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Archive for September, 2009

09 30 09

57,000 Attend ICNA’s Muslim Family Day Nationwide

By Rida Bint Fozi


When a Six Flags roller coaster restarts after 20 minutes of being suspended 150 feet in the air, you expect cheers and applause from spectators and riders alike. What you usually don’t expect is to hear the vibrant sound of Allahu Akbar, God is the Greatest, resonating through the crowd that has gathered to watch the shaky passengers complete their ride. But here, at Muslim Family Day, that’s exactly what you get.


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09 22 09

WhyIslam Billboards Reach Out to Los Angeles Residents


By Staff Reporter




Emblazoned across two gold hued billboards, this simple yet engaging word is what over 50,000 motorists will encounter as they drive through the Culver City and Torrance areas of Southern California over the next few weeks.


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09 20 09

Muslim Family Day 2009

Discounted rates are not available at the gate! Get your tickets now to avoid lines and paying extra at the gates!

Get your tickets now to avoid lines and higher rates at the gates!

A record breaking 25,000 people attend the event at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey on Monday, September 21st execeding all estimates.

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09 19 09

Eid Mubarak & Launch of National Family Campaign

Insha Allah, we pray that as we approach the end of Ramadan, all of our fast, charity and other good deeds are accepted and rewarded multifold. We also pray that Ramadan has recharged our spiritual batteries, and that we carry the momentum forward by keeping self-discipline, self-restraint and generosity, while obeying Allah’s commandments. If you have not already then please do pay Zakat-ul-Fitr here


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09 19 09

Billboards in Bay Area Answer Questions About Islam

By Lisa Fernandez, Mercury News.


It’s certainly not unusual to spot billboards in Silicon Valley urging you to step into Fry’s Electronics, shop at the Great Mall or buy a new Halloween costume.

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09 10 09

Ramadan Gifts Timely During US Downturn


Sharmila Devi, Foreign Correspondent
September 02. 2009


NEW YORK // The lure of school supplies being given away free by a US Muslim group led to a long queue of eager children and parents waiting in a light summer rain outside the Andalusia school in Yonkers, a few miles north of New York City, last Saturday morning.


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