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06 10 10

“A Window to Islam”


By Haseeba Syed


Let’s imagine, you come home after a long hard day of work, or school. Or, you’ve been running errands and doing other chores all day. You turn on the television, and tune to the news channel after dinner. Some of the words you hear most often include Muslim, Islam, and Muhammad. But what do you really know about Muslims and Islam besides what you’ve heard on the news and seen on TV?


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06 6 10

Seeking Truth at ‘Window to Islam’


By Rida Bint Fozi


“You really have to go and find what the truth of people is.”- Dr. Ingrid Mattson, President, Islamic Society of North America


The amount of people that flooded into Window to Islam at the ICNA-MAS Convention this past weekend attests to many things, among them this— that there is a relentless desire to find the truth of Islam, by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


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04 26 10

WhyIslam Sets Record again at LA Festival of Books


By Suzanne Khazaal


Accommodating thousands of visitors at the Los Angeles Festival of Books at UCLA, WhyIslam Southern California handed out a record 4,640 copies of the Qur’an at the biggest and busiest booth to teach about Islam, this past weekend on April 24-25. This is the 6th consecutive year for the booth.


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12 15 09

Informational Billboards on Islamic Faith Are Going Up

Star Tribune: December 15, 2009


Hoping to encourage interfaith dialogue, an Islamic organization will unveil a pair of billboards in Minneapolis this week.


The Minnesota chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America plans to unveil the billboards Friday, the eve of the Islamic New Year.


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09 28 09

Intro to American Muslim Family

Meet the Ansaris! They are among an estimated seven million Muslims living in the United States, with over 1200 mosques throughout America.

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09 22 09

WhyIslam Billboards Reach Out to Los Angeles Residents


By Staff Reporter




Emblazoned across two gold hued billboards, this simple yet engaging word is what over 50,000 motorists will encounter as they drive through the Culver City and Torrance areas of Southern California over the next few weeks.


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09 19 09

Billboards in Bay Area Answer Questions About Islam

By Lisa Fernandez, Mercury News.


It’s certainly not unusual to spot billboards in Silicon Valley urging you to step into Fry’s Electronics, shop at the Great Mall or buy a new Halloween costume.

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09 15 08

Fasting Muslims Give out Free Information and Water to New Yorkers

JAMAICA, New York (September 15, 2008) – Fasting Volunteers Answer Questions posed at Information Tables on Islam in NY.
The New York Chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and its 877-WHY-ISLAM project are sponsoring information tables on Islam in New York City beginning in the month of Ramadan.
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08 31 08

Ramadan is Approaching

In consultation with national Islamic organizations and local hilaal committees ICNA will make an announcement tonight (August 31/Shaban 29) on the local sighting of the moon. Ramadan will begin either on Monday September 1 or Tuesday September 2. Please check after 11 PM EST or call 718-658-1199. If this website becomes unavailable due to a traffic overload please visit to view the announcement.

ICNA’s Tarbiyah Department has also made a Ramadan Planner available for your benefit.
-Quick Preperation Guide
-Making the most of Ramadan
-Tarbiyah Plan 2008
-Ramadan Planner Spreadsheet

08 17 08

California State Fair: Muslim Booth Offers Answers on Islam

By Jennifer Garza –

Cindy Cassidy is the first to admit she knows little about Islam. She has questions, but she’s never had the opportunity to ask Muslims about their faith.

Until now.

For the first time since 9/11, visitors to the California State Fair can ask Muslims about Islam. No topic is off-limits, no subject too personal.

Officially, it’s called “WhyIslam.” Unofficially, it could be called “Ask a Muslim.” The booth, which has been set up in Exhibit Hall B, is sponsored by the Sacramento Chapter of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), which focuses on outreach and education of the faith. Muslim volunteers are on hand to answer questions, pass out brochures and give away Qurans.
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07 25 08

ICNA Subway Ad Campaign Media Coverage

JAMAICA, New York (July 25, 2008) – The New York chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America and its 877-WHY-ISLAM project have launched a subway campaign which has garnered quite a bit of media attention. Visit to learn more about this information campaign and donate to this project today!
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07 22 08

The Message of Islam Reaches New York City Subways this Ramadan

JAMAICA, New York (July 22, 2008) – The New York Chapter of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and it’s 877-WHY-ISLAM project are sponsoring 1,000 ads to appear in 1,000 New York City subway cars during Ramadan. Ramadan is a month when Islam receives more attention because Muslims will be fasting at the workplace. The mission of the project is to encourage people to search for unbiased information on Islam and to promote understanding and dialogue between people of different faiths.
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05 12 08

Catholic-Muslim Dialogue Looks At U.S. Interreligious Education

WASHINGTON—A new round of the Mid-Atlantic Muslim Catholic Dialogue, April 23-24, in Washington, looked at inter-religious education in the United States.
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04 22 08

WhyIslam to Distribute Free Qurans at the LA Times Festival of Books

WhyIslam-Southern California to Hand out Free Qurans at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
LOS ANGELES, California (April 22,2008) – WhyIslam, a project of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) will be handing out free Qurans at this weekend’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) on April 26 & 27. The Quran is the holy book of Muslims. This will be ICNA’s 3rd year of participation through its WhyIslam project; last year they handed out over 3,000 free Qurans.
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12 14 07

Billboard prompts calls, hostility

December 13, 2007
In the past month, I’ve received more than a dozen calls about a billboard erected near O’Hare Airport asking “Why Islam?” Why drivers have chosen to call me instead of the toll-free number on the sign frankly baffles me.
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10 7 07

A time of faith, a time of change

The leader of region's largest mosque is leaving to start a seminary
By MARC PARRY, Staff writer,
 COLONIE — The end of Ramadan this weekend will be a time of shared gifts and celebration. For the popular leader of the region's largest mosque, it also will be a time to say farewell.

Imam Ahmed Kobeisy is leaving his Colonie mosque at the end of the month to establish an Islamic seminary based in New York. It's an effort to build the infrastructure for educating the next generation of Muslim-American leaders. Right now, the expanding U.S. Muslim population often depends on imams educated abroad.

Kobeisy, 50, arrived in the Capital Region from Syracuse three years ago. The Saudi Arabia-born imam has since become the area's most visible Islamic leader, winning admirers for opening the Islamic Center of the Capital District to other faith groups, government officials, activists, teachers and the media.

Within his mosque, Kobeisy is a father figure known for a willingness to share his cellphone number and an approach to Islam that is, like his business suits, practical. He teaches Muslims, leads them in prayers, counsels them, marries them, visits them in hospitals and advocates for their rights with employers and teachers.

Some have cried in Kobeisy's office since the imam announced his plans
to leave the nearly 500-member mosque on Lansing Road off Central
Avenue. One active member, Maliha Nazeer, said that with Kobeisy's
outreach "we became more mainstream in society."

"He empowered us to go out there and tell people what Islam is," added
Nazeer, 43, an East Greenbush homemaker. "All of a sudden we were the
faces of Islam, not some leader someplace in some other country."

This career change is something of a gamble for an Islamic leader who
has carved out a unique career since coming to the United States at 28.

Kobeisy, who already had earned a degree abroad in Islamic studies,
built on that foundation with a master's in counseling and a doctorate
in social sciences, both from Syracuse University. He wrote a book
about counseling U.S. Muslims. He is a chaplain at Syracuse. He teaches
at Le Moyne College.

His office in Colonie could be a lawyer's, with its broad, glass-topped
desk, and its shelves of gold- and silver-embossed books. Except the
jurisprudence in those volumes is Islamic. And, in keeping with mosque
etiquette, the imam in the gray suit isn't wearing any shoes.

"I love this community, and I'm not leaving them because of looking for
another community," Kobeisy said. "No, I'm just looking to do something
that is not done, and has not been done — and that must be done."

The need, Kobeisy said, is for a school both steeped in Islamic
tradition and American culture; one that will turn out leaders
comfortable with both the Quran and the Constitution. Kobeisy will
become director of the Islamic Learning Foundation — a branch of the
Islamic Circle of North America — and he hopes to reinvent the
foundation to fill that gap.

Its classes will take place mainly at night and on weekends to
accommodate working students. The plan is to eventually offer
bachelor's degrees and programs around the nation. It will prepare
young Muslims to work as imams and chaplains in America.

"You could memorize the Quran, but you don't really know the Quran
until you know how it applies in the context in which you live,"
Kobeisy said.

An imam with experience working in the United States is what the
Islamic Center seeks in its next leader, said mosque president Tariq
Niazi. That person will take over a 28-year-old mosque with members
from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Middle East, North
Africa and the United States.

"It's difficult, because there are not that many candidates, especially if you are not reaching out abroad," Niazi said.

The Rev. James Kane, the official in charge of interfaith affairs for
the Albany Catholic Diocese, appreciated Kobeisy's effort to reach out
after the Pope made controversial remarks about Muslims last year. At
Kobeisy's invitation, Bishop Howard Hubbard spoke at the mosque.

"That certainly was a first," Kane said.

Marc Parry can be reached at 454-5057 or by e-mail at

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09 17 07

Radio Campaign Timings

Exact Timings (New Times are added as received):

Seattle – KPTK AM (50 spots)
Sept. 10: 6.23 am, 7.32 am, 8.22 am, 11.33 am, 12.31 pm, 1.58 pm, 2.58 pm, 11.32 pm.
Sept. 11: 5.31 am, 6.04 am, 8.31 am, 10.30 am, 11.32 am, 8.58 am, 9.58 am, 10.58 am
Sept. 12: 5.46 am, 6.58 am, 8.04 am, 9.48 am, 8.49 pm, 9.47 pm, 11.32 pm
Sept. 13: 10:32 am, 12:31 pm, 4.46 pm, 6.32 pm, 9.31 pm, 11.32 pm.
Sept. 14: 9.22 am, 1.59 pm, 3.35 pm, 8.20 pm, 9.50 pm, 10.21 pm, 11.21 pm
Sept.15: 6.22 am, 10.05 am, 12.05 pm, 2.05 pm, 3.20 pm, 5.20 pm
Sept.16: 8.59 am, 10.32 am, 12.32 pm, 5.59 pm, 6.52 pm, 8.19 pm.

New York – WCBS AM (13 spots)
Sept. 10: 10.09 am, 8.16 pm,
Sept. 11: 2.07 pm
Sept. 12: 12.07 pm
Sept. 13: 1.16 pm, 2.39 pm
Sept. 15: 5.43 am, 8.09 pm, 9.24 pm
Sept. 16: 5.34 am, 1.43 pm, 6.13 pm, 7.13 pm

Atlanta – WVEE/WAOK (8 spots)
Sept. 12: 6.38 am, 9.52 pm
Sept. 13: 10.17 am, 3.23 pm
Sept. 14: 8.52 pm
Sept. 15: 6.47 pm
Sept. 16: 6.46 am, 5.16 pm
Dallas – KRLD AM (21 spots)
Sept. 12: 5.07 am, 12.19 pm, 10.33 pm, 11.02 pm
Sept.13: 6.53 am, 10.18 am, 4.12 pm
Sept. 14: 7.47 am, 11.19 am, 5.13 pm, 8.18 pm
Sept. 15: 5.11 am,7.20 am, 12.20 pm
Sept. 16: 5.11 am, 6.09 am, 7.07 am, 11.19 am, 1.18 pm, 7.29 pm

Miami WIOD AM (20 spots)
Sept. 17: 5.32 pm
Sept. 18: 7.06 am, 8.15 am, 9.17 pm

Houston KTRH AM(11 spots) (Tentative)
Sept. 17: 5.19 pm
Sept. 19: 2.16 pm
Sept. 20: 10:19 am, 11.54 am
Sept. 21: 9.18 am, 2.33 pm
Sept. 22: 8:05 am
Sept. 23: 9.21 am

Kansas City KMBZ AM(23 spots)
Sept.17: 12.58 pm, 1.58 pm, 3.34 pm, 4.32 pm, 6.03 pm, 9.34 pm, 10.51 pm, 11.33 pm,
Sept.18: 10.02 pm, 12.55 pm, 4.51 pm, 6.51 pm
Sept.19: 5.08 am, 11.04 am, 5.50 pm, 10.21 pm
Sept. 20: 5.17 am, 5.58 am, 5.58 pm
Sept. 21: 5.17 am, 9.50 am, 12.58 pm

San Francisco KCBS AM(15 spots)
Sept. 17: 11.43 am, 9.23 pm, 10:36 pm
Sept. 18: 1.49 pm, 9.43 pm, 10.46 pm

Chicago WBBM AM (30 spots)
Sept. 17: 2.46 am, 11.50 am, 6.43 pm, 8.36 pm
Sept. 18 2.10 am, 10.13 am, 7.10 pm, 11.36 pm

Los Angeles KFWB AM (28 spots)
Sept. 17: 11.46 am, 1.09 pm, 7.35 pm, 9.27 pm, 11.27 pm
Sept. 18: 5:16a, 10:23a, 11:23p, 10:16p

Boston WBZ AM  (14 spots)
Sept. 17: 10.41 am, 2.17 pm
Sept. 18: 12.58 pm, 9.35 pm

Wichita KNSS AM  (38 spots)
Sept. 17: 6.17 am, 6.47 am, 7.17 am, 1.29 pm, 11.33 pm
Sept. 18: 6.16 am, 7.30 am, 3.31 pm, 4.32 pm, 10.20 pm, 11.16 pm
Sept. 19: 6.23 am, 7.30 am, 7.53 am, 6.31 pm, 8.43 pm, 11.46 pm
Sept. 20: 9.32 am, 10.28 am, 2.57 pm, 4.47 pm, 9.17 pm
Sept 21: 6.53 am, 7.58 am, 12.44 pm, 2.05 pm, 9.47 pm, 11.55 pm
Sept. 22: 12.21 pm, 1.21 pm, 3.19 pm, 4.05 pm, 5.32 pm
Sept. 23: 7.19 am, 12.50 pm, 1.50 pm, 5.19 pm, 6.53 pm

Detroit WWJ AM (23 spots)
Sept. 17th: 11:53am, 1:36pm, 2:53pm, 9:53pm
Sept. 18th: 2.13 pm, 11.24 pm

Phoenix – (pending)

New Orleans WWL AM
Sept. 18th: 4.21 pm, 1.17 pm

09 17 07

ICNA Launches National Radio Campaign

JAMAICA, New York (September 17, 2009) – The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has launched its National Radio Campaign across major cities in the US. The purpose of these radio ads on Islam is to inform fellow Americans about the true teachings of Islam and to clear up any misunderstandings regarding Islam. This campaign will run from Sept. 10 – 23rd, 2007.
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08 6 07

WhyIslam banquet calls on Muslims to be ‘blazing lamp’

By GENENE SALMAN, Staff Writer  

ANAHEIM, Calif. – An airport employee accidentally became Muslim after reading an Islamic book left behind by a traveler.

This was just one of the stories Siraj Wahaj, Imam at Al Taqwa Mosque in New York, shared at the WhyIslam Banquet underscoring the need for "da’wah," or educating others about Islam.
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07 25 07

CS Monitor: Matters of faith: Updates on the world of religion

csmonitorMatters of faith: Updates on the world of religion
By Jane Lampman

Muslims reach out

American Muslims are most aware of the paucity of understanding on both sides, and some are experimenting with their own remedy. Earlier this month, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a grass-roots group aimed at strengthening Muslims in their faith practice, had a full-day "Window on Islam" for non-Muslims at their annual convention in Hartford, Conn.

Imams and scholars held a lively seminar with more than 100 guests on such topics as what Muslims believe, jihad, how Muslims view other religions, the status of women, the role of the prophet Muhammad, and how Islam views evil.

In a discussion on jihad and terrorism, Dr. Jamal Badawi, a prominent author and scholar from Canada, said "holy war" is not in the Koran, but is an English phrase – and an oxymoron. Jihad refers to various means of striving and relates to combat only for "just causes, such as to repel aggression or resist severe oppression, and only if peaceful means to achieve peace fail." Such war is strictly regulated, including not hurting noncombatants and not destroying infrastructure or the environment. The Koran condemns excesses, even in worship, he added.

Imam Shabir Ally, an expert on biblical religions, discussed similarities and differences in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Two converts – a former evangelical pastor from Texas and a British woman journalist – shared their perspectives.

ICNA invites questions on Islam at their hot line: 877-Why-Islam.

Read entire article here: