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ICNA’s Statement on Killing of Osama bin Laden

05 2 11



JAMAICA, New York (May 2, 2011) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) issued a press release this morning on the killing of Osama bin Laden by a US military operation outside Abbottabad, Pakistan yesterday.

“Osama bin Laden posed a serious threat to the security of America and the world, and the removal of this threat is a significant turning point in the post-9/11 global War on Terror.

“Our thoughts are first and foremost with the families of those killed on 9/11 and the countless innocent men, women and children who have died in the ensuing wars. We pray this news brings closure to these families and ultimately ushers in a new chapter of peace and understanding in America’s history.

“ICNA hopes that the Obama administration will use this pivotal moment as an opportunity to rapidly end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and ensure the safe return of our troops.

“We reiterate President Obama’s statement that America is not at war with Islam and Osama bin Laden was not representative of Muslims. We must remember with conviction the unity that brought us out of the devastation of September 11, 2001, and work to preserve that unity in coming days.”

Photograph: Ho/Reuters

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  • Habeeb


    Do you believe that 9/11 was Osama responsibility? Looks like that you have issued a verdict which does not represent muslim community, that ICNA claim to represent.

    9/11 matter is still unsolved and actual criminals are still at large. However, killers of Iraq and Afghanistan innocent people are well known. Same Terry Jones, who burned the Quran. I could not find a condemnation statement on your website. Why? There must be some kind of “Hikmah” from hakeems like you.

    May Allah protect muslims from Hakeem Leader like you and your group who is occupying ICNA. You are just like Pakistan military who will do anything for dollars.

  • mesa

    What, no jubilation? No celebration…this neanderthal slaughtered a multitude of people in the name of a “g-d”. Where is your jubilation that someone affiliated with the Muslime religion as a leader of Jihadists, has ended a nasty part of YOUR history too? You Have the words “NORTH AMERICA” in your name…educate the Americans of their allegiance to this country as well as to a religion, for everyone’s sake.

  • Sumaya Um Sara

    Salaam Alaikum,

    I write to you all with a greeting of peace and blessings. I thank you for the press release.

    I just want to say that the above two comments neither represent the majority view of Muslims, nor the majority view of Americans.

    And on this day, I am more proud than ever to be an American as I can voice my opinion freely and read conflicting opinions all over the internet and no one with the fear of backlash.

    Now let’s bring those troops home!

  • Terry

    Today, only ONE terrorist leader was murdered, who, according to USA killed 3000 persons at 9/11/2001 in New York.

    Who will be killing the terrorist(s) that led to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    When will be Bush brought to Justice who according to all sources (independent as well as USA-European based) went to war knowing that there were NO “weapons of mass destruction” in those countries…… and Don Rumsfeld who cannot deny the pictures of him shaking hands with Saddam, and all the terrorists, and is in fact the leader and guide of many terrorists…….. and Dick Cheney, who is leader of all these terrorists……

    It is like Robert McNamara, the defense secretary writing a book saying that “We thought Vietnamese were communists but actually they were NOT….” After the reason of death of some 250,000 Vietnamese and about 85,000 US Soldiers: Well done Mr. Secretary: No your book will earn the title of “Best Seller”………… Its blood money that they “earn”…..

  • TiP

    Look, ICNA, you guys have no idea if Ben Laden was really the Mastermind behind 9/11. I think you should not judge a Muslim brother (Ben Laden) according to the Kuffars. Allah says in the Quran that they’ll never love us until we join their religions and even then they won’t love us. So I don’t think it’s a good idea to just accuse him of organizing 9/11. You and I are Muslims and I don’t agree with you accusing him of being a terrorist without any proofs. And look, until now our government showed no evidence of the issue, so I think it’d be a good idea that you guys relax and wait for real evidences from those forces who witnessed the event.

  •, you guys actually think this man was behind 911?

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  • Abu Najda

    Salaams to all, Of course ICNA should publish such a statement. There are many people in the US who believe Muslims do not condone murder, mayhem and terror. They then conclude the reason to be a sanction for such despicable acts in the religion of peace al-Islam. It is important that public statements are made. However for many of us personally this killing is neither welcome nor unwelcome. We meet the news with a sense of indifference which comes from having no relationship to him and his ideology. He is responsible for developing an ideology that made collateral damage an acceptable thing in Islam (something that is rejected by Islam in the main stream). This ideology rejected by all mainstream scholars in Islam has been used by criminal minds to murder people in markets, hotels, ships and sky scrapers. He deserved punishment and he has been punished. I cannot help feeling I would have like to have seen him and his ideology exposed for what it was. He values versus ours in a court of law; tried according to the law and punished accordingly. The mission of peace is fraught with challenges. I pray these recent events are the start of something that will restore and build peace.

  • Salim Sunni Ali

    As-Salaamu Alaikum,
    There seems to be some dispute on this matter, therefore we should refer it to Allah (AWJ) and his Messenger. I respectfully submit the words of Allah (SWT):
    “O ye who believe! If a sinner comes To you with any news, Ascertain the truth, lest Ye harm people unwittingly, And afterwards become Full of repentance for What ye have done.” Sura Al-Hujurat Ayah 6
    “O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (As possible): for suspicion In some cases is a sin And spy not on on each other, Nor speak ill of each other Behind their backs. Would any Of you like to eat The flesh of his dead Brother? Nay, ye would Abhor it… But fear Allah: For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.” Surah Al-Hujurat Ayah 12
    Surely Allah and his messenger know best.

  • Kifah

    Peace to all,

    I have so many mixed feelings regarding this issue. I too do not believe he was behind 911 and it is our duty as Muslim to seek the truth. Also, America has lost its perceived moral superiority, as soon as they through his body into the waters. All of their actions from Kuwait, Afganistan, Iraq and elsewhere are to cause devastation and destruction because of their greed and arrogance. May God helps us all and protect us from their evil actions. I am an American and proud of it, so lets stand up and be proud of that along with our blessings for being Muslim. Thank God we are not doing what they do in the name of their democracy.

  • Muhammad

    It is indeed the slaughter of justice in the name of justice. It is unbelievable that the man was not able to be arrested or captured alive and brought to a court to be given a opportunity to defend himself. I cannot understand the reason why you(on behalf of your organization) must respond about this nasty offense against humanity on the first place but you could have been balanced at the least. The story involves about 86 commandos plus the local military police verses half a dozen people in the house. I hope that the facts about this will also be revealed along with the Sep 11 incident.

  • Mohammad Zahed Saeed


    Its sad to read a statetment like this. Check out documentaries like Loose Change with lots and lots of questions how this 9/11 happened and in downtown Toronto there are Canadian born people who distributre this documentary on CDs to spread the truth. Here is the link:

    This is worst thing that one lives in a place which forces him to incline with majority knowingly that its not right.
    If one can not speak the truth in some place, he shall consider migrating :)

    And to wakeup read the statement of brother TiP :)


    Mohammad Zahed Saeed

  • Ahmed

    LaAnatullahi Alykum.

  • Proud American Muslim


    To the ICNA Organization; I commend you all for your statement and press release. I am proud to be a Muslim first and an American second. Irrespective if you believe whether Osama was responsible for 9/11 or not the fact is he in no way shape or form represents Islam and our fundamental beliefs that were reveled to all of Allah’s prophets. In fact those of you who find in necessary to comment in support of such filth in humanity as Osama should revist your iman and what it means to be a Muslim. I will not say that the our country (USA) is a saint in all their actions; in fact it would be foolish and naive to believe so but this country provides basic fundamental framework for the most basic of human rights that Allah had deemed for us and the fact of the matter is that NOT A SINGLE “ISLAMIC” State in this world today has been able to implement an Islamic state with the fairness and compassion as Allah has directed. Figures like Osama and all Islamic fundamentalists should be eradicated and until the blind ignorant Muslims of this world wake up and realize that; Islam will continue to be plagued by these cancers that exist.

    For those whom so despise and are quick to condemn the USA; I ask only one question… Why are you here? If you all are so quick to defend the worst of humanity why not live like they live, Go to their countries, live their lifestyles, and leave the USA and stop enjoying the benifits of being an American.

    The answer is clear.. You are all here because you have realized that the USA is the greatest country in the world (not to say that we are perfect or that we do no wrong) but there is termendous opportunity that we all enjoy because we are American that you could never enjoy in the so proclaimed Islamic States that exist in the world today.

    It not only disgusts me to see commentary along these lines and the sheer ignorance of the Muslim population but it in great sadness that the Muslim world is at such a low point in history of the work because of the mass mentality similar to the ones expressed on this site.

    I would suggest that you all revisit the height of the Islamic Civilization and the teachings of Islam to see what true beliefs of our beautiful religion are. I think if you systematically analyze it you will see that out of all the Muslim nations that exist today you will in fact see that the rights and freedoms that we enjoy as Americans are closer to the core beliefs in Islam than any other Muslim nations that exist today.

    Again my support to the ICNA team and I pray that the ignorance that exists among Muslims is eradicated and Islam can once again shine in its true glory.

    Salaam to all,
    Your brother in Islam.

  • Kifah

    To: “Proud American Muslim”, It also saddens me to read what you have posted. If you really know your Islam than you would know it is haram to kill another Muslim and yet you say that “people like Osama should be eradicated.” Are you advocating and supporting murder, assassinations, etc. Let me tell you I am here because God wants me to be here and because I am a Palestinian refugee who came here at the age of 3 fleeing the occupation of my birth place. Another evil unjust support America gives to Israel. So, you see I cannot go back to the land I love. I am sorry to tell you but you need to be more open and loving to other peoples views on the matter. It is our duty no matter where we live to speak out against injustice. I think you have been brainwashed, because 9/11 is supposedly why America was after him to begin with or so they say. I will be praying for all of us. Wasalam, Kifah

  • Muhammad Choudry

    Assalamu Alaikum Br Naeem,
    I hope you are doing well both physically and spiritually. I read your newsletter and the email, I just want to say one thing, and that is, we should fear Allah swt alone and nobody else. Before we say/write anything, we have to see whether it is only truth (haqq) or we should keep keep silent. Everything we say will be presented on the Day Of Judgement before Allah swt, and we have to think whether this will be ok by Allah swt or not.

    Thank You

  • Mohammad Zahed Saeed

    To my Proud American Brother,

    I love you for the sake of Allah…
    Stay proud till they dump you in the sea as well and then you will know how just they are :)
    You think they are giving you favour to let you live in US/Canada? I see it as matter of mutual benefit, you get the benefit and they get the benefit, and their benifit is no doubt more than what you get, if not, then let them ask all immigrants leave, you will see few people with dogs and cats on the roads :)

    Enjoy your stay in US and be Proud :)
    Forget about half a million children died in Iraq because of UN (which is nothing but US and their supporters), more than million killed in Iraq because of war based on proven lies…forget about thousands of Palestinians mass murdered in Palestine with the unconditional support of champions of humans rights… becuase if I am living in heatered home why I shall bother myself thinking for those uselss people, if they have bowed down their heads in front of US and their friends they will be prosperous like you and me :)


  • Thank you ICNA for your statement on the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden, as a Muslim I do not rejoice on anyone’s death! But this man was responsible for the deaths of so many innocents around the world and of many different religions, even the deaths of thousands of Muslims that he was supposedly representing! In Islam we do not go to war until all avenues of peace are exhausted, and when we do go to war, we combat only with combatants, even the support staff of an opposing army is off limits! We as Muslims cannot go and blow ourselves in the middle of a battle field, that does not make one a martyr butnsimplynsomeone that committed suicide, and suicide is Haram! This man mislead so many Muslims to go and kill themselves and twisted the true essence of Islam. He deserved to die, I just wish it was sooner. I refuse to accept him as a Muslim his actions and beliefs were not of one!

  • inez


    I am amazed at this statement issued by ICNA. Where is the evidence/proof that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 911. Millions have died (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) in the US attempt to capture one man. As the news unfold surrounding his killing, why wasn’t he brought to trial. There are so many questions and speculation surrounding the downing of the tower which came on the heel of the Enron scandal. Why wasn’t he brought to trial. Is that the type of JUSTICE that Icna is supporting. What a sad day.

  • “Do not become an advocate for thoe who betray their trusts.” – The Noble Qur’an

    Assalaamu Alaikum:

    The Muslim-American leadership response to the reported killing of Usama bin Laden has become a litmus test on patriotism and allegiance (for US imperialism). Unfortunately, in far too many cases the response coming from Muslim-American leaders (most of them immigrants) have failed to measure up to the Islamic standard on Truth, Justice and Mercy.

    Consequently, while these cumulative responses (to the latest controversy to come our way) might appear to be politically correct, the example they set – in terms of what Islam theoretically represents as a real alternative to a morbidly polluted secular paradigm – leaves much to be desired.

    In short, on the dawah front, the Muslim community is failing miserably to both seize and take positive advantage of this golden moment in time…and what a profoundly unfortunate waste it is.

    El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan

  • The statement reflected much of the same sentiment expressed in my own writing, however, I found it rather distasteful and inappropriate to memorialize him with a photo; I think the world knows what he looked like.

  • syed


    This article reflects, ICNA’s happiness lies with curseder not with muslims. These guys are void of political awareness.

  • gul shehroza

    so happy for the statement…we r american muslims…our hearts r with 911 victims n families…may allah raise us with them on qiyamah with the kuffar n we ll gladly go with them to hell fire…since we r not like eastern muslims, let them rot in jannah…amen…

  • Gul

    I admire ICNA’s press releases and well balanced statements. Some folks are being totally unfair in passing their judgments on ICNA’s views. Please don’t let them discourage you or try to label the majority of Muslim citizen’s views in this country and all over the world.

  • Muhammad Mukhtar Alam

    Khsama shobhti us bhujang ko jismein koi garal ho..woh kiya jo dantheen, vishheen aur saral ho..US should have tried Osama after capturing him alive and let the world know his story. That would have been the best.

  • Ishrat Jahan

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I think ICNA had been trying very hard for the establishmnt of the deen with wisdom.

    That was a well balanced statement.

    May Allah help ICNA and all of us to establish justice.

  • Proud American Muslim

    Salaam All,

    I intended to just post my opinion and move on but i wanted to praise Br. Muhammad Choudry for the immense wisdom in this short statement; in addition Br. Bushra Faruqi your comment was very precise and well said. I am proud to be your brother in Islam.

  • Sophie

    What a shame! I am so disappointed in you ICNA.

    I just wanted to share this article with everyone on here:

  • Terry

    @Muhammad Mukhtar Alam: USA does NOT want the world to listen to Ossama’s story….

    Wondering, this “Super-Power” killed a man and was in such a rush, that they did NOT let ALL the journalists of the world to see him dead….. NOT to mention listen to his story…..

    This leads me to believe that that they are more afraid of dead OBL… It is the success of terror, because all the terrorist’s want it for YOU to get terrified……….

  • Belal

    ICNA can go to hell. It doesn’t represent me as an American Muslim until it also condemns the slaughter of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until then, I (and countless others) have no interest in their apologetic, boot-licking sell-out statements.