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Archive for January, 2008

01 19 08

ICNA Bay Area Celebrates Abraham Day

No figure in history is a greater unifier of the world’s prophetic traditions than Prophet Abraham, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. Jews, Christians and Muslims alike view him as the patriarch of their respective faiths.
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01 17 08

ICNA Honors NY Subway Hero

hassanaskariwalteradlerThe Islamic Circle of North America co-sponsored an Appreciation Dinner honoring Hassan Askari and Walter Adler in which more than 150 Muslims from more than 35 Muslim Organizations congregated on a bitterly cold night in a restaurant in Jamaica, Queens. Dr. Khurshid Khan, President of Islamic Circle of North America presented Awards to both Hassan Askari and Walter Adler.
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01 14 08

Obituary: Our Imam Naseem

JAWED ANWAR on 15 January, 2008

The shocking news of the demise of Imam Mohammad Naseem in Houston, Texas, USA on December 27, 2007, stirred my memories. I recalled the morning in 2001 when he was packing to move permanently to
Houston. I was with him in his New York apartment as he packed. It was hard to believe that he was leaving New York at this stage and would never return to the city he loved.
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