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WhyIslam Expands in Mexico

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By OnIslam Staff, Thursday, 31 October 2013
SOMERSET, New Jersey – After notable success in the US, a leading Muslim organization has expanded its awareness campaign to Mexico to present an accurate image of Islam and create new opportunities for dialogue with a new community.

Under the title, the Hispanic WHY-ISLAM project, a new hotline was launched in Mexico to address curiosity from the growing Hispanic community through the use of Spanish medium.

Callers can access the bi-lingual (English and Spanish) toll free number, 877-WHY-ISLAM (949-47526), for any information or questions about Islam.

“We should be ready to welcome them and have resources available to them to further their understanding," Nouman Ali Khan, a community leader participating in the one month tour of Mexico, was quoted as saying in a statement issued on Wednesday, October 30.

“We should be ready to welcome them and have resources available to them to further their understanding," Nouman Ali Khan, a community leader participating in the one month tour of Mexico, was quoted as saying in a statement issued on Wednesday, October 30.

They can also request a free copy of The Quran with translations in English or Spanish.

The new project followed a one-month tour of Mexico for WHY-ISLAM volunteers and community leaders during the summer of 2013.

During the tour, volunteers conducted lectures about Islam and distributed Spanish literature and Qur’an.

The tour visited 5 regions of Mexico and was led by Nahela Morales, WHY-ISLAM Hispanic Outreach coordinator, based in Somerset NJ.

It emphasizes an effort to build bridges between the Hispanic and broader American communities and providing all individuals access to clear information on Islam, regardless of language barriers or socio-economic status.

Why Islam is one of the outreach projects supported by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

The effort is not the first by ICNA to present an accurate image of Islam.

Last year, the organization offered free copies of holy Qur’an as well as Islamic pamphlets in front of public libraries as part of its campaign.

The pamphlets covered a number of subjects, including the relationship of Muslims to Christians and Jews, human rights, status of women, the afterlife, worship and one titled “What does Islam say about terrorism?”

US Muslims, estimated at between six to eight million, have been sensing a growing hostility following a hearing presented by Republican representative Peter King on what he described as “radicalization” of US Muslims.

A recent report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the University of California and Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender found that Islamophobia in the US is on the rise.

A US survey had also revealed that the majority of Americans know very little about Muslims and their faith.

A recent Gallup poll had found that 43 percent of Americans Nationwide admitted to feeling at least “a little” prejudice against Muslims.

Article Courtesy: On Islam


  • youssef

    god bless you;we are all mosleman

  • IftikharA

    Islam in Arabic means Peace and as any faith, you will
    judge it by its peaceful majority from the 1.6 billions members and not from a
    non significant extremist radical minority and their cultural upbringing that
    has nothing to do with the faith. These extremists exist from Jews settling
    inside Palestinians Occupied Territories to those who sexually abuse children in
    Catholicism to Evangelists and their Mega Churches and the $millions wasted on
    leaders lifestyles to Buddhists who are killing ethnic minority Muslims in Burma

    Muslims are not one group of people.

    1. An advisor to Jimmy Carter told Counterpunch in 1998
    that “There isn’t a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without
    demagoguery or emotion.”

    2. This was with reference to the question of whether
    the CIA’s arming of the Mujahedeen was a dangerous move because in 1998 people
    had begun to perceive “Islamic terrorism” as a threat.

    3. The advisor asked “what is there in common among
    Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian
    pro-Western or Central Asian secularism? Nothing…”

    4. The imagined beast which, for many, consists of the
    “Islamic world” is a delusion caused by the choice of brush with which NATO has
    lately been tarring its chosen victims.

    Islam is the first religion which systematically empowered women when women were considered as totally subservient to man. There was no concept of her being an independent entity and enjoying
    equal right with dignity. We live in a country where women are over-sexualised and sold as ‘products’ for capitalist gains. A woman’s beauty is splashed around everywhere, and she is
    only judged by that. Islam tells a woman to cover up so that she is not abused
    as Western women are. Islam provides the security and respect to women community
    than other religions. The western countries are using the women as an
    entertainment channels. All the women in the world should think about themselves
    then decide what is right and what is wrong for them in other religions (than

    What is feminism? Nothing but women’s movement to empower her and to consider her full human being and not mere second sex as ‘Simon de Bouire called her. Thus we see in western
    countries until early part of twentieth century she did not enjoy an independent
    status. It was only after thirties of twentieth century that she won equal status legally and various western countries passed the laws to this effect. Yet patriarchy is looming large on her in these countries.

    Qur’an empowered her and gave equal status. Another important question is what is the difference between Islamic and western feminism or is there any difference at all. If we go by definition of
    feminism as an ideology of empowerment of women, there is no difference. On the other hand, women had no rights and but won through great deal of struggle and this struggle came to be known as ‘feminism’ i.e. women’s empowerment.

    Islam started since the first prophet (pbuh). And so did Islam continue to Moses (pbuh), Jesus (pbuh) and then the final prophet Mohammed (pbuh). God has send prophets to all nations at all
    times. So I think you don’t even know what Islam means.

    You have to understand Regarding the violent Verses in the Qur’an according to their Context, where those verses Were Revealed, what was the purpose, and why they Were Revealed & What was the condition of Muslim & you have to be contextualize.

    Verses regarding violence were Revealed during wars, or when Muslims were expelled from their homes, and killed, and butchered, then hose violence Verses were revealed to take Action against Enemy of Muslims and Islam !

    Islam is a peaceful religion, terrorism arose in response to the massive killings done by the west in Muslim lands, starting with Afghanistan, and now the Arab world where the West is interfering now.

    As a Muslim I’m taught that I have 2 kinds of brother, brothers in Islam, and brothers in humanity, that’s why I love everyone unconditionally. I believe in the truth and the truth is that Islam does not
    allow the deaths of innocents and you’re cherry-picking and misinterpreting and taking out of context. According to Islam, as a Muslim who studied it for more than a decade, is AGAINST the killings of innocents. Don’t judge a faith from the misguidance of others. It is a sin in Islam to kill innocent people including children, women and elderly. You are fooled by your media and
    anti-Islamists misinterpreting the sources of Islam.
    London School of Islamics Trust

  • Orlando

    “Invite all to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in ways that are best and most suitable for Allah knows best those who are guided from those who have strayed.”

    “We created you from a dingle pair of male and female and made you into tribes and nations not that you may despise one another but that you may know one another and the best of you is he who is God conscious -(Taqwa).

    It is you who are asked to spend for the cause of God, but some of you
    behave in a niggardly way. Whoever behaves miserly does so against his
    own soul. God is Self-sufficient and you are poor. If you were to turn
    away from Him, He would just replace you with another people, who will
    not be like you.