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ICNA Expresses Outrage at Boston Bomb Attacks

04 15 13



JAMAICA, New York (April 15, 2013) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) expresses its outrage at the bomb attacks today on the Boston Marathon. The senseless attack left at least three people dead and many more injured including several who have lost their limbs.

ICNA joins fellow Americans in prayer for the victims and their families during this horrific incident. ICNA also appeals all Americans to help the Law Enforcement to bring the perpetrators of this crime to speedy justice.

ICNA President Naeem Baig said “all Americans including American Muslims condemn this heinous attack on civilians and pray for the quick recovery of the injured.”

The Islamic Circle of North America is a leading American Muslim organization dedicated to the betterment of society through the application of Islamic values. Since 1968, ICNA has worked to build relations between communities by devoting itself to education, outreach, social services and relief efforts.


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  • Stop violence in this world. Tolerance, diversify, and love are the answer to prosperity and well-being for everyone.

  • This is really very sad. I pray Allah to bring all of those who committed this crime to be captured firmly by the fist of justice. Amen…

  • Mohsin Ali via Facebook

    Its truly a sad event…:(

  • Firas Faham

    I pray Allah to bring peace and justice to all and to bring violent people to justice fist soon. I my self have been a victim of injustice and violence in Boca Raton Florida and I know how it feels to suffer from attacks of the anti-human criminals.

  • Abdul Hakim via Facebook


  • Mansoor Sayed via Facebook
  • Our sincerest condolences to all those injured and passed away from the tragic bombings in Boston, USA

  • Our sincerest condolences to all those injured and passed away from the tragic bombings in Boston, USA

  • Tahertha Acevedo via Facebook

    Above was aired 3/17/13 so I feel this is a set up once again!!!

  • Rafaý Zafer via Facebook

    ….this article is from 2002, why is everyone reposting it?

  • Muslimah Forlife via Facebook


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  • Rizwan Ali

    I am a victim of terrorism, of other people action that represent Islam it involves me too, my parents, society and my Islam, and prophets(saw) never thought such things as taking lives of other innocents men, women and children,let Almighty ALLAH bring justice and peace to all nation so we can love one another. My peace love and hope goes to Boston community and apologies as a believer in ALLAH for the incident that took place by another Muslim who did not have wisdom.