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ICNA’s Position on Moon Sighting

08 8 09




JAMAICA, New York (Aug 8, 2009) – Instead of making any moon sighting decisions, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has decided to guide its members and the general Muslim community to celebrate the beginning of the month of Ramadan and the Eid holidays with their local masajid, communities and Islamic centers. 

ICNA would like to see more harmony and unity among the Muslim community at a local level. We hope that American Muslims will observe the month of Ramadan & the Eid holidays with full piety and dignity—making dawah to our neighbors, co-workers and friends as we embrace this joyous season.

We pray that Allah (SWT) showers you and your families with blessings. Please keep us in your prayers and accept our warmest congratulations on this blessed occasion!


  • imtiaz

    thanks god all muslims are celeberationg on one day and this icna got some sense of humour to get united with isna

  • Omair

    Dear Brothers,
    Please find reasons for unity, donot find small reasons for commotion and disunity.

    Your fastings and prayers are accepted by your niyah, if it was a day early or late, Allah Kareem.
    stop this argument and be prudent

  • fred

    ramadan is a month in the islamic calendar. is there this much controversy on the start date/end date for other months? this is not a rhetorical question. it demands an answer.

  • mahdiyah tahar

    Assalamu Alaikum, I’m a revert to Islam for the past 11 years. Talk about being confused. Astaghfrullah, I can not believe that Muslims in the USA are fasting all different times. I think someone has to step up and take control. I think the best way to do this is to decide first who we are ALL going to follow; for instance if Saudia calls the sighting of the moon, being that Mecca is there we should all agree to follow them. Case closed, Not that difficult.

  • Asif Sheriff

    The number of responses on the issue of Moon Sighting confirms the reason why the Muslim ummah is where they are today.

    Stuck in mundane rituals like ensuring

    1) Hands and feet are washed in accordance.

    2) Tootpaste does not have any haram ingredients.

    3) Meat has to be bought at a halal buthcer shop.

    4) Jammat lines are straight.

    5) Can’t do Eid unless…

    6) Pant hem lines need to be above ankles.

    Give me a break…No?

    And thanks to MFK for pointing to Dr. Louay Safi article. He needs divert his intelligent neurons towards more value added initiatives.

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  • Fawad.

    Some of the comments here are very strange. These people keep on cutting and pasting Quran and Ahadith to suit their own interpretations referring to salaf etc misguiding the Ummah. The salaf they seem to be following are probably those that caused fitnas in the Ummah and not the real noble salaf. Let me tell you guys something, There is no harm in compromise – ITS SUNNAH – with others especially in whose country you are living in….!

    @Those who keep pasting the Ahadith and talk tough about being non compromsing clearly forget the Hudabiyah Truce, where according to majority of muslims present specifically the 2dn Caliph Umer bin Al Khattab as per history, who objected to it strongly and protested that the conditions were demeaning to muslims, but Nabi (PBUH) went along with the Truce. Suhail, from Quraish side even objected to Ali bin Abi Talib mentioning Muhamand the – Messanger of Allah – in the truce document, our noble Nabi (pbuh) ordered Ali to delete the “Messanger of Allah” portion to make Quraish happy. HE (pbuh) COMPROMISED. Allah proved all the muslims who were doubters wrong and called this treaty a great success for Islam in Quran. The details are on this link:

    @So those of you muslims with Superiority complexes, who donot want to live with neither other muslims and/or non muslims with mutual respect and harmony,

    @those of you who do not want to compromise as per Sunnah but want to dictate,

    @donot want to give and take but just take take and take, well then go back to your original countries and live there with your complexes.

    @Why do you want to come to a tolerant country where everyone lives with mutual respect and compromise and destroy that enviornment for the rest of us who want our children to be respected and be given equal rights.

    @I want my children to grow up respecting ALL, and ALL means ALL, not only every sect of Islam but also people of book with secure and proud in their own Islamic faith which is tolerant towards others and not source of evil and full of fatwas of hate, murder and destruction towards others becasue they consider themselves to be correct and consider everyone else to be wrong and hence either wajib-ul-qatal or to be corrected by force.

  • khan

    Dear brothers in Islam
    1)Eids and Islamic months are based on Moon Sighting(Fiqh: whether IttehadulMatalee/ global first moonsighting or Ikhtelaful Matalee/local moon sighting),Says in Quran, in Hadiths and it is Sunnah practised by Caliphs,Early Muslims-Salafs and Late Muslims-Khalafs).PERIOD.

    2) There is no evidence in Quran, in Hadiths or any Fatwas of any Qualified Scholars that say to follow Astronomical calculations or to follow Saudis announcements. PERIOD.

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  • m

    There is nothing wrong with astronomical calculation of Islamic calender. Allah has given humans knowledge and means to understand the natural phenomena of stars and moon. And Islam is all about getting and using education and using it for the best of humanity.

  • Toure

    What will you do if the power went out, phone/cell phones went out and you had no way to communicate with others the days before Ramadan. When would you start the fast?

    Whatever your answer is this is what you should do.

  • Abdul Hadi

    May Allah bless all of the believers this Ramadan with acceptance of their good works, and forgiveness of all their sins. Amin

  • Monju

    Unity is the GOAL

  • Abu

    What is wrong with us? Why we cannot decide this in advance? Given the advances in Astronomy we should be able to make this decision in few years in advance.

  • Siddiqui

    Fast when you see the crescent. If it is obscured to you, then complete thirty days of Sha’baan. And break your fast when you see the crescent. If it is obscured to you then fast thirty days, [transmitted by al-Bukhaaree and Muslim].

    The true Muslim in any time period is the one who follows the Qur’aan and the authentic Sunnah upon the understanding of the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah, peace be upon him, and the scholars who have followed their way and will follow their way until the Day of Judgment.

  • Saracen

    Imam Bukhari reported in his Sahih through a different chain of narrators on the authority of Abdullah bin Omar, may Allah be pleased with both, that the Prophet, Allah’s mercy and peace be with him, said: “The month is twenty nine days, so do not fast UNTIL YOU SEE IT [the crescent], but if it was obscured from you, (only) then complete your count to thirty.”

    Bukhari and Muslim reported in their Sahihs on the authority of Abdullah bin Omar, may Allah be pleased with both, that the Prophet, Allah’s mercy and peace be with him, said: Do not fast UNTIL YOU SEE the crescent and do not end your fast UNTIL YOU SEE it, but if it was obscured from you, (only) then estimate for it.”

    The Prophet also shared with his companions his specific directive to rely on physical moon sighting (as opposed to calculations). In a hadith that was reported by Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Abdullah bin Omar, the Prophet, Allah’s mercy and peace be with him, said:

    “We are illiterate community. We do not write or calculate; a month is this much and this much,” indicating with his fingers 29 days once and 30 days once.

    Al-Sarakhsi, a leading Hanafi jurist, argued against calculation on the basis that it was done by an astrologists and fortunetellers:

    Among them those who say: we should consult with the people of calculation (hisab) when we are uncertain [about the birth of the new crescent]. This is a far cry because the Prophet, Allah’s mercy and peace be with him, said: “whoever consults with a magician or fortuneteller and believed them in what they said, he has rejected what was revealed to Muhammad.”

  • Amir Feroz

    Has any one seen the moon or tried to see it. How many times does one see the moon in the USA? you can write tons of things from Quraan. Does anyone here know what it means

  • Siam Erzuah

    I just read from various websites on the internet that Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates, and other Islamic countries have announced the sighting of the moon and as such have confirmed Tuesday as the day for Eid.

    Eid mubarak to all and sundry.May Allah continue to guide,protect, and bless us now and forever

  • Momin


  • Maliyka M

    I disagree with ICNA’s stance. It is unacceptable that they would allow the communities to do it anyway they so choose b/c IMO they are tired of correcting them.

  • I am happy that ICNA stepped down and allows local mosques to dictate moon sightings. Their authority would supersede the authority of a local mosque to disagree with a moon-sighting or calculation. To each their own and I like the decentralized aspect of Islam. After all it is really a relationship between Allah and ourselves.

  • shuja

    I have three questions. I hope someone can answer them:

    1. What does moon sight-ability has to do with fasting, piety, Muslims or Islam?

    2. What people in the world have more blind leading the blind?

    3. Which God intervenes making moon visible or invisible to a small group of select people only two times a year – one at the start and the other at the end of Ramadan?

  • Ahmed

    I don’t understand how you(ICNA) call yourself muslim organization for all Muslim in America and when all Muslim are looking toward you for important decisions you turn around and hide under the table. You people are the biggest FITNA which keeping muslims not being one in this country. I will never send $1 to you or any of these fitna organization rather i will donate it to people directly who need them and make sure I let other muslims know as well.
    Go ahead and do your interfaith and hanging out with kafir thing.
    “very disappointed”

  • Salman

    I believe the moon sighting at old times was to confirm the end of Ramadan beyond any doubts. But with so many scientific gadgets available online these days sticking to the old ways doesn’t make much sense. I just checked the Google moon using my current location which clearly shows 2% of the new moon as of now. i.e. August 30, 2011 2:45 am. Is this not enough proof of moon sighting??. Please wake up and show unity at least at one prestigious front.

  • syed faraz saeed

    To my brother who mentioned that moon is 2%>>> please do some research before mentioning on these websites and confusing others. The sunset today was later then moonset so despite the new moon being present it couldnt be seen.Before bullshiting use all the scientific gadgets present ;)

  • As Salaamu Aalaykum,

    its not the end of the world, some of us will have a shorter Ramadan and others will have a longer Ramadan. The world wont implode.

    But for those using such foul language to get their message across take a minute to reflect on what you have learned this Ramadan and if this behavior is befitting of a Muslim.

    Making the Angels Write Down Curse Words – Kamal El-Mekki

    Wa Salaam

  • shuja

    Our heartfelt sympathies to the moon-worshippers of the world who looked and looked but couldn’t find it at least in their sky last night. Be not disheartened, you will find it somewhere tonight, iA.
    Our sincere advice to the rejecters of the moon-worshipping faith, please do find room in your heart to see that moon comes through stages. It is regional, it cannot be seen globally in exactly the same phase and at the same time, no matter how much they would wish it to be.
    Our heartfelt felicitations to the rejecters of both faiths – for believing in One God, One World, One Humanity and One Global Community of Muslims. Maybe one day there would be One Faith to guides us all.
    Dire warnings of severe consequences to the leaders of both faiths, if they do not shape up they will be shipped out for sure. If they do not desist using God’s given senses and intelligence, and continue to sow the seeds of discord and division, may the wrath of Allah be upon them both.
    And to those who are only here for the ride, who sit on the fences or think it is all in fun and games – no accountability here or reckoning in the hereafter …… the same to you too.
    While Christians give light to the world to see in darkness, the Jews give hospitals and procedures to cure blindness and even the Hindus pretend they have the third eye of wisdom to see the unseen, Muslims of the world argue amongst themselves as to who is more blind than the other.

  • Younus


    Please don’t imitate Islam like as Christians. The ordains coming from Vatican, Christians oblige to them. We are not supposed to follow Saudi Arabia. Who are they? Is prophet still controlling Saudi Arabia or the US puppets are there? Plus Prophet (PBUH) had never ever mentioned to anywhere to follow Saudi Arabia to celebrate Islamic rituals. Prophet (PBUH) revealed Islam 1400 years ago which is everlasting and a complete solution. He revealed Islam in such a way that if someone is totally disconnected from the rest of the world but the Quran and Hadith is with him, enough for Siratul Mustaqim.

    So, my point is: Let us follow his guidelines whatever he said and what is there in the holy Quran. Please consult to a Mufti (who does not have lust for any worldly matters) regarding any Mas’ala and be stick to that.

    Inshallah Allah SWT will guide us in the right path.