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Muslim coalition condemns Boko Haram & kidnapping

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(WASHINGTON DC 05/07/2014) — The US Council of Muslim Organizations, a coalition of several leading national and local Muslim organizations, strongly denounces Boko Haram and its kidnapping of at least 200 girls in Nigeria. We call for the girls’ immediate release and safe return to their families.

Boko Haram does not represent Islam and their actions completely violate Islamic teachings and principles. The USCMO joins hands with others who have openly condemned these actions. Slavery, oppression and injustice are prohibited in Islam and Boko Haram threats to sell these girls into slavery are reprehensible.

“The actions of Boko Haram show its members to be very ignorant of Islam and its teachings,” said Oussama Jammal, USCMO secretary-general. “No one in their right mind would condone these actions, especially Muslims, as they violate everything we hold sacred.”

USCMO calls for the immediate and safe return of these girls to their families and commends President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for intervening for these girls’ well being.

Organizational members of USCMO include: American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA), Muslim American Society (MAS), Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA), Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA), The Mosque Cares (Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed), American Muslim Alliance (AMA).

Media Contact:
Oussama Jammal
Secretary General

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  • Siddiqui

    Where is the press release for Muslims Killed in ASSAM INDIA.

    42 people were killed in the violence, according to official figures, while 10 are missing and feared dead. Bodies of the victims are still being recovered.

    Of the 42 victims, 17 were minor children; most of them were under the age of five.

    State of Muslims in Assam:

  • Orlando

    This Boko Haram is exactly what it is Haram (Unlawful)…This so call “Force Coercive Conversion” of the girls is not acceptable in Islam; Qur’an says

    2:256 There is no compulsion in
    religion, for the right way is clearly from the wrong way. Whoever therefore
    rejects the forces of evil and believes in God, he has taken hold of a support
    most unfailing, which shall never give way, for God is All Hearing and

    11:28 (Noah to his people) He (Noah)
    said “O my people! think over it! If 1 act upon a clear direction from my Lord
    who has bestowed on me from Himself the Merciful talent of seeing the right way,
    a way which you cannot see for yourself, does it follow that we can force you to
    take the right path when you definitely decline to take it?°

    17:53, 54 And tell my servants that
    they should speak in a most kindly manner (unto those who do not share their
    beliefs). Verily, Satan is always ready to stir up discord between men; for
    verily; Satan is mans foe …. Hence, We have not sent you (Unto men O Prophet)
    with power to determine their Faith.

    88:21, 22; also see 24:54 And so, (O
    Prophet!) exhort them your task is only to exhort; you cannot compel them to

    “He who believes in God and the Last Day
    should honour his guest, should not harm his neighbour, should speak good or
    keep quiet.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

    “Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a
    Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God.”

    “He who hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a
    Muslim state, I am his adversary, and I shall be his adversary on the Day of a
    Judgement.” (Bukhari)

    “Beware on the Day of Judgement; I shall
    mysefl be complainant against him who wrongs a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim
    state or lays on him a responsibility greater than he can bear or deprives him
    of anything that belongs to him.” (Al-Mawardi)

    “Anyone who kills a Non-Muslim who had
    become our ally will not smell the fragrance of Paradise.”

  • alatif

    ALL VIOLENT HADITS. from the book of Hadits.

    Old interpretation; Often we hear from scholars and clerics those who turns back from his faiths will be punished to death. This scholar or clerics followsthe false hadits or ancient Arab tradition Hadits, not based on Al Quran.
    Anyone of you who saw heresy, apostasy, let is changing with your HANDS ( punish or kill), if not able, let the verbal, if not able to let the heart. However, such is weak as weak faith. HR.Muslim
    Anyone who changes his religion (out of Islam, apostasy) then kill. Wherever you meet them, then kill them. Because real people are killed they will get a reward at the Judgment Day “Bukhari

    Modern interpretation; Always based on Al Quran below, those who turns back from his faiths will not be punished. Allah will give people the freedom to choose his beliefs,and there is NO compulsion in Islam.

    As Alah said;
    O you who believe, if anyone from you turns back from his Faith, then Allah
    will bring a people whom He loves and who love Him, humble toward the
    believers, hard on the disbelievers, who fight in the way of Allah and are not
    afraid of the reproach of any critic. That is a grace of Allah. He confers it
    on whom He wills. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing. QS 5: (54)

    Whoever rejects Faith, his effort will go to waste and, in the Hereafter, he will be among the losers.QS 5:5

    EXTREMIST MUSLIM believe in idol Muslim -Bukhari thought the book of Hadits THAN ALLAH and Prophet said in Al Quran.

    Allah warned these extremist Muslim who believe in Scholars as idols,as Lord..
    They have taken their priests and their scholars (idols) for their Lords besides God Q S . 9:31.
    This verse is very clear,no doubt about it.

    Proved that Extremist Muslim lead people become musyik to believe idols that God. They go astray and kill innocent people, this is insane.

    We,moderately educated Muslim around the world have to speak up loudly that saying condemnation is not enough, can change it, we need to withdrawn from the book of Hadits.
    Otherwise, stupid Muslim / enemy of Islam will use the false hadits to justify their action to kill people, because Prophet commanded .We need to fix it urgently.
    all love

    With my love

  • alatif


    1. ANCIENT INTERPRETATION; Often we hear from islamic scholars or clerics that Allah’s laws cannot be changed forever, and should be implemented until the end of this world. Muslim have to obey the sunnah Muhammad (pbuh) completely.

    2. MODREN INTERPRETATION;; The progressive scholars or clerics think is that
    the rule of Allah that is related to Allah, cannot be changed forever, such as; shalah, fasting and the hajj. But the rule of Allah that is related to worldly affairs such as; the system of government, trading, human relationship, dress code, inheritance, etc. can be reformed or corrected.

    Allah’s revelation was revealed at what ever time He saw fit.

    Do Muslims have to follow the revelation of GOD and the Sunnah of the
    Prophet (Pbuh) which is written in the Quran and Hadits according to old interpretation during the dark age? My answer is NO.
    For Example;
    Do Muslims have to build/construct a house/tent made out of animal skin to
    follow the footstep of Prophet Muhammad(saw) ?

    Muhammad(saw) had a long beard and wore long robe and turban.
    Muhammad(saw) used to brush his teeth with a root from a tree branch. Do
    muslims have to utilize the same root despite of the fact that we now today have toothpaste and toothbrush?

    Do Muslim men have to follow Prophet Muhammad (saw) to have more than one wife?

    Do Muslims have to follow how to cleanse the skin that is touched by a dog’s saliva with soil seven times despite of the soap and sanitizer that are available now?
    Do Muslims, who passed on, have to be buried on the same day? Can’t Muslims be put in a coffin?

    Do women have to cover her whole body with a loose dress now to protect herself
    from men and extreme weather? Do women have to go outside always accompanied by
    her father, brother or husband?

    Today, there are less conflics and people are more civilized in many developed countries. In those countries, women are much safer to go out on her own. Many of the countries are not surrounded by deserts with extreme heat like often found in the middle easts, therefore, covering the entire body is not necessary.

    Do Muslim have to hate those who do not follow prophet Muhammad (saw) ?

    Do Muslim have to kill innocent people who are gay, who do blasphemy, apostasy, heresy and magic?

    Do Muslim have to follow the sadistic punishment as mention in Al Quran?

    Today’s life has been greatly affected and influenced by science and technology. I bet, you do not want to follow the sunnah of prophet Muhamad(saw) that is from the dark age. Prophet Muhammad (saw) would be happy to see his followers live a much better life than him.

    Every parent in this world wants their children’s life to be better than theirs, right?
    Can we alter the sunnah with appropriate way, according the development of science and culture?

    I strongly believe that the rule or the law of Allah in regards to wordly life or dunya for human (hablul minannaas) can be reformed or corrected.
    But the rule of Allah in regards to Allah (hablul minnallah) can not be changed, such as shalah, fasting, zakat(charity), Hajj and direction of Kiblah.

    Allah said in the Quran that all Allah’s laws related to worldly affairs can be fixed, reformed according to these verses below; YES.

    It is part of the Mercy of Allah that thou dost deal gently with them. Wert
    thou severe or harsh-hearted they would have broken away from about thee; so
    pass over (their faults), and ask for (Allah’s) forgiveness for them; and
    consult them (Jews,Christian etc ) in affairs (of world). Then when thou hast
    taken a decision, put thy trust in Allah. For Allahloves those who put their
    trust (in Him). (QS 3; 159).

    So based on Al Quran–YES, we can change the laws of Allah, and sunnah of Rasulullah (saw).
    Hopefully,my answer can convince you. If not please ask me again.

    With all my love