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Press Releases and Media Coverage

07 16 13

Trayvon: No Rights That Are Bound to Be Respected

By Imam Khalid Griggs
During the first half ofthe 20th century, Dr. W.E.B. Dubois, sage, human rights activist, and social commentator, asked a rhetorical question to African Americans, the perpetual victims of American racial injustice, “How does it feel to be a problem?; to have your very body and the bodies of your children assumed to be criminal, violent, malignant.”
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07 8 13

Ramadan Message by ICNA President

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
Assalamu Alaikum. I wish you and your families Ramadhan Mubaarak. May the Barakah of Allah SWT descend on us as individuals, as families, as a Jamaa’ah and as an Ummah.
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06 27 13

An Islamic Expedition to Mexico

by Sadeel Allam, 06/26/2013
Can you picture 115,296,797 persons? Now, out of that amount, 3,700, according to a 2010 census by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography are Muslim, with a one third concentrated in Mexico City. Over the past 10 years in the conflicted area of Chiapas, reside approximately 300 native people, some which are from the ancient Mayan civilization that don’t speak Spanish, but have reverted to Islam.
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06 26 13

Introducing the new Imam of ICNA VA Masjid

by Hena Zuberi, Muslim Link, 24 June 2013
The Northern Virginia community in Alexandria welcomes a new imam for the ICNA masjid. Shaykh Abdool Rahman Khan is a graduate of the Islamic University in Madinah Munawwarah, in the faculty of Shari’ah (Islamic Jurisprudence) specializing in Islamic Inheritance. He attended the university from 1982 to 1989.
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06 23 13

ICNA Sacramento Holds 4th Annual Fundraiser

By Ras H. Siddiqui
06/23/2013, SACRAMENTO, California – Muslims in the United States participate in and hold many community fundraisers. The most prominent goals for these gatherings are either charitable causes or activities related to building and operating mosques and schools. There are Mosque “open houses”, community picnics and a host of other intra-religious activities, but what about the world outside and all around us in this country which is our home?

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06 14 13

Groups put aside religious differences to help Oklahoma

June 13, 2013, by Ashley Kringen
MOORE, Okla. – It has been weeks since vicious storms hit Oklahoma but the damages still remain extensive. Helping hands could be used all over the state.
Religion can be a sensitive subject for some but right now in Oklahoma, those differences are being put aside for the greater good.
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06 7 13

Tornado monitors among US storm victims


Storm system approaching east coast kills at least 13 lives as it brings flooding to Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.

Al-Jazeera, 3 Jun 2013 – A violent storm system that led to tornadoes and flooding across Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas over the weekend has killed at least 13 people, including three storm chasers.
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05 26 13

US Muslim Convention Pursues Happiness

OnIslam Staff, Sunday, 26 May 2013
CAIRO – Eyeing to promote dialogue between followers of different religions and cultures, a major Muslim convention opened in the United States on Saturday, May 25, with the aim of boost tolerance in American society.
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05 25 13

Okla. Muslims Aid in Tornado Relief in Bid to Build Bridges

By Omar Sacirbey| Religion News Service, May 24, 2013
Oklahoma is probably one of the tougher places to be a Muslim in America, but Muslims have stepped in to help with the cleanup of a massive tornado that killed 24 people.
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05 25 13

ICNA VA Celebrates New Masjid, Looks to Future

by Hena Zuberi, Saturday, 25 May 2013
The Islamic Circle of North America masjid (ICNA) in Alexandria, VA hosted an Open House and appreciation dinner on May 18th, 2013. The masjid was completed and inaugurated earlier this year.
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05 21 13

ICNA-MAS Convention Mobile App Released

JAMAICA, New York (May 21, 2013) – ICNA IT Department announces the release of the ICNA-MAS Convention mobile application. This free app, available for Android and iPhone users, offers several features like creating personal program schedule, bio of all speakers, bazaar map, instant program updates and a convenient way to follow convention Tweets.
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05 1 13

ICNA holds sporting day in South Brunswick, NJ

SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ — Members of the Muslim community took to the sporting fields at the Crossroads Middle Schools for a day of fun and food recently.
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04 17 13

U.S. Muslims Mobilize To Prevent Backlash

By David Gibson and Lauren Markoe, 04/16/2013
(RNS) No sooner had the reality of the Boston Marathon bombing sunk in on Monday (April 15) afternoon than Muslim activists in the U.S. began sending out a slew of news releases, tweets and Facebook messages urging prayers and aid for the victims — and condemning whoever was behind the horrific attack.
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04 16 13

Boston Runner: I’ll run until my body can’t take it anymore

April 16, 2013
In an interview with, Jalon Fowler, a Muslim participant of the Boston Marathon relates her experience.
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04 9 13

Who Guards The Most Sacred Site In Christendom?

By Gabriele Barbati | March 29 2013
JERUSALEM — Every Christian knows the holiest places in Christendom are in Jerusalem. The holiest of all, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, was erected in 325, over the site where it is believed Jesus was crucified, buried and rose from the dead.
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04 6 13

Mexico’s Growing Muslims

OnIslam & News Agencies, 29 March 2013
TIJUANA, Mexico — Gathering from different countries at the sleepy beach of Tijuana, a growing number of the city’s population are becoming Muslims, finding Islamic values close to the country’s Catholic traditions.
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02 16 13

New ICNA President’s Message for Muslims

February 16, 2013
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh
Dear Muslims:
I hope and pray that this letter reaches you while you are in the best state of health and Eman.
The Islamic Circle of North America, ICNA, is an organization for all Muslims living in the United States of America.
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02 1 13

ICNA’s Exceptional Growth: 2013 Report Presented

QUEENS, New York (February 18, 2013) –ICNA’s annual General Assembly meeting was held this year from January 26th -27th in Queens, NY. Members from all over the country gathered to review the work of ICNA and its entities. ICNA’s newly elected president Mr. Naeem Baig was sworn in for the term 2013-2014.
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01 30 13

Muslim Charity Teams With FEMA To Help Sandy Victims

By NY1 News
A Muslim charity group is teaming up with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.
The Islamic Circle of North America, along with FEMA and the Small Business Administration, held a health fair Friday in Brighton Beach, where storm victims were able to get essentials like blankets, heaters, and medical care.
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01 27 13

New Masjid A Testament To Interfaith Cooperation

By Hena Zuberi, Muslim Link Staff, 21 January 2013
On the western shores of the Potomac River is the home of the Islamic Circle of North America’s Virginia chapter in Alexandria. This culturally and historically rich city recently added a new house of worship, enhancing the region’s inter-faith diversity. An inaugural event was held on January 5, 2013 as the Muslim community just finished building its new masjid near Route 1 in the Mount Vernon area.
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