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Ground Zero Mosque Supporters React

08 4 10




MYFOXNY.COM (August 4, 2010)- The American Center for Law and Justice plans to file a petition in New York Supreme Court to try and stop the development of a mosque in lower Manhattan and blocks from ground zero. But supporters of the mosque say it is a big step forward.


Good Day NY spoke with Azeem Khan, assistant secretary general of media relations at the Islamic Circle of North America.


Khan is an all-around technologist with a Bachelors in Computer Science, who has broad experience in web/software development, Identity Management, web marketing, media relations and non-profit management.


He has sat on leadership councils and advisory boards of national American Muslim organizations such as Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Young Muslims, and the Islamic Learning Foundation.


Khan resides in Queens, New York with his wife and son, and is a huge Mets fan.


  • The masjid in ground zero must be build at all cost! this is to save America from its economic decay, with the masjid, economic activity will prosper in that area, as well as the whole country.

  • Anjum

    I am an American muslim, I was in the support of this mosque at first; however, now I have changed my mind and am wondering whether if this is worth it. It is gonna be subject to arsons and vandfalism, and will have huge insurance costs. IT may lead to racism and discrimination against us, may even take some innocent lives. I know its a cultural center not a mosque and 2 blocks away from ground zero but the muslim community has obviously failed it in selling it to the the American public and making it difficult for other muslims (non newyorkers) to practice Islam peacefully in their commuities. Please reconsider, for the sake of non-newyork based muslims.

  • muqarrab

    8/17/10: I just finished watching CNN Live, Anderson Cooper 360 where Pamela Garrett was interviewed. Pamela is a news reporter that first posted the story of this mosque in the New York Post and brought about the controversial debate that we see today. You must see that interview and you will see that she just has a bunch of hidden political agendas that she did not want to say. Here are some of the weird arguments she made during the interview today:

    1. Pamela claims that she does not have a problem with the idea of building a mosque, but “the location of the mosque is a memorial site and as part of the 9/11 attack”.

    2. She clearly stated that the attacker involved in the 9/11 attacks “practiced pure Islam” and her stupid rationale was that when President Bush met with the President of Turkey (no date referenced by her), the Turkish President said that there is only one Islam; no modern and conservative Islam. (No idea where she got this info from)

    3. The reason Pamela believes that the location of this mosque on Park Place is a “memorial” is because “a piece of 1 of the planes that hit the WTC towers actually landed on top of the building where the mosque is being built” (is that the definition of a memorial?).

    4. She also mentioned that Masjid Aqsa (Dome of the Rock Mosque) was “built on top of the Synagogue in Jerusalem” (why would she mention this??)

    5. She mentioned that the purchaser of the Mosque building (Mr. Khan) is “dishonest because he was a waiter back in the days and where did he get all this money?” She concludes that he got the $4.7 million funding from “Jihadist Organization” (Oh, please lady).

    My conclusion of this interview was that Pamela Garrett is trying to make a name for herself and really has hidden prejudices towards Muslims and has just put a political spin to her argument.

    The republican party has adopted this issue and fueled it to take votes away from the democrats (great, no one cares about the idea that this country was founded n – it’s all about exploitation for votes)

    How come no one talks about the Muslims that passed away on 9/11 while in the towers? Just to make matters more shameful, President Obama is being mocked by biased people like Pamela Garrett for defending the constitution of The United States of America. In lieu of these developments and the hidden true motive of Pamela Garrett, the mosque building should be defended, but in a civilized manner. Withdrawing the building of this mosque will not solve the problem. What will solve the problems is challenging the claims of key opinion leaders for the opposition, like Pamela Garrett. We have to debate with this rather than just give up.

  • muqarrab

    Sorry for the typo error. The name of the person leading this issue is Pamlea Gellar (not Garrett).

  • HIH

    I don’t think that we should debate this, they are not gonna get it, stop underestimating their hatred and misunderstanding of Islam. They are never gonna like Islam because it challegenes Trinity and its a growning faith and they feel threatened by it. I think we should give up; however, give a very strong statement and the reasons why we have decided to give it up. They are all being irrational about it, even if this mosque is built it will defenitely burn bridges rather than built bridges. We can take this center somewhere else and make it so big and awesome that the whole NYC would wanna visit it and will have people change their mind.

  • In other words, Americans citizens who are Muslim are not “first class” citizens, only “second class” Where have we heard this before in our history about efforts to make some citizens “second class,” not because of whom they worshiped, but based on the color of the skin or their national origin ?