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Among the most basic needs of every human being lies the need for food and sustenance. Although this basic necessity is no revelation to anyone, the amount of people that must go without food in this country is alarming. Since the US Department of Agriculture began measuring food security in 1995, hunger levels in America have steadily increased, with hunger present in 14.6 percent of households in 2008. Read more...


Comments by Heidi Christensen, Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty


Statement by John Wimberly, Jr. Pastor, Western Presbyterian Church

Click on these links to get letters for your local Masjid, MSA or ICNA Chapter. Please follow-up and support the activites listed in them.


If your organization, center or group would like to partner with this campaign, please fill out our form or email
ICNA has declared October 21, 2010 as "Skip a Lunch Day", and is requesting people to donate the cost of one lunch to ICNA Relief's feeding program.





Print the campaign's brochures, flyers, or posters and distribute them at your local mosques, Islamic centers, schools and stores.


Let us know what your community is doing to fight hunger, and we'll spread the word.


If you're an Imam or can request an Imam, then please have the next Jumuah khutbah (Friday sermon) delivered on the importance of social justice and fighting hunger.


Click here for sample khutbah and here for guidelines.


Click here to see the confirmed khutbahs.


Once a khutbah is confirmed please fill out our form or email with the date, location and the Khateeb's name.
Feed the hungry in your community using these guidelines.



Sign up to volunteer with ICNA. We'll send you e-mails on volunteer opportunities in your area.


Collect cans for our "Can Hunger" drive and invite a local food bank to the Islamic center to pick up the collected items.


Designate a specific mosque where cans can be delivered.


Garner media coverage by notifying news outlets of where and when the food bank will pick up your items. Be sure to take pictures of your event for the ICNA website.


Attend candidate forums in your city to question government officials on the state of food security in your region and what is being done about it.