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Social Services

05 3 16

National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day feeds needy

Capital Region Muslims offer food to needy at eight locations
By Paul Grondahl, April 28, 2016, Albany
Uzma Popal will coordinate hundreds of volunteers preparing and serving meals for nearly 1,000 homeless and needy people across the Capital Region on Saturday as part of an inaugural National Muslim Soup Kitchen Day.
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04 13 16

ICNA Sisters celebrate diversity, achievements

Mississauga News, By Nouman Khalil, Apr 13, 2016
Celebrating diversity, achievements and contributions of Muslim women in Canadian society, ICNA Sisters, a division of ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Canada, marked International Women’s Day.
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01 9 16

Syrian refugees treated to dinner & conversation

By Trevor Robb, Postmedia Network, January 09, 2016
Hundreds of Syrian refugees new to Edmonton were treated to dinner and conversation at a friendly meet and greet event at a southeast community centre Saturday.
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01 5 16

Help for storm victims from REALTORS, Dallas Muslims

By Tammye Nash, Dallas Voice, Jan. 5, 2016
It’s been just more than a week since a series of deadly tornadoes ripped through Northeast Texas, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. And many of those who lost their homes and possessions are struggling to find a foothold from which they can move forward. Over the New Year’s weekend, two more local organizations stepped forward to help the storm victims take that first step.
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01 1 16

Dallas Muslims stand with survivors of Texas tornadoes

DALLAS, TX – December 31, 2015: DFW Muslim Community stands with the survivors of the recent tornadoes in Garland, Rowlett, Copeville, Lavon and other places in this great time of need.
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12 8 15

Religious discrimination: ICNA Relief supports NYDIS

NEW YORK, NY (December 8, 2015) – ICNA Relief USA, a Muslim faith-based charity supports New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) call to protest discrimination against any religious group. ICNA Relief is an active member of NYDIS and is engaged in various social-service projects throughout the United States.
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11 30 15

ICNA hosted a charitable Saturday in Atlantic City

Bill Haley, 30 Nov 2015
Islamic Circle of North America had a charitable Saturday in Atlantic City; it served to demonstrate that not all Muslims support acts of terror.
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11 30 15

Muslim charities reach out to Atlantic City’s needy

MICHAEL MILLER, November 28, 2015
ATLANTIC CITY — Muslim charities on Saturday distributed groceries, winter gloves and linens to hundreds of needy residents in Atlantic City.
The items were bought or donated by Muslims from across New Jersey, said Atif Nazir, a board member with the Islamic Circle of North America.
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10 29 15

ICNA’s HHRD assesses Europe refugee situation

NEW YORK, NY (October 29, 2015) – An exploratory team of Helping Hand for Relief and Development USA (HHRD), the overseas relief branch of ICNA concluded a visit to Southern Europe last week to assess the ongoing refugee crisis.
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09 30 15

ICNA Relief Holds First Ever 5k Walk in Central Florida

Creating Awareness for Social Services in the Community.
On Sunday September 27th, ICNA Relief Florida organized and launched their first annual 5k run called Steps for Relief at Bill Frederick Park. The goal of the 5k was to bring the faith community together, showcase various organizations in the community and bring awareness to the homelessness and refugee services provided by ICNA Relief.
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09 29 15

How well is U.S. prepared to welcome & support refugees?

By Malika MacDonald
Given the refugee crisis that is gripping Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Turkey and spilling into Europe after years of bloodshed in Syria, the pressure is on the Obama Administration to accept more refugees into the United States.
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06 30 15

Sex, Drugs and the Redemptive Power of Islam

By Malika MacDonald Rushdan
Do you remember the hadith of the prostitute who obtained paradise just by providing water to a thirsty dog? Yet, more often than not, we look down upon those who may seem beneath us. As the National Director of ICNA Relief USA’s Women’s Shelter Network, I want to share with you the story of one such woman, a tale that is sadly far from unique.
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06 21 15

Muslims mark Ramadan, donate personal care products

Muslims to Donate $3000 Worth Personal Care Products to DuPage PADS, to Mark Ramadan
By Community Contributor Taskeen Khan,
CHICAGO, June 16, 2015 – ICNA Relief Chicago, the Glendale Heights, IL, based local chapter of a National Muslim organization dedicated to helping the most vulnerable, will donate personal hygiene products to homeless women, on June 23 2015, to honor the Islamic month of Ramadan.
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06 17 15

Muslims mark Ramadan with Donations to Homeless

By Jessica Cilella
To mark the Islamic month of Ramadan, a Glendale Heights-based service group is giving back to the community with the donation of $3,000 worth of personal care products to DuPage PADS.
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05 26 15

Islamic Center gives back with monthly meals

By Alonzo Weston St. Joseph News-Press | May 26, 2015
St. Joseph, MO – Feeding the hungry is a noble mission for any faith. The Islamic Center of St. Joseph saw it as its mission to tend to the needs of the hungry and homeless.
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05 23 15

500 “Blessing” Bags to Baltimore by Muslim Charity

Muslim Charity Plans to Distribute Over 500 “Blessing” Bags to Baltimore Community This Memorial Day Weekend
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05 18 15

“Solitary confinement is immoral, ineffective”

May 16, 2015 • By ADELLE M. BANKS, Religion News Service
WASHINGTON- They’re small spaces — sometimes 7 feet wide, 12 feet long. And they’re where some inmates are held, sometimes for days, sometimes for decades.
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05 12 15

University of MD student starts headscarf company

K. Sultana manufactures scarves that ventilate in hot weather
May 10, 2015. By Amit Roitman/For The Diamondback
While balancing life and schoolwork as a junior at this university, Omar Goheer has taken on another role as the creator and CEO of a company that sells headscarves for women.
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05 5 15

Helping Hand Establishes Presence in Nepal

(KATHMANDU, Nepal, 5/5/2015) – The international relief agency Helping Hand for Relief and Development has firmly established its presence among aid providers in Nepal in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on April 25.
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05 1 15

بالٹی مور: امدادی کام میں مسلم رضاکار شریک

بالٹی مور ڈاؤن ٹاون مسجد کے امام حسن کی اپیل پر، ڈاکٹر محسن انصاری کی قیادت میں ’اکنا ریلیف‘ کے رضاکار، دو ٹرکوں کے ہمراہ، گزشتہ شام بالٹی مور پہچے
واشنگٹن — امریکی ریاست میری لینڈ کے شہر، بالٹی مور میں سیاہ فام نوجوان کے پولیس حراست میں ہلاکت کے بعد بھڑک اٹھنے والے ہنگاموں سے متاثرہ علاقے میں امدادی کاموں میں مقامی مسلمان بھی شریک ہوگئے ہیں۔مسلم رضاروں کی ٹیم نے دو سنیئر ہاؤسز میں دو ٹرک امدادی سامان تقسیم کیا۔
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