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06 19 16

Muslims Host Community at a Ramadan Iftar in the Park

NEW YORK, NY (Saturday, June 18, 2016) – A crowd estimated at close to 600 Muslims and community residents shared an afternoon together in Rufus King Park in downtown Jamaica. The occasion was a Community Iftar (dinner) that follows the fast breaking by Muslims each day at sunset during the holy month of Ramadan.
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06 17 16

Jamaica Muslims organize first Community Iftar at Park

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska | June 15, 2016
QUEENS — Jamaica Muslim groups will host their first Community Iftar, or breaking of the fast, this Saturday at Rufus King Park in a bid to share the spirit of Ramadan with their neighbors.
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06 2 16

Muslim Convention held before “Trump” Convention

By Azim M. Mian, Daily Jang
June 01, 2016, Karachi – The next important stage of the American election process will be the party conventions of both the parties.

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Article Courtesy: The Daily Jang

05 31 16

25,000 Muslim Americans gather to curb Islamophobia

May 30, 2016, AhlulBayt News Agency – Nearly 25,000 people, including Ismael Essa, gathered at the Baltimore Convention Center Saturday for a three-day conference.
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05 30 16

Thousands gather at largest convention of US Muslims

The convention this year honors the holy Quran, and speakers address everyday challenges facing US Muslims
By Esra Kaymak Avci, BALTIMORE, United States (AA) – Tens of thousands of Muslims from across the U.S. gathered Saturday for the largest gathering of American Muslims, the 41st Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)-Muslim American Society (MAS) convention in Baltimore, Maryland.
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05 30 16

Baltimore Muslims Hand Out 700 Mercy Bags to Needy

Mon 30 May 2016, CAIRO – Muslim volunteers from the Islamic Circle of North America Relief have handed out 700 ‘mercy bags’ to needy seniors and homeless, in the second year of service project in Baltimore.
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05 30 16

Muslims Meet in Baltimore to Dispel Myths

Sun 29 May 2016, BALTIMORE – Amid increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric in election campaign, a national American-Muslim organization is bringing its annual convention to Baltimore to dispel myths about Islam and Muslims.
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05 30 16

Turkish ambassador to U.S. briefed on Anadolu project

At US Muslim convention, Ambassador Kilic praises Anadolu’s new package, saying it will fill a huge gap in mainstream media
By Esra Kaymak Avci, WASHINGTON
Turkish Ambassador to the U.S. Serdar Kilic visited Anadolu Agency’s stand at the largest annual gathering of U.S. Muslims Sunday, where he was briefed about the agency’s new World Report News Package.
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05 28 16

Muslim Americans gather to curb Islamophobia, dispel myths about faith

By Karen Campbell, Saturday, May 28th 2016
BALTIMORE (WBFF)– Nearly 25,000 people, including Ismael Essa, gathered at the Baltimore Convention Center Saturday for a three-day conference.
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04 13 16

2016 Youth Conference Theme Announced!

Youth Conference 2K16 is almost here! It’s a weekend full of main sessions and intensive sessions led by inspirational speakers and a chance for us to increase our knowledge and boost our Iman. Every year we aim to tackle a different but crucial problem faced by young Muslims.
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02 8 16

ICNA-MAS 2016, Baltimore: Bazaar registration to open

Baltimore, MD (February 8, 2016) – The 41st ICNA-MAS Annual Convention will be held on May 28-30 in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Baltimore Convention Center in the heart of downtown Baltimore. The theme this year is “Quran: The Divine Guidance”. Registration for bazaar will open this week.
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12 26 15

ICNA SE Convention 2015: largest Muslim regional event

Atlanta, Dec 27, 2015 – The 21st annual ICNA Southeast Convention in Atlanta once again attracted thousands of attendees confirming its status as the largest Muslim event in the region.
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12 13 15

Muslim Americans, Building Bridges in Atlanta

ATLANTA, Georgia, December 14th, 2015 – “Working on building bridges is the need of hour for all Americans” said Abdulrauf Khan, Chair of the largest convention of American Muslims in the Southeast. Organized annually by the Islamic Circle of North America for the last 21 years, the regional convention this year is themed “Muslim Americans, Building Bridges”.
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12 8 15

Capacity crowd again at ICNA-MAS conv. Houston

The 9th annual ICNA-MAS South-Central Regional Convention welcomed over 3200 attendees from across the nation at the Houston Westchase Marriott Hotel in Houston, TX during Thanksgiving Weekend.
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10 20 15

ICNA convention in Hartford continues successfully

Hartford, CT (October 19, 2015) – Following a nearly decade of annual ICNA national conventions in Hartford, Connecticut, the ICNA North East Region is now organizing a convention at the regional level on October 10-11.
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10 16 15

1st ICNA-MAS Conference in Oklahoma: A Historic Success

The first ICNA-MAS OKC Convention on the Seerah of the Prophet (saw) was organized Oklahoma City, OK with collaboration from the MSA of the University of Central Oklahoma on October 10, 2015. The idea for this conference came after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in response to cartoon drawings of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).
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09 17 15

بیس ہزار سے زائد مسلمانوں کا امریکی تفریحی پارک میں اجتماع

16.09.2015 VOA

امریکی مسلمان ہر سال مختلف ریاستوں میں منعقد ہوالے اس سالانہ فیملی ڈے میں بھرپور دلچسپی کے ساتھ شریک ہوتے ہیں، جس کا مقصد، بقول منتظمین، امریکہ میں خاندانی نظام کو استحکام بخشنا ہے
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06 10 15

Global Dawah Day – June 20, 2015 – Resources


Last year, Muslims from 60+ countries across 6 continents registered for the Global Dawah Day, making it one the biggest dawah days in modern history. This year, in light of the Charlie Hebdo and Garland shootings, where satirical caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) provoked a violent reaction, negative perceptions of Muslims fanned by the media and politicians has in many cases led to Islamophobic attacks.
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06 9 15

20,000 Attend Convention In Honor of Prophet (p)

by Hena Zuberi, Muslim Link Staff Reporter, Friday, 05 June 2015
As many of the 20,000 attendees left the Baltimore Convention Center over Memorial Day Weekend with bags filled with blessings that they had bought at the ICNA-MAS bazaar, ICNA Relief volunteers were filling dark green bags of blessings to share with those in need in the city hosting the annual convention of America’s largest grassroots Muslim organization.
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06 5 15

ICNA Sacramento Fundraising Event Highlights

Report and Photographs by Ras H. Siddiqui
The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is a multifaceted organization with many projects and chapters around the United States. And like many other metropolitan areas Sacramento, California has an active ICNA Chapter, one which has rather quietly yet visibly been doing some good work engaging in promoting the Islamic faith (Dawah) in the region for some time.
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