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ICNA condemns attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt, Libya

09 12 12




JAMAICA, New York (September 12, 2012) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) issued a press release today condemning the attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt and Libya, which came after the preview for an anti-Islamic film by an American filmmaker surfaced online.

“ICNA strongly condemns the violent attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya. Nothing is worth the cost of an innocent human life, and we firmly believe that there is no honor or faith in committing such violence.

We extend our deepest condolences to the families of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other three American personnel at this tragic time. Today we lost a diplomat and friend to the people of Libya; we commend him and U.S. envoys in Libya and elsewhere for their dedication to peace.

We are disturbed that the perpetrators of these attacks are claiming to defend the Prophet Muhammad’s peace be up on him, pbuh honor. The Prophet peace be up on him (pbuh) was a man of peace and mercy; to engage in such violence and senseless killing is to truly defile his legacy. We implore Muslims in the region and around the world to remember the Prophet’s peace be up on him (pbuh) teachings and honor his life by following his example of kindness and love in the face of hostility.

We appeal to Muslims in the Arab region and elsewhere to ignore cheap attempts for publicity by hateful bigots. By engaging in violence Muslims are not only harming innocent lives but also falling in the trap set up by bigots.

We also appeal to the larger American public to be wary of such attempts by individuals and groups, who, in most cases, have foreign ties and engage in such hateful projects that not only endanger Americans’ and others’ lives overseas, but incite hate attacks against minorities in America as well.”

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  • Orlando Rosario via Facebook

    When a Muslim Government allows Embassies which in turn implies “Treaties” and receives aid to overthrow a despot dictator we cannot simply kill them because some ignorant person across the the oceans says or does something about the Prophet Muhammad (saws), and true there things America and Muslim countries have done that can be labeled as atrocities, but, again Allah says: “Let not the hatred of a people divert you from doing justice” everyone speaking their opinions should read the history on that verse in the qu’ran it is about a Muslim doing injustices to non Muslims (a jew) . The Prophet Muhammad (saws) also said “You are not a believer until a “”Non”‘ Muslims’ life, honor and property can be entrusted by them to the Muslims”. Be careful about opinions based on ignorance, but rather based on a hatred to a people or country.

  • #us RT : @icna : New post on : : ICNA condemns attacks on U.S. missions in Egypt, Libya :

  • Raiesa S.

    Assalam Alaikum,

    Condemning the killing of the four American representatives is fine. They had nothing to do with the movie. But on the other side, those who are responsible for provoking these attacks should also be punished; because they are the ones who provoked the killings.

    All the Muslim organizations and the Human Rights activists should demand punishment of the makers of the movie and to remove the movie from Youtube.

    They treat Muslims as piece of dirt. They keep insulting our Prophet, the Qur’an and Allah swt. They have no right to do this.

  • Orlando Rosario via Facebook

    The Prophet (saws) never attacked a non-Muslims country or its people when that country allowed the Muslims the free exercise of their religion, in fact the Prophet (saws) used to tell the commanders to wait before they attacked non-muslim lands to see if they heard the Adhan, and if they heard the Adhan the Prophet Muhammad “Forbade” them from attacking the non-Muslims because of the tolerance and allowance of the free exercise of Islam in the non-Muslim Land. We are over 5 million Muslims in America who are allowed to worship freely and the Adhan is allowed everyday of our lives. This is a blessing how this country allows Muslims from all over the world to come here and worship together. Yes sometimes there are those like in our faith who react to provocations by agents of the shaytan, but people do recognize that this is the United States of America and am an American Muslim who loves Allah and the Prophet Muhammad and feels the pain of all his Muslim Brothers and Sisters here and around the world, but also feels the pain of those non-muslims when it is caused by the Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) said:”Aid the Muslim whether he is the Oppressor or the Oppressed, They said to the Rasulullah (saws) I understand to Aide the Muslim when he is Oppressed but how should I aid him when the Muslim is the Oppressor? He said” By holding the Muslims hand and preventing him from Oppressing others.”

  • Orlando Rosario via Facebook

    As Salaamul Alaikum Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu May Allah protect and Aid the Muslims and Non-Muslims who join together to make this world a better place for all. Ameen

  • ICNA, where is your condemnation for the rediculous movie against our beloved prophet(sas). Isn’t that the reason that is inciting hatered?

  • Zak

    Who are all these ignorant muslims who keep on talking about “treaties with muslim governments” the Libyan government and Egyptian government are munafekken US puppet governments like evry regieme in the muslim world, u ignorant muslims should go look up the quran verses about taking the kuffar as allies makes u a kafir just like them especially with kuffar who are killing us and opressing us all over the world, speaking of treaties with kuffar or not kuffar how can a treaty still be nullified when u have kuffar all over the muslim world invading killing, raping, stealing and exploiting are natrual resources and forcing there political ideology down are throats and propping dictators for generations wouldn’t that be a breaking of the treaties u apologetic, appeasing the kuffar muslims

  • Ron901

    I’m an American and to say, “The Americans” did this and done that. I have done none of what has been stated here. I am Christian and believe everyone is equial under Gods eyes. What the person who made the movie has done, is turned peoples eyes to blame everyone who was not involved to hate. What God loving people like us have to do is see past that cause and let’s stand together rather then further apart. For Musliums to point fingers at all Americans in times like this is no better then Americans doing the same to all Musliums. This was wrong done by individuals who are not a true part of humanity. Why give the ones who strive to hurt us all the joy of doing so. This wrong and all wrongs can be corrected but it has to start within your own mind first. Hate consumes the soul and you should not show up before God someday without it. My faith says I must love all like my own brothers and sisters. Even ones who are out to harm me. Does that make me a BAD American? I think not. There are millions of Americans that feel the same way I do. I hope oneday we can ALL put this and other trying times behind us. If we can leave hate behind think of what a blow we can produce against all who strive to seperate us. God bless us all and may he use his mighty hands to guide us in his ways. Thanks ICNA for your voice of condemnation. I too condem any act of violance or ignorance cast upon anyones religion. Let humanity and freedom ring!

    Ron USA

  • Huma Shafiq via Facebook

    ^Yes but that gives the Muslims NO excuse to KILL people in the name of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam!

  • Sidra Nasir via Facebook

    People need to stop being so obsessed with the movie. I would have never heard of it if it wasn’t for the killing of an American Ambassador to Libya, which is sad. That guy was a returned peace corps volunteer from Morocco. He did not deserve to die.

  • enlightenedviews

    ICNA is also turning to be a fraud organization – They do not represent mass Muslim sentiment – How can they condemn the violent act but not the reason for the act – Shame on ICNA

  • AsSalamu Alaikum, Here is the man who gleefully takes credit for the newest wave of chaos to hit the middle east, Dr. Terry Jones False Prophet. If anyone would like to call Terry the number assigned to this page is 352-371-2487; If anyone cares to write a letter here are the addresses associated with this page: Dove World Outreach Center, Mailing Address: 5200 NW 43rd St Ste. 102 #188. Gainesville, FL 32606-4486; the other address associated to him listed is: Lisa Jones House 5805 Nw 37th St, Gainesville, FL.!/pages/Stand-Up-America-with-Dr-Terry-Jones/152854321414642

  • I didnt see any condemning message from u against killing of my muslim brotherd, sisters and childrens daily around the world by these zionist cattles…… You better go and serve them… I like ICNA from this moment…….

  • Mistake: i dislike ICNA from this mom…….

  • America created this probem, it wanted this reaction, it got it, now wait for the solution… it’s a big drama, and of course America is always the victim…

  • Nusseyba

    The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had a jewish neighbor who used to throw trash at his door every day. He remained patient and did not do anything. One day he noticed that there was no trash at his door, so he went to check on his neighbor who turned out to be sick. She asked him how did he know that she was sick and he said because there was no trash at his door that day, so the woman was so touched that she accepted Islam.

    This is who our Beloved Propet was, he would never had gone and blown people up and killed them for name calling, let’s get educated and learn the sunnah people!! Stop the senseless violence. Allah SWT said do not kill yourselves, so why are Muslims strapping bombs on themselves and blowing people up? (mostly thier own brothers and sisters!)I just don’t know what Quran people are reading and where they are learning about the sunnah. May Allah guide us all…

  • We all condemns the attack.

    11 September
    The attack was already planned by the C.I.A and the so called Free Mason which is a disguise name of the ‘Thaghout organization’ the name of Thaghout is found in the Holy Quran the representative of the army of Satan on earth it is not a joke but hard to accept. The material world is under their control and they even made religious parties of same faith fight between each other because they knew our weakness. In the explosion of the two buildings they were bombs already there in the buildings which have exploded in the same time as the planes hit the twin towers; these peoples in the ‘Thaghout organization’ came from many countries even from Arabs countries, they did not care of the life of people. The reason of this attack is clear for everyone today just to attack Iraq to steal the Petroleum product.
    Do not forget they are inspired by Satan; Satan is more clever than us. This organization has invented all types of amusement you may imagine just for one cause, to make us become blind from the realities of the words of God. They cannot control you but they can inspire us with temptations to satisfy our desires. They have made Ben Laden as a symbol to defend their cause you know why? Because we as citizen of the world we can be easily manipulated but fortunately not all of us. If I tell you that Bin Laden is not dead would you believe me? Bin Laden is one of them they used him to manipulate the Taliban and all fundamentalism Muslim and they knew that in the future the Taliban and fundamentalism will continue their task blindly. Bin Laden is one their partner in one the most prolific company in U.S.A, there are very important persons in their organization like Barack Obama, King Abdallah, members of the European Union and so on.
    They are present in every media they controlled everything directly or indirectly even the Al-Jazeera T.V. They told the world that they have killed Bin Laden because it formed part in their campaign to satisfy the world desires, as in every film the villain should be killed. They think that we are their toys and they will continue to play with us.

  • Mr Aitzaz Ahsan, you might have got what you wanted from Zardari but you have lost your whole of respect, and dignity in the eyes of the nation. Shame on you!

  • Bahri Aliriza

    I’ve seen the video. It is disgusting and very anti Muslim. Muslims and non Muslims should condemn this video, demand an apology and take measures to make sure that this is not repeated. Also the makers of this video should be punished.

    I believe in freedom of speach and expression but this is in red zone over and beyond.

  • Great job, ICNA on condemning the attacks and addressing the hateful video. Mashallah! I do believe that, while some of us may disagree with the US foreign policy as being ignorant and protective of national interests (which in my view is normal for any countries to protect the national interests), I truly believe the US and its NATO allies did a huge favor to the Libyan people to liberate their country from tyranny and oppression. I believe it’s unfortunate and very discouraging to see American diplomats being killed. While I don’t believe normal Libyans would do something like that, I do believe they’ll need to stand up firmer against the criminals and make their country prosperous again. May Allah bless each and every one of you! Assalamu aleikum.

  • Islamophobia, as one person called it, is caused by violence. Don’t fuel the fire. The film makers win when people react with violence.

  • Cheryl Calloway Hannum via Facebook

    Wided Ben, I am going to assume that you do not represent the REAL foundation of the Muslim religion, because based on your postings you sound as if you could have been on of the attackers. Sir, that you could possibly even suggest that “America created this problem, wanted this reaction,” is ludicrous and extreme at best and sounds as if you have lost your way. I am hoping that you do not live in America, because with your current attitude and beliefs, you do not deserve the opportunity and freedom this country provides. You will be in my prayers.

  • ICNA should also condemn makers of the movie and demand US for strong action against them.

  • Kubra

    ICNA where is your condemnation for the movie producer who insulted our beloved prophet (PBUH).However condemnating the killing of innocent people are okey, they do not deserve to be killed.

  • Dr. M. Aurangzeb

    Ba Khuda deewana Bashad, Ba Muhammad Hoshyar…
    This is my message to ICNA.

  • M Ahmed

    Great job ICNA. This is more of what we need. Our beloved prophet thought us calm and patient in time of utmost despair. We Muslim have forgotten this too many times few of us react immature ways and irrational ways. All those posting America killing Muslim think for moment how many Muslims are being killed everyday in Iraq and Pakistan and in other Muslim countries everyday by so called Muslim. Once again keep it up ICNA and may Allah give us understanding

  • Kamil Sanaulla

    what has happenned in Libya is sad and what is happening in Egypt and other parts of the middle east is unfortunate. The people in the guise of freedom of speech provoke these incidents. These ignorant people should know that freedom of speech is a right but rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. They should be made to bear the responsibility by bringing them to justice so that this kind of irresponsible acts never happens again.

  • Cheryl, assume whatever u like… none of my business coz I know what I am and what I do and yes I’m PISSED OFF ! and I have all the r ight to be, and being proud of ur criminal country disgusts me, read ur history Americans, open ur eyes on the terrible crimes ur country is commiting today in Palestine and other parts of the globe, the massacres in Iraq, wherever and whenever America interveenes disasters happen, ur presidents are puppets, ruthless, merciless, cruel tyrants, ur democracy is an illusion… WE DONT NEED “THE FREEDOM UR COUNTRY PROVIDES” BECAUSE WE ARE NOT SLAVES! you are , you are chained to ur corrupt systems, that’s also none of my business, coz u seem satisfied with the situation, I mean why wouldn’t u be satisfied ! you are not the ones being bombed day and night, you are not the ones being tortured to death, you are not the ones being raped, may ALLAH protect your kids but you are not the ones losing your kids in front of ur eyes every single day! and u are speaking about freedom ur country provides ? WHAT A JOKE !

  • Do you know that Libea is being attacked RIGHT NOW by ur air forces ? of course not ! ur media only reports the death of ur innocent “savers” !