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05 1 16

Muslim mosque holds open house Saturday

By Gary Gibula, Naperville Sun
April 30, 2016 – In an effort to dispel preconceptions about the Muslim faith, several local mosques have been conducting open houses in recent weeks and inviting the public to find out more about their religion and culture.
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04 30 16

Event centered on discussion of Islam hosted in Marshfield

By Adam Hocking, Editor
MARSHFIELD — A near capacity crowd squeezed into the Hub City Ballroom at Marshfield’s Holiday Inn Conference Center on Saturday, April 23, pursuing common goals of education and understanding.
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04 13 16

ICNA Sisters celebrate diversity, achievements

Mississauga News, By Nouman Khalil, Apr 13, 2016
Celebrating diversity, achievements and contributions of Muslim women in Canadian society, ICNA Sisters, a division of ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Canada, marked International Women’s Day.
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04 9 16

Did Jesus die on Cross?

Read the previous part first: “A critical review of Trinity, Sin, & Salvation in Christianity
The cornerstone of Christian belief is that Jesus came to die as the substitutionary death for the sins of mankind.
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04 2 16

Trinity, Sin, & Salvation in Christianity: A critical review

Read the previous part first: “Who is not Jesus?
This is a major point of disagreement between Muslims and Christians.  The Qur’an emphatically refutes trinity.
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03 26 16

Who is not Jesus?

Read the previous part first: “Miracles of Jesus (PBUH)

Jesus is the Messiah
Masih Ibn Maryam (Messiah son of Mary) is the most common name with which Jesus is addressed in Qur’an.
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03 19 16

Miracles of Jesus (PBUH)

Read the previous part: “Virgin Birth and Prophethood of Jesus

The Qur’an and Sunnah detail many miracles that Jesus performed. He cured the sick, lepers, the blind and gave life to the dead and many others. But he did all this with the permission of God almighty. These miracles don’t assign any divinity to him. Some of these miracles are detailed below.
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03 12 16

The Virgin Birth and Prophethood of Jesus

By Hadi Abdulmatin
Read the previous part: “Jesus from a Muslim perspective: Who is Jesus?”
Muslims believe that Jesus (PBUH) was born to Virgin Mary (PBUH) miraculously. There is mention of Jesus’ birth in two places in Qur’an.
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03 5 16

Jesus from a Muslim perspective: Who is Jesus?

By Hadi Abdulmatin
This article is first of a 6-part series on Muslim view on Jesus.
One of the most fundamental belief systems in Islam is that Allah (GOD) has sent his chosen messengers and prophets to mankind in different nations and communities throughout the ages, from the time of Adam (PBUH) until His last prophet, Mohammed (PBUH). According to some Islamic traditions, there were more than 124,000 prophets who were sent by God to different nations and communities throughout human history.
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03 2 16

Fight against prejudice should be led by U.S. Catholics

American Catholics should take the lead in fighting “the scourge of anti-Islamic prejudice”, a US bishop has said.
Speaking against the backdrop of the US’s first Catholic-Muslim National Dialogue, San Diego’s Bishop Robert McElroy warned that the US is witnessing “a new nativism”, which, he said, “the American Catholic community must reject and label for the religious bigotry which it is”.
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03 2 16

Dialogue Emphasizes Need for Inter-Faith Relationships

Elisabeth Smith | Asst. News Editor, USD Media
Many Muslim and Catholic leaders packed the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice Theatre last Wednesday evening for an Inter-Religious dialogue. As the audience prepared for the dialogue people of all ages, ethnicities, and faiths mixed together in the seats.
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03 2 16

Bishop challenges Catholics to combat ‘anti-Islamic bigotry’

By Denis Grasska, Catholic News Service
SAN DIEGO (CNS) — San Diego Bishop Robert W. McElroy is challenging U.S. Catholics to take an active role in combating “the scourge of anti-Islamic prejudice.”
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02 7 16

ICNA SF Bay Area welcomes fans at Super Bowl 50

San Francisco, CA (February 7, 2016) – The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America, along with Al-Maghrib organized an outreach event called “#meetamuslim” to welcome the Super Bowl 50 fans.
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02 7 16

Protesters use Super Bowl 50 to gain national attention

By Matthias Gafni, San Jose Mercury News
SANTA CLARA — As Peyton Manning and Cam Newton practiced inside Levi’s Field in the hours before Super Bowl 50, a block away, Ben Phelps stood on a thin strip of grass in front of the Santa Clara Convention Center and preached how gays would go to hell.
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02 7 16

Super Bowl 50 splendor produces almost-perfect day

By Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News
SANTA CLARA — At times it seemed like an amazing music festival with occasional — less successful — football interludes. But no matter what anybody says about Super Bowl 50, a game with more three-and-outs than thrills, it produced an almost-perfect day and an unforgettable experience for 77,000 fans Sunday at Levi’s Stadium.
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02 2 16

Open door: Bloomington mosque to welcome guests

BLOOMINGTON — Twin City Muslims are opening the doors of a Bloomington mosque to the public to provide a better understanding of their Islamic faith and how they pray.
“With the recent situations happening all over the nation and all around the world, we just wanted to have a public event about the Muslim community, the mosque itself, what we do there, and how we pray,” said Mohammed Zaman, president of the mosque that has served local Muslims since 2007.
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12 25 15

“Best of Neighbors” Campaign to Build Bridges by ICNA

Texas Muslims, along with the rest of the American Muslims, have witnessed an increase in Islamophobia in 2015 starting with the protest in Garland Community Center in January until the recent protest in front of one of the oldest mosques in DFW, Islamic Association of North Texas, just this past Saturday.
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12 17 15

Islamic billboards raise eyebrows

Charles Billi, WTSP, December 17, 2015
Big, bold and eye-catching. Three billboards have gone up in the metro: The Islamic Circle of North America putting up two in Tampa, one in Pinellas. CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, says there’s one goal.
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12 16 15

Florida launches billboards to ‘dispel myths & fear on Islam’

Wednesday 16 December 2015
New York – An initiative has been launched in the cities of Tampa and Orlando in Central Florida where billboards have been placed on key highways displaying information about Islam.
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12 16 15

Billboards addressing ‘fear about Islam’ put up in Tampa

WFLA Web Staff, December 16, 2015
TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — Billboards have been put up around Tampa Pinellas County and Orlando for in order to help “dispel myths and fear about Islam during this challenging time,” according to the Islamic Circle of North America.
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