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08 31 17

ICNA Wishes all a Blessed Eid al-Adha

NEW YORK, NY (August 31, 2017) – The Islamic Circle of North America wishes all a blessed Eid Al-Adha.
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07 5 16

Dealing With the Fitan (Tribulations) of Our Times

By Naeem Baig
As we end Ramadan of 2016 we are saddened with the parting of this great month. Muslims throughout the globe are deep in thought and intensified acts of worship as Ramadan culminates and Eid-ul Fitr dawns.
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06 14 16

A Joint Muslim Statement on the Carnage in Orlando

June 13, 2016. On behalf of the American Muslim community, we, the undersigned, want to extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the barbaric assault that occurred early yesterday morning at Pulse, an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
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05 24 16

Hundreds attend ICNA education fair in Mississauga

Mississauga News, By Nouman Khalil
Hundreds of high school students, parents and teachers attended the education fair in Mississauga that was intended to guide youth about what next beyond high school.
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05 9 16

Importance of Parents: An Islamic Perspective

By Sh. Abdool Rahman Khan
The family is that solid block which forms the foundation of a functional society. It comprises of individuals with their distinctive relationships, such as, husband-wife relationship, extended family, in-laws but at the top of this list is the parent-child relationship. All of these relationships are maintained by strong bonds of love, affection, respect and sacrifice.
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04 13 16

2016 Youth Conference Theme Announced!

Youth Conference 2K16 is almost here! It’s a weekend full of main sessions and intensive sessions led by inspirational speakers and a chance for us to increase our knowledge and boost our Iman. Every year we aim to tackle a different but crucial problem faced by young Muslims.
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04 9 16

Did Jesus die on Cross?

Read the previous part first: “A critical review of Trinity, Sin, & Salvation in Christianity
The cornerstone of Christian belief is that Jesus came to die as the substitutionary death for the sins of mankind.
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04 2 16

Trinity, Sin, & Salvation in Christianity: A critical review

Read the previous part first: “Who is not Jesus?
This is a major point of disagreement between Muslims and Christians.  The Qur’an emphatically refutes trinity.
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03 26 16

Who is not Jesus?

Read the previous part first: “Miracles of Jesus (PBUH)

Jesus is the Messiah
Masih Ibn Maryam (Messiah son of Mary) is the most common name with which Jesus is addressed in Qur’an.
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03 19 16

Miracles of Jesus (PBUH)

Read the previous part: “Virgin Birth and Prophethood of Jesus

The Qur’an and Sunnah detail many miracles that Jesus performed. He cured the sick, lepers, the blind and gave life to the dead and many others. But he did all this with the permission of God almighty. These miracles don’t assign any divinity to him. Some of these miracles are detailed below.
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03 12 16

The Virgin Birth and Prophethood of Jesus

By Hadi Abdulmatin
Read the previous part: “Jesus from a Muslim perspective: Who is Jesus?”
Muslims believe that Jesus (PBUH) was born to Virgin Mary (PBUH) miraculously. There is mention of Jesus’ birth in two places in Qur’an.
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03 5 16

Jesus from a Muslim perspective: Who is Jesus?

By Hadi Abdulmatin
This article is first of a 6-part series on Muslim view on Jesus.
One of the most fundamental belief systems in Islam is that Allah (GOD) has sent his chosen messengers and prophets to mankind in different nations and communities throughout the ages, from the time of Adam (PBUH) until His last prophet, Mohammed (PBUH). According to some Islamic traditions, there were more than 124,000 prophets who were sent by God to different nations and communities throughout human history.
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12 10 15

Fear will not win over faith

​​By Shaykh Abdur Rahman Khan
All praises are for Allah, The Almighty, and may His peace and blessing be upon His true servant and final Messenger Muhammad, on his Companions and his household.
These days Muslims are being tested; from being mocked at, to threats of direct monitoring and expulsion and even vile remarks towards Allah SWT, The Creator and Sustainer of all that exists.
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10 24 15

Domestic Violence: An Islamic Perspective

By: Sh. Abdur Rahman Khan
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and ICNA would like to join the rest of the nation in bringing about the awareness of its dangers and sufferings. However, awareness is not enough. I would like to focus on the Islamic perspective on domestic violence and provide solutions to this menacing misconduct in society. Although women can perpetrate domestic violence against men, studies show that domestic abuse is mostly carried out by men against women. Thus, in most of this discussion, I would focus on violence against women.
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10 14 15

Muharram: The Muslim new year & a reminder of Karbala

By Shaykh Abdool Rahman Khan
Today October 14th 2015; the first day of Muharram, marks the beginning of the Muslim New Year. It heralds 1437 A.H. (After Hijra). Muslim calendar year, unlike many others around the globe, begins and ends with sacred months. The year begins with Muharram and ends with Zhil Hijjah and both of these months are among the four sacred months in Islam in addition to Zhil Qa’dah and Rajab.
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09 23 15

Eid is Muslim celebration of sacrifice

By Saulat Pervez
The slaughtering of an animal as a sacrifice to God during Eid-al-Adha keeps an Abrahamic legacy alive.
This week, Muslims across the world are celebrating Eid-al-Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice.
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09 11 15

The Makkah Tragedy

By Sh. Abdur Rahman Khan, Sept. 11, 2015
ICNA and all its members would like to extend their condolences to all the families whose near and dear ones were killed after a crane came crashing down at them while they were at the Haram during a major sand storm. We also make Du’a for those that are injured. May Allah SWT grant them a speedy recovery from their injuries and complete healing.
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09 6 15

Peace-loving U.S. Muslims remain misunderstood

by Saulat Pervez
We should never forget the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but we must learn to differentiate between the extremist perpetrators and their billion-strong, peace-loving counterparts.
Sept. 11, 2001, changed everything.
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09 4 15

An Islamic Perspective of the Birmingham Quran

By Shaykh Abdool Rahman Khan
In July of 2015 the University of Birmingham England has announced it has one of the oldest manuscripts of The Qur’an. Ever since this discovery there have been several articles and viewpoints ranging from the authenticity of document to the nostalgic reaction by the Muslim community.
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08 28 15

ICNA Seminar Prepares Pilgrims for Hajj

OnIslam Staff, Thursday, 27 August 2015
CAIRO – Preparing pilgrims for the spiritual journey, the Education Department of the Islamic Circle of North America announces free online seminar on the Muslim hajj, offering help to would-be pilgrims to fulfill the life-time journey.
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