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Young Muslims (Sisters)

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Young Muslims is a pioneering national youth organization that has been on the youth scene since the early 90’s. We have established a well organized network of local youth groups which we call NeighborNets (which means network of neighbors) across the nation. Each NeighborNet is a dynamic youth group which attempts to build a solid understanding of the principles of Islam amongst its members by helping them put these principles into practice.

By providing the youth with an Islamic atmosphere where they can form bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood with their peers, they become comfortable with Islam and its teachings. We stress the importance of knowing, understanding, and fulfilling our individual and collective obligations as Muslims. There are two separate divisions of Young Muslims for both brothers and sisters. Visit – YMsite and YMonline for more information.

Press Contact: Naeem Baig
Vice President for Public Affairs
Islamic Circle of North America
E-mail: ICNA PR Email
Office: (718) 658-1199 Extension: 102
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  • Safa

    Assalamualaikum! Is there a way I can volunteer or help with programs and activities for Young Muslims Sisters?

  • Safa

    Assalamualaikum! Is there any way I can start volunteering or helping with programs and activities for Young Muslims?

  • Gulmakai As Nanny Naseeha

    As salaamu alakum sister Safa,

    I do not see any Young Muslims here in Philadelphia. Would you like to work together to start one. I live in the northeast part of Phil. Please contact me on face book

  • Hadiya

    Assalamu alakum

    Were you able to start a YM group in Philadelphia? I live there and am interested in joining one — the closest one one to me is in Winsdor, NJ which is an hour and a half away!