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Facebook Campaign – 1 Fan = $1

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Help ICNA earn a dollar for every new fan added on the ICNA fan page. Simply click on “Like” and become a fan. For every new fan added on ICNA’s Facebook Fanpage until the end of ICNA’s conference this month, a donor will donate a $1. The goal is to raise $10,000 for ICNA and you can track the progress in the Month of May. Click here to share with a friend:


  • Fawzan from Sri Lanka

    I was a member of facebook and unsubscribed a few months ago.

    I think facebook is run by the jews and the Christians with some evil purpose.
    am I wrong?
    recently, they wanted the images of Prophet Muhammad (sal) drawn by the fans. They asked us to submit our images of the prophet….So, what is the wisdom of asking us to join facebook even though you might earn 1$ per fan?

    Are you encouraging us, Muslims, to join facebook?
    pls reply to this email

  • Azeem

    Br. Fawzan,

    Like the internet, facebook is an open platform where anyone can come and promote good or evil. It is our job to reach people where ever they are found and to preach what’s right and call them to good.

    Shaytan will never quit, so we should never back down from the challenge.

  • Syed

    Brother Azeem,
    I strongly disagree with you and strongly agree with br. Fawzans’ position.

    I think you are too naive to believe that facebook is really an open platform; as a matter of fact when facebook’s platform was used to organize the competetion, facebook refused to take the cartoons competition off; the reason given was the same as provided by the Swedish and Danish governments that we “we believe in the freedom of speech”. Brother Azeem: Are you suggesting that the reaction of Muslims throughout the Muslim world against those cartoons was wrong? Is this ICNA’s official position? By the way, to prove the point that facebook is not an open platform, I was told that someone started a forum of Hitler’s fans, and it was closed (rightly so) within hours by facebook.

    There is a new and better social networking site, “MSmile” started by Mulsims.

    I urge ICNA to start using it or at least provide a link to MSmile in the same way facebook and twitter are used by ICNA.

    It’s one thing to make big slogans in speeches urging Muslims to build their own institution; sadly, it’s a different thing when it comes the time of action-despite providing an opprtunity.

  • Salaam, I believe its okay to use facebook to teach out others and give them dawaa. No matter what, its very important for us to give dawaa. Facebook probably is in the middle of a politics. they also do not take down our “dr. zakir naik” or other good islamic resources from their servers. We should not point fingers instead continue to give dawaa. Allah knows best.



  • Samah

    oh man!!! my ears!! what sound is that?? it’s horrible!
    please stop adding music on ICNA spots!
    Music is haram according to the 4 madhabs.
    And it hurts my ears, so please: stop music!!!! Nasheeds WITHOUT any instrument will be fine inshaAllaah!

    jazakum Allaahu kheiran!