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Archive for June, 2018

06 29 18

US Muslim group chides SC decision on travel ban

by Associated Press of Pakistan, June 28, 2018
WASHINGTON – A US-based Muslim group on Wednesday criticized the Supreme Court’s (SC) decision to uphold a travel ban on Muslims to enter the US by President Trump, saying it was launching a new campaign to garner support for a proposed resolution which recognizes American Muslims’ contribution to the nation.
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06 26 18

ICNA denounces Muslim Ban, launches awareness campaign

WASHINGTON D.C. (June 26, 2018) – The Islamic Circle of North America today denounced the Supreme Court decision on upholding the Muslim Ban 3.0 and urged everyone to support ICNA CSJ’s campaign to recognize American Muslim roots.
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06 19 18

ICNA condemns separation of children & parents at border

WASHINGTON D.C. (June 19, 2018) – ICNA Council for Social Justice condemns the Trump Administration’s current policy of separating children from their parents crossing the southern border.
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06 14 18

US Muslims give Millions to charity during Ramadan

By Deborah Block, Voice of America, June 13, 2018
WASHINGTON — Every year, Muslims donate millions of dollars to Islam-based charities, including those in the United States, during the holy month of Ramadan (this year, from May 15 to June 15).
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06 8 18

Trump holds first iftar dinner of presidency

‘President Trump ultimately discovered that there is a Ramadan,’ American Muslim scholar tells Anadolu Agency
World Bulletin / News Desk
Donald Trump on Wednesday hosted his first iftar dinner as president to mark the holy month of Ramadan amid tense relations with the American Muslim community.
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06 4 18

Mississauga woman starts Eid toy drive

Jun 03, 2018 by Maryam Mirza, Mississauga News
When Farida Pedhiwala couldn’t articulate the importance of giving charity and sharing wealth to the less fortunate with her three-year-old son, Adam, she decided she was going to show him instead.
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06 1 18

1500 “Missing” Immigrant Children: The Real Story & How You Can Help

By Neha Malik, ICNA CSJ Intern
If you’ve been paying attention to the news this week, it’s been quite the frenzy for immigration. Stories of missing children, families being ripped apart, and children being abused are being thrown around and its hard to know exactly where this all began.
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