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10 25 20

Samuel Paty killing: ICNA condemns French handling

New York, NY (October 25, 2020) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) strongly condemns the heavy-handed approach of the French government after the killing of French educator Mr. Samuel Petty.
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10 24 20

ICNA Relief: Responding to a Pandemic

As in previous years, through its numerous programs and services, ICNA Relief, has continued to provide for the greater American community and assist in the betterment and empowerment of people across the country.
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10 16 20

DC/Maryland/Virginia Chapter


ICNA DMV would like to announce a great new program!

Free Online Tutoring Service

Assalamo Alaikum, 

ICNA DMV area chapters are excited to announce a new free program for our area students. Under the current circumstances, we recognize a need many parents have to offer some additional help to their young students. Alhumdulillah, our community is also full of talented youth and adults who would love to help out by volunteering as tutors. 

ICNA DMV is providing a platform to bring both sides together under the supervision of our local chapter brothers and sisters. The ICNA program administrators will match the right students with the appropriate tutors and manage the program by providing oversight and guidance, and ensuring that we offer the very best service to our community, Inshallah. 

Subjects: Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, English, Spanish, or let us know and we will find a tutor who can teach that subject.  

Please use two buttons above to sign up as a student or as a volunteer. 

Here are answers to some common questions that you may have:

Q. If I register as a student, am I guaranteed to get a spot in the program?
Program administrator will do their best to match the needs of students with the available tutors but registration is just your request and the administrators have to be able to find a volunteer tutor for the requested subject and meet other program requirements to offer a program for you. 

Q. How long it will take for you to make a decision after my registration?
We commit to getting back to you within one week Inshallah. If we cannot find an exact match for your needs, we will be happy to discuss other options.  

Q. How long is the Tutoring Program?
A. Each program will consist of 8 sessions, 45 minutes each, for eight consecutive weeks. You will sign up for a program by subject.

Q. Is this one-to-one tutoring or a group study?
A. This will be Inshallah one-to-one tutoring based on agreed upon subjects. 

Q. Will I be able to get the time and subjects I requested?
 Inshallah, the program administrators will do their best to match the right student with the right tutors who can meet the subject and timing needs. However, registration is not a guarantee of being approved for a program.   

Q. Can I sign up for more than one program at a time?
A. Yes, you can request more than one subject and ICNA
team will decide based on availability of tutors if more than one subject can be offered to one student at a time. 

Q. Can I sign up again after first 8 week program?
A. Yes, you can again sign up for future programs. ICNA team will decide based on availability of tutors. 

Q. What online platforms we can use for this tutoring?
A. Most of our local students use Zoom or Google Meet to conduct online studies. Our tutors will also use the same tools as needed Inshallah. 

Q. How do you select your volunteer Tutors?
A. Alhumdulillah, we have a team of local brothers who come from academic backgrounds and they will evaluate the ability of the tutor to tech the subject matter at the required grade level. Also, we will require all tutors to consent for background checks and clearance from the Child Abuse Registry as per local laws. Apart from this, we also require our tutors to provide references that will be checked to ensure only those are allowed to engage with our students who have the best moral character and great academic ability, Inshallah.   

Have more questions, please reach out to the program administrators at 

10 15 20

5 Things To Know On World Food Day 2020 In Skokie

SKOKIE, IL — Food is seen as a basic human right, yet the coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented spike in hunger, affecting families right here in Skokie as well as others living in the far corners of the world.
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10 11 20

The 2020 NYC 40 Under 40 Rising Stars

Domna Antoniadis attended Fordham Law School with the aim of combining her interest in law and health care, which she did in part by co-founding the school’s health law club. She interned with the LegalHealth division of the New York Legal Assistance Group and later completed a post-graduate fellowship at the organization before being hired as a staff attorney.

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10 5 20

Where to donate food for Thanksgiving in Milton

Looking to give back to the community ahead of Thanksgiving? These are some Milton organizations that accept food donations and more.

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10 2 20

ICNA Relief inaugurates 23rd Muslim Women’s Shelter

There are millions of people in the United States, the world’s richest and most powerful country, who homeless , including women. The Muslim organization Icna Relief inaugurated its 23rd Muslim Women’s Shelter Home yesterday.

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