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11 19 20

ICNA Seerah Conference November 21, 2020

The Seerah Conference organized by the Tarbiyah Department together with the Da’wah Department for Saturday November 21st, 2020 could not have come at a better time. In fact, this conference has been in the planning since the beginning of October long before the blasphemous cartoons of Rasoolullah peace be up on him (pbuh) once again emerged. This time in France.
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11 11 20

DuPage County approves $300,000 for flu vaccines

Earlier this fall, the DuPage County Board approved spending $300,000 to partner with the DuPage Health Coalition to provide an influenza vaccination program for uninsured residents.

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11 9 20

U.S. Presidential Elections 2020

For the last several days tensions were high waiting for the moment of truth when the results would be announced for the 46th President of the USA. After several agonizing days the results were declared and President-elect Joe Biden has been announced the winner of the 2020 presidential election.
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11 9 20

US Muslims become a fixture on disaster relief landscape

(RNS) — It was 2013, and Colorado was in turmoil. Days of torrential rainfall had led to devastating flooding across 17 counties, from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, killing eight people, wiping out roads and bridges and damaging an estimated 19,000 homes.

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11 8 20

ABD’deki Müslüman liderler Biden’ın başkanlığa seçilmesinden memnun

ABD’de yapılan başkanlık seçimlerini Demokrat Biden kazanırken, Amerikalı Müslümanların önemli ölçüde Biden’a destek verdiği sandık çıkış anketlerine yansıdı.

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11 4 20

Finding Islam On A Chicago Bus

Leslie C. Toole had been considering embracing Islam for the past ten years.But when the Chicagoan teacher saw a simple ad on a public bus, he knew the moment had come.

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11 1 20

Organização brasileira está entre as que receberão doações financeiras no

No Dia Nacional do Imigrante deste ano, o prefeito de Boston (Massachusetts), Martin J. Walsh, e o Gabinete do Prefeito para o Avanço do Imigrante (MOIA, sigla em inglês) estão celebrando a rica diversidade cultural de Boston ao conceder US $ 100.000 em subsídios para 20 organizações que atendem esta comunidade.

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