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Archive for June, 2020

06 24 20

More Good News From San Gabriel City

The Mosque of San Gabriel sits back from the street so it’s easy to miss as you drive along Las Tunas. Originally a house, the congregation purchased it in 1984, and received their license in 1987. Approximately 200 members come from San Gabriel, Alhambra, Rosemead, Temple City, Sierra Madre and Pasadena.
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06 13 20

NJ Leaders Seek Change In Policing Policy

NEW JERSEY — Protests continue in New Jersey this weekend as demonstrators across the nation march, rally and speak out against police brutality and systemic racism after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

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06 12 20

Islamic charities scramble to raise money during Ramadan

By Emily Haynes

Charitable giving is a fixture at prayers and community meals during Ramadan, but this year, Islamic nonprofits had to innovate quickly to reach donors as they sheltered in place throughout the holy month. Many Islamic charities rely on donations that come in during Ramadan to fund their work for the year.
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06 11 20

NJ Muslim Leaders Rally In Newark Against Police Brutality

NEWARK, NJ — A coalition of Muslim community groups in North Jersey will lead a rally to protest police brutality on Saturday, June 13 in Newark, organizers say.

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06 9 20

ICNA’s Statement: American Muslims Demand Changes

NEW YORK, NY (June 9, 2020) – We at the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) are deeply saddened by the state of structural racism and police brutality in our country.
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06 7 20

ICNA CSJ organizes one of the largest rallies in California

(June 6, 2020 | LOS ANGELES, Calif.) — Thousands joined a rally organized by ICNA Council for Social Justice, California Chapter (ICNA CSJ-CA) in Los Angeles today, against racism and police brutality.
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06 3 20

Black Lives Matter: ICNA CSJ Protest in Miami

By Bianca Padró Ocasio
On Sunday afternoon, about a hundred people, including some families pushing babies in strollers, showed up at the Torch of Friendship in downtown Miami, just a few steps away from the Bayfront Marketplace stores that were looted Saturday night.
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06 2 20

America’s Blue Plague: Police Violence Against Blacks

By Imam Khalid Fattah Griggs
Some images are virtually impossible to expunge from our mind’s eye. Such is the case with the video of an African American man, George Floyd, begging for his life as a White Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, forcefully lodged his knee against his neck for at least five minutes resulting in Floyd’s death.
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06 1 20

Emergency Distribution by St. John’s Kitchen & ICNA Relief

ICNA Relief USA New Jersey, in coordination with St. John’s Soup Kitchen, will distribute food and hygiene supplies outside of St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Newark to low-income individuals and families.
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