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06 30 06

Islamonline: Social Responsibility High on ICNA-MAS Convention

HARTFORD, Connecticut – The 31st annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) kicks off on Friday, June 30, with a strong focus on social awareness and responsibility among American Muslims.

"American Muslims must get more involved in society and social outreach work, such as helping the homeless, and disaster victims," Dr. Zahid Bukhari, a member of the Program Committee, told

"More focus of the convention, its topics, and the speakers is on the US and America," he added.

Dr. Bukhari stressed that as well as providing an Islamic environment for American Muslims, the convention hopes to push Muslims to get organized and get involved in outreach programs in their communities.

Considered one of the largest Islamic events in the US, ICNA conviction is expected to draw Muslims from across the country.

Some 12,000 Muslims are expected to converge on Hartford, Connecticut, for a weekend of lectures by prominent scholars and activists, performances by international artists, and activities and workshops.

The three-day convention will also feature youth programs, an Islamic goods bazaar, girls and boys' basketball tournaments and an interfaith ceremony.

It is organized in tandem with the Muslim American Society (MAS), a
charitable, religious, social, cultural, and educational,
not-for-profit organization.

Living Islam

With sessions such as "Civil Rights and Media", the convention aims to
raise the awareness of the Muslim communities with respect to all the
challenges they are facing in the country.

Held on America’s Independence Day weekend, the convention’s theme this
year is "Living Islam, Loving Humanity", with lectures focusing on
issues such as the American Muslim identity, racial profiling and
discrimination, and the incumbency of civic engagement.

The renowned American scholar, Imam Zaid Shakir, is expected to give a
lecture titled "Why Is World Domination So Antithetical to Islamic

Along with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Imam Shakir founded the Zaytuna Institute, the first Islamic Seminary in the United States.

Internationally acclaimed performers such as the South African nasheed
artist, Zain Bikha, and Washington-based hip-hop group, Native Deen,
will be performing during the convention.

The convention will also feature the first US appearance of the
Creation Museum by Harun Yahya, which displays scientific proofs of the
creations of Allah.

ICNA is a leading grass roots organization which works for the establishment of Islam in all spheres of life.

It has many projects, programs, and activities which are designed to
help in the process of molding the individual and reforming society at

While there is no scientific count of Muslims in the US, six to seven million is the most commonly cited figure.

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06 22 06

ICNA Arizona: A new begining

 Known for cactus, heat, UFOs and illegal immigration, the Grand Canyon state of Arizona is home to 6 million people. It's economy relied only on its natural resources until a few years ago when the high-tech industry led by Intel started making its presence felt. 

Phoenix, ArizonaArizona was rarely mentioned when talking about the American Muslim community. But that changed early this century with the swelling of the Muslim poulation to 50-70,000. The Muslim community of Arizona is not only visible but active in community affairs. It now has 2 Islamic schools and 5 Mosques in the Phoenix metropolitan area alone. The Maricopa County in which Phoenix is located is the fourth largest county in the United States.

The Arizona chapter of CAIR was formed in July 2001. The MAS chapter was formed about 3 years later. In May 2006 the first ICNA Circle was established during a visit by the Regional President to Phoenix. A weekly Quran study circle is being conducted by ICNA for over a year at the Mosque in Tempe near Phoenix by Dr. Talat Sultan.


icna-phx3On June 18, the first community event was organized by ICNA Phoenix: A Dawah 101 workshop. The workshop included lectures on the importance of dawah and presentations on practical dawah tips. The workshop was conducted by Syed Waqas Ahmed, Regional President of ICNA West and Amir Mertaban who is the former Dawah Chair of MSA West as well as an active WhyIslam volunteer in Southern California.


icna-phx2Several points including the frequently asked questions, do's and don'ts, speaking skills etc were covered in the workshop. The WhyIslam project was introduced to the community and when the local ICNA coordinator Dr. Hafiz ur Rahman requested for volunteers, more than 40 people immediately signed up. Different committees were formed with their coordinators for taking up tasks such as presentations and dawah booths in the Phoenix area.

-Waqas Ahmed

06 1 06

Indonesia quake kills more than 3,000

JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — Rescue crews in devastated central Java on Sunday scrambled to reach survivors of the massive 6.3-magnitude earthquake that killed more than 3,000 people, injured thousands and flattened communities in the heavily populated Indonesian region.

The United Nations and aid agencies mobilized to provide health care, water, food, tents and other supplies. Military troops were deployed to Jakarta to help dig people out of the rubble from the quake and evacuate victims.

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