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Noor Magazine

12 13 05



This magazine was created by the ICNA Sisters Wing as a resource for the entire Muslim family. It gives updates on the ICNA Sisters’ Wing as well as many other interesting articles about Islam in America and around the world.

Press Contact: Naeem Baig
Vice President for Public Affairs
Islamic Circle of North America
E-mail: ICNA PR Email
Office: (718) 658-1199 Extension: 102
Cell: (917) 202-2118


  • Sana

    I was wondering if there is any need for writers for the adult or children’s ICNA magazines. I was also wondering if I can find the magazine online?

  • Afaf Anees

    Assalamu Alaikum! I would like to write an Islamic article in English in your Magazine , Kindly help… how can I do that? :)
    JazaKALLAHU KHAiran :)

  • Afaf Anees

    Sorry i have typed in my new id.. as the previous one doesnot work :)
    Thanks again :)

  • Binish


    I would like to place an order for Noor magazine in English . Please let me know how I can do it,

  • shohre

    محافظه کاری