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ICNA Offers Condolences on Passing of Aminah Assilmi

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JAMAICA, New York (March 6, 2010) – The acting President of ICNA, Naeem Baig, the Majlis Ash-Shura and members of ICNA extended their deepest condolences to the family of Sr. Aminah Assilmi, Director of the International Union of the Muslim Women, who passed away in a car accident near Newport, TN yesterday.

She was with her son, Mohammad, who received minor injuries in the accident, and after initial medical care at a hospital in Knoxville, TN was later released.

Sr. Aminah was a pillar of perseverance; the story of her conversion was widely known and stood as an example of dedication to Islam and love for Allah (SWT). By Allah’s grace she traveled constantly, sharing the light of Islam with the world. Her activism in the community knew no bounds. She was most recently involved in organizing a center for Muslim Women’s Studies, which would serve both as a center for new Muslims and as a Muslim children’s summer camp.

“Sr. Aminah Assilmi was a role model for all Muslims,” said Baig. “She gave her life for the sake of Allah’s deen. She was a scholar and a leader who never cared for personal gain and had dedicated her life for the betterment of Muslims and especially for Muslim women. May Allah (SWT) forgive her and have mercy upon her. May He (SWT) give her family patience during this difficult time.”

Sr. Aminah’s funeral arrangements are being made by:
Click Funeral Home
109 Walnut Street
Lenoir City, TN 37771
Tel: (865) 986-8013

For more information, please visit the International Union of Muslim Women at The community is requested to donate to IUMW, which is covering all funeral expenses.

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  • Arif

    May Allah Bless Her. Ameen

  • h_saddique

    Innanillahi wainnalaihi rajaun. May ALLAH (SWT) grant her paradise. May ALLAH (SWT) make her grave a garden of paradise. Ameen.

  • yusrizal

    InnaLillahi wa Innalillahi raji’un
    Semoga Allah swt.menerima Amal dan Ibadah beliau dan Arwah nya disisinya .Amin ya rabbal al Amin.

  • Abdullah

    Allah will surely give her what she truly deserves. I hope this reminds us that our turn may be next.

  • Azam

    May Allah bless her and meke us alert

  • Inaa lillah wainaa illahi rajioon. May Allah(SWT) grant her paradise. Let this be a lesson for all of us. This life is too short and its not worth it.

  • abu hassan

    Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raajiuun. From Him we came, and onto Him we will return. May her soul be blessed and rest in peace in eternity. The life of this world is nothing but a temporary place to gather provision for our eternal journey in our second life.

  • Enalilahi wenaelihi rajioon.I wish ALLAH (S.W.T.)to grant her the highest level of Jennah (Jenetel Ferdaus)for what she did.Amin

  • sheriffa

    May Allah! grant her Jannah-tul Firdaus

    she was an inspiration to so many. Her life was lived walking in the foot-steps of Our beloved Prophet of Allah P.B.U.H. and carrying his message and living as a Muslim should. Life with hardship did not deter her- she kept her Imaan as strong as ever toward the light as it grew stronger for her.