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IKE in Galveston ICNA Relief

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ICNA Relief IKE Recuperation Center, established in September, 2008 Galveston Texas by ICNA Relief, initially operated 7 days a week for 4 weeks and still is helping the needy six days per week Monday to Saturday. While almost all other agencies have closed, ICNA Relief is still committed to fulfilling its obligation towards Allah by helping our fellow human beings.


ICNA Relief USA Director of Texas Operations Mohammad Saad Ansari is on the ground rain or shine. Every week more than 100 diverse volunteers of all backgrounds give of their time and energy. An estimated 10,000 volunteer hours have been put forth together on this noble cause to please Almightly God by serving the community.


  • Jeff Gordon

    We are generating slides on each SSBG collaborative agency for the SSBG ROI event presentation tomorrow.
    Individual slides are being developed for each collaborative agency.
    Logos are needed for the agencies that were part of the Catholic Charities Collaborative.
    Can you send me copies of your logo?
    Thank you,