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07 25 07

CS Monitor: Matters of faith: Updates on the world of religion

csmonitorMatters of faith: Updates on the world of religion
By Jane Lampman

Muslims reach out

American Muslims are most aware of the paucity of understanding on both sides, and some are experimenting with their own remedy. Earlier this month, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a grass-roots group aimed at strengthening Muslims in their faith practice, had a full-day "Window on Islam" for non-Muslims at their annual convention in Hartford, Conn.

Imams and scholars held a lively seminar with more than 100 guests on such topics as what Muslims believe, jihad, how Muslims view other religions, the status of women, the role of the prophet Muhammad, and how Islam views evil.

In a discussion on jihad and terrorism, Dr. Jamal Badawi, a prominent author and scholar from Canada, said "holy war" is not in the Koran, but is an English phrase – and an oxymoron. Jihad refers to various means of striving and relates to combat only for "just causes, such as to repel aggression or resist severe oppression, and only if peaceful means to achieve peace fail." Such war is strictly regulated, including not hurting noncombatants and not destroying infrastructure or the environment. The Koran condemns excesses, even in worship, he added.

Imam Shabir Ally, an expert on biblical religions, discussed similarities and differences in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Two converts – a former evangelical pastor from Texas and a British woman journalist – shared their perspectives.

ICNA invites questions on Islam at their hot line: 877-Why-Islam.

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07 25 07

Convention Main Sessions Now Available on CD and DVD

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All 10 Sessions on Audio CD – $30.00
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The following Sessions are available:

The Awaited Prophet
Dr. Khurshid Khan
Dr. Talat Sultan
Imam Mahdi Bray
Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Strategy and Planning with Trust in Allah: Basic Ingredients of Success
Sh. Muhammad Iqbal Nadvi
Dr. Sulayman Nyang
Sh. Yasir Qadhi
Imam Siraj Wahhaj

The Role, Duties & Authority of the Prophet
Dr. Ahmadullah Siddiqi
Dr. Jamal Badawi
Sh. Mokhtar Maghraoui
Sh. Yusuf Islahi

Muhammad: Do You Really Know This Man?
Naeem Baig
Imam Shabbir Ally
Dr. Esam Omeish

Struggle for Justice: The Prophetic Paradigm
Yvonne Ridley
Amy Goodman

The Teacher of Humanity
Imam Jawad Ahmed           
Imam Mohamed Magid
Chaplain Yusuf Yee

Prophet’s Mission: Illuminating the Way for Humanity
Dr. Zahid Bukhari
Fr. Francis V. Tiso
Imam W. Deen Mohammed

The Prophet & His Message for Our Times
Dr. Khurshid Khan
Sh. Abdool Rahman Khan
Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Dr. Jamal Badawi
Sh. Yasir Qadhi

Youth: Passion of the Prophet
Dr. Altaf Hussain
Sh. Yusuf Estes
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi

The Bottom Line
Dr. Sulayman Nyang
Dr. Sohail Ghanoushi
Imam Mohammad Magid
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi
Dr. Khurshid Khan

07 17 07

Hartford Courant: A Chance To See Beyond The Veil Of Bias


It was fear that drove me to attend the Muslim convention in Hartford on July 7.

In the days and weeks that followed 9/11, we were gripped with incomparable fear. Mothers on soccer sidelines whispered about gas masks on e-Bay. We questioned the efficacy of duct-taped plastic wrap as a household barrier against chemical warfare.
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07 10 07

WWLP: Islamic Circle of North America’s Annual Convention Meets in Hartford

wwlplogoClick Here to Watch Video (use Internet Explorer)

Muslims from All Over North America are Meeting in Hartford this Weekend

Muslims from all over th United States and Canada are meeting in Hartford this weekend , for the Islamic Circle of North America's annual convention.

As 22 News Lynn Barry, tells us tonight, Muslims in this country say they're are trying to create a greater understanding of their faith.
Thousands of Muslims will be attending the  Islamic Circle of North America convention , taking place this weekend in Hartford.

In the changed world since September 11th, and the arrest of 8 Muslims
in Britain in connection with last weeks terror attacks, Muslims say
they have been trying to further understanding of their religion.

Muslims say they're religion doesn't condone violence–or killing. 
Malika Bey-Rushdan says there is no where in the religion of Islam that
teaches or preaches terrorism attacks. Suicide bombings,  and suicide,
she says  is against the religion of Islam

As part of an effort to explain Islam to non-Muslims, on Saturday,
there will be a day-long forum at the  Connecticut  Convention Center ,
called "Window to Islam" in which people can come and ask questions
about the religion.   Some Muslims we spoke with at the convention, say
more dialog is needed between Muslims and members of others faith–to
help further understanding.  Azeem Khan, says when people can get to
know Muslims as a friend, or neighbor or co-worker it helps to build
trust.    He says too that the Muslim community needs to open itself up
and have to stop being isolated and to let people into their mosques.

The three day conference in Hartford wraps up on Sunday.
Story from Lynn Barry

07 9 07

Conference Confronts Islamic Stereotyping

thedaydotcomBy David A. Brensilver

Hartford — East Lyme resident Imran Ahmed recently received an e-mail in response to comments he posted on the Internet about terrorism and the war in Iraq. The e-mail, Ahmed said, came from a former U.S. serviceman who opined that Islam was a bankrupt religion and that Muslims subscribe to terror and violence.
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07 9 07

Hartford Courant: Muslims Open A Window To Faith

Forum Reaches Out To Ease Suspicions
July 08, 2007|By HILARY WALDMAN; Courant Staff Writer
Laurie and Stephen Janecko could have spent Saturday afternoon swimming in their pool.
Instead, the Roman Catholic couple from East Hartford chose to mingle among 15,000 Muslims — most of the women covered in head scarves or full-length veils — gathered for a convention in Hartford.
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