books covering a variety of topics. The syllabus is specially designed to focus on the priorities of Muslim ummah in modern times.

1200 lectures were held; more than 3000 Sisters participated in the lectures.

Dora-e-Quran were held at 132 places with attendance of over 5000 participants.

Usratul Aisha Tarbiyah was held in Dallas TX in April 2009

Online Institute
Purpose of the institute is to give the sense of the duty of “enjoining Good and Forbidding  the Wrong” with the sense of duty of gaining knowledge. To give opportunity of gaining knowledge in different fields to the sisters who already have the knowledge of Quran or getting it right now and to give an opportunity to become best teachers.

And to offer members a chance to further develop the skills/knowledge and understanding. These graduates can choose from the following courses, provided in both English and Urdu:

Ulum ul Quran, Ulum ul Hadith, Arabic Grammar, Islamic Literature, Islamic History, Aqidah

MCNA is a pioneering national childrens’ organization that caters to the instruction and development of Muslim children in North America. It seeks to educate young Muslims to be the leaders of tomorrow.

MCNA brings Muslim children of all backgrounds together to learn about Islam, helping them tackle real-life concerns and offering support in living as dedicated young Muslims.

MCNA nurtures Muslim children by conducting weekly classes, speech and essay competitions, Online Prime time, Online courses. Ramadan programs, outreach activities and much more, thereby encouraging leadership skills, Islamic awareness, and community involvement.

MCNA students aim to be Muslims who will effectively work to please Allah, identify themselves through Islam and make a better society at large.

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Young Muslims is an organization dedicated to addressing the vital roles the Muslim youth should play in North America. With different programs attuned to the youths’ critical stage in life, YM seeks to address real-life problems and give the support needed to live our lives as dedicated Muslim youth. At this age where temptations are on the rise and flagrant behavior encouraged, Young Muslims attempts to counteract these influences by challenging the youth to take the best of all paths in both this world and in the Hereafter.


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