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Sharia Law Campaign Begins As Muslim Group Fights Bans – MT

03 4 12



by Falak Rahman
After heated debates in two dozen statesover banning Sharia law, the legal code of Islam, a national Islamic group is beginning a multi-million dollar effort to explain how Sharia applies to the lives of American Muslims.

The Islamic Circle of North America, a New York-based group, is spending $3 million on its Defending Religious Freedom campaign, which kicks off Monday and explains Sharia law and common misunderstandings.

The effort includes billboards, TV and radio ads in 25 major cities, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, in addition to town hall meetings and seminars on university campuses led by Muslim academics and activists. Each directs audiences to a website and manned hotline, 1-855-Shariah.

The campaign is a response to efforts to ban Sharia law over the last two years in state legislatures and on ballot initiatives, said Naeem Baig, vice president of public affairs for Islamic Circle of North America. Republican presidential candidates also have raised the Sharia debate.

Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona have passed laws banning judges from consulting Sharia, or more generally, foreign or religious laws. Oklahoma voters approved a ban on Sharia law in 2010, but a judge blocked the rule after a Muslim man filed a religious freedom lawsuit. Legislatures in South Carolina and Florida are considering anti-Sharia bills.

Article Courtesy: The Muslim Times


  • Mohannad Saymeh

    Hello. I am a Muslim political activist. I have friends within the Tea Party and many of them are protesting shariah. I ask that you reject shariah because forcing our way of life is not helping my situation. But I am rather confused..What type of shariah are you implementing? Is this basic things like polygamy or more of the controversial things like the hijab? Please email your answer. Thank You.

  • Aqeel

    Hello Saymeh

    This Campaign is an effort to eliminate type of “Confusions” you and many others have about Shariah. An understanding and opening up of minds will help clear the perception that there is any “forcing of Shariah” thing is going on in America. Religious freedom is our right given by U.S Constitution and we must project it.

  • Aqeel

    “protect It”

  • Barry Monette

    Religious freedom also means that all persons have the right to be free from the constraints, dictates, laws, norms, rules, and any other principles of religious, including any specific religion. Tolerance towards any religion, or religious freedom also includes an aspect where every individual has the right to “step outside” and “reject” the demands of any religion, including a religion to which they otherwise belong, provided they remain in compliance with the laws of the state.

  • cerb

    Sharia law which is actually Turkish law also known as the demonic verses or the Forgotten sayings of Muhammad is not a freedom of religion is a replacement law inflicted on everyone. anyone can anyone who thinks this is about tolerance is an imbecile and doesn’t understand hi intolerance from Islam which is a mass monotheistic militant cult that believes and purging everyone who is not them. The first tthey will kill will not ne me because they will try to covert me the first one they will kill will be you the punk, the sell, the lefty types, the passive Christian, all the Jews and ever other train of thought like a virus killing its host which is eventually .what’s going to happen is they will turn on each other. America you’re all a bunch of jerks like the Europeans. More dum white trash and black trash and brown trash for these animals to convert or kill.
    The Koran
    Sura 2 Verse 191
    Sura 3 Verse 28
    Sura 48 Verse 13
    Kill everyone who is not us.

    Since 9/11 – 23018 Islamic terrorist attacks have taken place.

  • cerb

    My comment awaiting moderation will never be posted because fear, fears trurth and dark converts to light once truth is shown but they don’t care about truth they have made one up and the rest of us have to eat from the same dirt little dish.

  • pete baker

    ….Sharia Law is more of the insidious tactic of the Islamist Weasels trying to establish a World Wide Caliphate…The people of the USA are very aware of your presents and want You in Hell…
    …Mohammed was not a man of God (Allah) by any means,,,but a mass murder, sadist ,slaver and pedophile,,,,this is a small list of his despicable attributes…Do us a favor and keep the Mid-East the hell out of the Wild West…The tactic of Your Islamic State does not make the people of the USA fear but instead it anger us and endangers you…Sharia Law is a corrupt system and is Fascism at best…USA is the land of the Free,,,and we have wipe out Fascism many times and will do it again as necessary…You will not enslave or dominate the people of the USA…..

  • Adrien Deville

    the muslims are using the western media (saudi royal family owns significant shares in cnn, huffpost, abc, you name it) and our legal system to silently takeover our country. why should cair or any islamic advocacy group speak out against this UNLESS they are planning an islamic revolution (see iran, 1979) once the muslim population surges through childbirth (due to multiple wives, women in islam are breeding machines, nothing more) and immigration (another form of jihad mentioned in the koran)? america is not an islamic nation, and frankly it was much better before the muzzies showed up in numbers. they are trying to disarm us via gun control so we can’t fight back once this planned islamic revolutino happens (it’s already happening in the EU- search the web and see for yourself). all states should ban all foreign (including sharia) before it’s too late. call your state representatives today and let them know you support complete ban on sharia law!

  • Jonny5

    If your third world mantality worked then you would be in your toilets for countries, and not in ours. Get out if you are not happy. Muhammad was a pig and a queer, because of your fellow animals actions in Europe, I am now dedicating the rest of my life to strictly expose the lies and brutality that are your secret agenda. Hopefully in my lifetime, I will see the destruction and death of every single one of you animals

  • Jonny5

    There is nothing tolerant or acceptable about shariah law, it is only used to control and belittle women mostly. Stop with your lies, stop living here, go to a country that accepts that animal behavior so that when the time comes we make sure we get all of you backward ass animals. Muhammad is a queer and a pig!