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Faith Matters: Islam Billboards – ICNA Sacramento President on FOX

06 29 11




Interview by Paul Robins, morning show for FOX40.


Shane Yoder embraced Islam about five years ago and is the current President of ICNA Sacramento Chapter.

ICNA Sacramento is running the billboard campaign in order to give the public the opportunity to call the toll free number, 1-877-WHYISLAM or visit the website,, and ask any questions they may have about Islam and Muslims and also provide them with free brochures and a Qur’an if they like.

Paul stated an oft-repeated misconception that most terrorists are Muslims and Shane pointed out that his statement was a misconception and that we provide accurate information about Islam and Muslims at the toll free hotline and the website. ICNA Sacramento is organizing a booth next month at the California State Fair where people can come talk to a Muslim in person, get their questions answered and receive free brochures, a Qur’an and DVDs about Islam and Muslims.


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  • المدونة الاسلامية العربية

    where can i find some islam prayers?? i’m wondering about different religions.

  • Vickie Sherrod

    I would like more information about Islam. I would like to interview a representative from a Sacramento Area Mosque and visit one.
    Thank you