Muslim Family Day

Muslim Family Day


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Muslim Family Day is an annual event hosted by the Islamic Circle of North America at Six Flags Theme Parks nationwide. Muslim Family Day was first introduced in 2000 at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, and has since expanded across the country. The event is one of the largest outdoor gatherings of Muslims in the United States, now attracting around 50,000 attendees a year.


Muslim Family Day is the quintessential American Muslim experience and provides the community with a form of entertainment unlike any other. Against the backdrop of Six Flags roller coasters, rides, shows and attractions, Muslims and their friends, families and guests enjoy Halal foods, open-air bazaars featuring Muslim merchants, congregational prayers, informative lectures and a constant stream of Islamic nasheed. Muslim Family Day also raises awareness about Islam and Muslims and promotes a better understanding of the faith.


For more information visit www.MuslimFamilyDay.com

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