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08 23 17

Masjid hosts luncheon for non-Muslims

By Nick Ciccone, August 23, 2017
Masjid Hamza, in Valley Stream, along with hundreds of mosques across the country, opened its doors to the community on Sunday in an effort to break social barriers and have an honest discussion about Islam.
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08 23 17

Lake County mosque opens doors to non-Muslims

‘There are so many things in common between us’
By Lee V. Gaines, Chicago Tribune

Shaykh Azfar Uddin, the imam at the Islamic Foundation North Mosque, said when the prime minister of Spain called the recent deadly terror attack in Barcelona an example of “jihadi terrorism,” he did not know the true meaning of the word jihad.
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06 11 17

‘Making America Great’ billboards aim to teach about Islam

June 11, 2017
TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Muslim leaders in Tampa are using President Trump’s campaign slogan to spread a message of love during the holy month of Ramadan.
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02 17 17

Open Mosque Day: Building Bridges with Neighbors

By Patty Wetli
IRVING PARK — Muslims’ presence in the U.S. dates back to the 1500s, and if that’s news to most people, Muslim-Americans are the first to admit they haven’t always been their own best advocates.
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01 26 17

Muslim, Latino leaders announce collaboration

In wake of Trump presidency, Orange County Muslim, Latino community leaders announce collaboration
By DEEPA BHARATH / Orange County Register
ANAHEIM – Minutes after Donald J. Trump delivered his first address as President of the United States outside the Capitol in Washington, D.C., a group of about 50 Muslim and Latino community organizers held a news conference outside Anaheim City Hall announcing a formal uniting of those groups to form The Muslim-Latino Collaborative.
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01 11 17

ICNA Houston Launches an Outreach Campaign

HOUSTON, Texas (January 11, 2017) – The Islamic Circle of North America’s (ICNA) Houston Chapter plans to reach out to the Super Bowl fans this year with a campaign for greater understanding of the community and its faith.
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12 30 16

New campaign to promote “harmony and unity”

Muslim Association of Bolingbrook part of new campaign to promote “harmony and unity”
BOLINGBROOK – As part of a new campaign started by Gain Peace, a Muslim group based in Chicago, members of the Muslim Association of Bolingbrook (MAB) are attempting to build alliances to “stand up against discrimination, hate attacks, and racism against any American.”
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12 24 16

Campaign to Build Alliances, Promote Harmony and Unity

Muslim Group Launches Billboards Campaign to Build Alliances, Promote Harmony and Unity
(Chicago, IL, 12/23/2016) – On Dec 22, 2016, GainPeace, a Muslim group based in Chicago, launched a six weeks campaign designed to build alliances in the society and condemn all bigotry and racism. The campaign is in response to the increasing rhetoric by some of the individuals in National Leadership, the recent spike in hate crimes; this campaign raises awareness regarding the constitutional rights of all, especially Muslim Americans and minorities.
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12 18 16

Argentina’s Muslim Minority

By Vincent Lofaso, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Muslim minorities in Latin America have received considerably less attention than comparable communities in Europe or in the United States. Islam is a growing religion in Latin America, and policy makers have yet to recognize this trend. According to the Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA), approximately 2 percent of Argentines, for example, profess Islam as their primary faith.[i]
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12 16 16

Signs From God

Billboard evangelists are decorating America in their image — and 2016 was their biggest year yet. That’s probably not a good sign.
by Ann-Derrick Gaillot, Photography by Adam Pape
One sunny afternoon in June 2005, Jess Gollish was driving south down a Michigan highway when she suddenly lost control of her car. It was her 21st birthday and she was on her way to celebrate with friends.
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12 6 16

‘Get out of America’ climate: Billboards are the reaction

‘Get out of America’: Pro-Islam billboards in Dallas a reaction to political climate
Naomi Martin, Dallas News, 12/6
Driving down Dallas highways lately, you may have noticed an unusual billboard tucked among the more expected ones advertising Christian churches.
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11 29 16

Muslim women’s group in Edmonton posts billboard condemning hate

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – A Canadian Islamic women’s group is hoping a new billboard will encourage Edmontonians to meet their Muslim neighbors.
“We have been trying to combat misconceptions about Islam. Lots of people are misinformed, and there are some negative stereotypes about Islam which we, as practicing Muslims, don’t see,” said Afshan Fatima, with the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Sisters Edmonton. “For us, it is all about serving God through serving humanity.”
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11 29 16

Muslim women’s group fights xenophobic attacks

Following a wave of hateful anti-Muslim posters in the city, Islamic Circle of North America Sisters is inviting the city to learn about their religion
By Alex Boyd, Metro, Nov 28 2016
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11 28 16

Billboard by Muslim women’s group condemning violence

Islamic Circle Of North America (ICNA) Sisters Edmonton group has put up a billboard at 106 Avenue and 101 Street in Edmonton emphasizing that Islam is a religion of peace, encouraging those with questions about Muslim people to contact them directly so they can work to dispel hateful misconceptions after anti-Muslim pamphlets have been delivered to Edmonton doorsteps.
By Claire Theobald, Edmonton Journal
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11 11 16

‘Muslims condemn all violence’ billboard up on I-35

by Michelle Pekarsky
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Drivers on I-35 at Cambridge Circle may notice a new billboard that’s part of a public awareness and outreach campaign to counter hate and fear.
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11 8 16

Visitors explored Islamic civilization through art exhibition

By Nouman Khalil, The Mississauga News
Residents of all age groups this weekend explored the world’s old civilization and cultures through an Islamic art exhibition in Mississauga.
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11 7 16

Open Mosque to Promote Peace & Understanding

Islamic Society of North West Suburbs Hosts Mosque Open House to Help Promote Message of Peace and Understanding of Islam
IL, October 30, 2016: Islamic Society of North West Suburbs (ISNS) hosted an ‘Open Mosque Day’ on Saturday, October 29, 2016, at their facility in Rolling Meadows.
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11 2 16

Skokie man devotes life to educating about Islam

By Alex Ortiz, November 1, 2016
It didn’t take long for Dr. Sabeel Ahmed to feel unwelcome when he immigrated to the United States from India at 17. During his first gym class, students spat on him because he is Muslim. He was called into the principal’s office to tell who did it, but when asked if they should be punished, he said ‘No.’
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11 1 16

ICNA Dallas wants to set the record straight on Islam

By Deborah Fleck
The Dallas Islamic Circle of North America Dallas recently launched an outreach campaign to convey the true message of Islam in response to the 2016 presidential election campaign.
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11 1 16

US Muslims kick off outreach campaign to convey true message of Islam

(AhlulBayt News Agency) – A leading US Muslim organization has kicked off recently an outreach campaign around Dallas to convey the true message of Islam in response to rising hate fueled by presidential election campaign.
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