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06 19 12

WhyIslam Goes South of the Border

by Wendy Diaz Muslim Link Staff Reporter, Thursday, 14 June 2012
When Nahela Morales, an Administrative Assistant and National Coordinator for Spanish Dawah at WhyIslam, decided to plan her family vacation a year ago, she never thought she would be taking her work with her. Now, she is spearheading a joint effort between WhyIslam and seven other organizations, most of them Spanish-dawah oriented, to deliver necessary Islamic material to the growing Muslim community in Mexico.
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06 12 12

Muslims – Can’t Guarantee Obama 2012 Election Vote

By Sabrina Siddiqui, 06/11/2012

WASHINGTON — As President Barack Obama travels across the country to raise funds and court voters, one group that was drawn to his candidacy four years ago has expressed a feeling of being further and further marginalized.
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05 31 12

16,000 Vowed to Defend Religious Freedom


The 37th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention at Hartford, CT.

Alhamdulillah the 37th Annual ICNA-MAS Convention has come to an end! Jazaakumullah khair for attending and making the weekend such a huge success.

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05 23 12

Muslims to gather to combat anti-Shariah movement

By Omar Sacirbey
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 – Some 15,000 Muslims are expected at this weekend’s 37th annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America in Hartford, where the theme of “Defending Religious Freedom: Understanding S

hariah” reflects the worry that anti-Muslim activists are fanning fear of Islamic law to marginalize U.S. Muslims.
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05 19 12

Groups urge veto of anti-Sharia law bill

By Scott Rothschild
May 18, 2012
Topeka — Muslims gathered at the Statehouse on Friday saying that Kansans have nothing to fear from Sharia law and urged Gov. Sam Brownback to veto a bill that targets the religious principles of Islam. 
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05 19 12

Religious Leaders’ Statement for 2012 G8 & G20 Summits

On May 17, 2012, the Joint Religious Leadership Coordination for the G8 Summit (JRLCS) gathered representative organizations and delegations from G8 and G20 member communities for a closed meeting at the Berkley Center. The session extended a long history of religious and inter-religious organizations using the occasion of global summits to articulate shared moral concerns and articulate policy recommendations. It took place in advance of the 38th G8 Summit at Camp David (May 18-19) and the G20 Summit, in Los Cabos, Mexico (June 16-17).
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04 5 12

Muslims Join Disaster Relief Efforts After Dallas Tornadoes

By Dina Malki
April 4, 2012 – Tribulations are surely a life reality, but it is the peoples’ reaction to such bad times and calamities that bring out the true value of our humanity and dignity. North Texans have a lot to be grateful for in the wake of the 15 devastating twisters that ripped through the area on Tuesday, miraculously without fatalities. Several tornadoes touched ground in Lancaster, Dallas, Arlington, and Forney smashing buildings, tossing tractor trailer trucks in the air, and forcing flying debris several miles away into cars, businesses, and homes.
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03 26 12

How to Be a Muslim in America?


By Reading Islam Staff
In a Q&A session with the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) following a talk in 2010 titled “Islam In Deed: Rediscovering the Muslim Identity,” Prof. Tariq Ramadan answers questions on how Muslims in a western society could proactively give back to their societies without sacrificing their Muslim faith and identity.


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03 21 12

Muslims seek to educate Houstonians on Shariah

By Lomi Kriel
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
The way supporters of the conservative group Texas Eagle Forum see it, a growing number of U.S. Muslims are practicing “stealthy jihad,” secretly trying to impose their religious doctrine on Americans and form a parallel judicial system, one that could force women to wear burkas or even condone honor killings.
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03 5 12

National Shariah Education Campaign Launched


ICNA Launches Nationwide Shariah Education Campaign to Promote Religious Freedom and Combat Islamophobia

Historic Initiative Will Tour 25 U.S. Cities within the Next 6 Months
NEW YORK, March 5, 2012 – Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) announced today a national Shariah education campaign to promote religious freedom and combat Islamophobia.
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03 4 12

Sharia Law Campaign Begins As Muslim Group Fights Bans – MT

by Falak Rahman
After heated debates in two dozen statesover banning Sharia law, the legal code of Islam, a national Islamic group is beginning a multi-million dollar effort to explain how Sharia applies to the lives of American Muslims.
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03 4 12

American Muslim campaign to repair Sharia’s reputation

By Al Arabiya with Agencies
Sunday, 04 March 2012 – In the wake of the Arab Spring across the Middle East, the Muslim form of jurisprudence, Sharia law, has come under the spotlight as many demand its implementation which is causing concern for Western leaders and policymakers unfamiliar with it.
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03 4 12

ICNA Helps U.S. Citizens Understand Shariah

March 3, 2012 – Various conservative pundits, analysts and bloggers have identified Shariah, or Islamic religious law, as a growing threat to the United States. Shariah Law is something, which to many, carries negative connotations. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) aims to provide an insight to help people understand what Shariah means.
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03 4 12

A Campaign to Restore Shariah Law’s Good Name

March 3, 2012. By Saleem Safdar
Recently, Shariah (Islamic law) has received a bad rep in America, and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) wants to change that. ICNA is kicking off its Defending Religious Freedom campaign on Monday in order to create a better understanding of shariah law and to dispel common misunderstandings. ICNA says its campaign is aimed at “educating Americans” on what it says is the noble meaning of Sharia through conferences, billboards, and TV and radio PSAs.” The main website for ICNA’s Defending Religious Freedom campaign is here. ICNA has also launched a nationwide toll-free hotline to answer peoples’ questions on shariah, which is 1-855-SHARIAH.
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03 4 12

Study Shows Sharp Increase in Mosques in the United States

A study shows growth was fueled in part by increases in the number of Muslims from West Africa and Somalia.
By Jonathan P. Hicks, 02/29/2012
The number of Islamic mosques in the United States has grown sharply, by about 75 percent, in the last decade according to a study by a number of Muslim groups and the University of Kentucky.
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03 4 12

U.S. mosque report rapid growth in past 10 years

By Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service, February 29, 2012
WASHINGTON — The number of mosques in America has jumped 74 percent since 2000, and the majority of them — 56 percent — espouse a less-than-literal approach to interpreting Islam’s holy texts.
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03 4 12

Study shows mosques spreading across US, little Islamist influence

By: Mark Rockwell, 2012-03-01
A study sponsored by a coalition of major American Muslim and academic organizations shows ethnically diverse, community-minded mosques have spread across the U.S. in the last ten years with little radical Islamist influence.
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03 4 12

Islam In America: Mosques See Dramatic Increase In Just Over A Decade

By Jaweed Kaleem, Huffington Post
02/29/2012 – In the decade since 9/11, American Muslims and mosques have come under a close lens, from congressional hearings on radicalization to campaigns against mosque construction projects and anti-Sharia legislation proposals in dozens of states.
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03 4 12

U.S. mosque count grows by 74 percent in decade

By Matt O’Brien
The number of American mosques grew by 74 percent in the past decade and are increasingly found in the suburbs, according to a national survey by a coalition of Muslim groups.
The 2011 U.S. Mosque Survey counted 2,106 mosques in the United States, 246 in California and 62 in the Bay Area.
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03 3 12

Mosques in America growing at exponential rate

By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM), 3/2/2012

Islamic houses of worship continue to be built

Mosques, Islamic houses of worship, have become an increasingly common sight in post – 9/11 America. Congressional hearings on radicalization and campaigns against their construction projects have all failed to slow the tide. Nine hundred mosques have been built in the U.S. since the year 2000. According to recent surveys, fewer Muslims see America as “hostile” to Islam today.
In the previous survey, conducted a year before 9/11, a majority of mosque leaders, or 54 percent thought America was hostile toward Islam. Today, only a quarter of those surveyed said they feel that way.
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